Lucid Culture


Lucid Culture.

What is it? What was it? What could it be?

In ancient Greece, there was an early chthonic cult that insinuated itself into Greek culture as it evolved: the cult of the Charities. The Charities had their hands in many things: music, education, recognition, beauty, and yes, morality. But the way in which this early cult ultimately came to celebration was with the idea of charis, grace. Its most direct referent is ‘light’ – precisely to alight the physical form, a light that makes the physical form beautiful. But this ‘alighting’ of the physical is also more an ‘illumining’ of the physical. Grace lets us intuit beyond what is immediately seen and into what ruminates behind – the beauty of action, of conviction, social interaction – and the motivation of history. And further, grace elucidates, it begs intellectual enlightenment, it asks the deepest questions and seeks the deepest answers.

To be lucid [alighted], means to have grace. To seek a lucid culture, means to approach it with grace.

To that end, we will cater to the Charities. We will promote and review music, as that is the basis of all chthonic cults, toward a lucidite of artist and audience. We will attempt to alight culture and politics beyond the moribund silliness of ‘Hollywood Stories’. We will try to promote and make art which illuminates our lives in the present age. We will do our best to elucidate.

To make lucid.

To contribute to a lucid culture.

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