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NYC Live Music Calendar 5/29-6/4/07

Tues May 29, 9 PM Devi – which is monster guitarist Deb DeSalvo’s power trio –  play Trash Bar. Open bar with wells and PBRs with club admission 8-9 PM. DeSalvo found a way to work with her rhythm section’s metal tendencies, meaning that she’s stretching out and taking some wild, riveting, completely psychedelic solos. A lot of her songs are very dark, and this allows her inner rock animal – which is very, very funny – to jump out of its skin and slay you with chops and sly humor. 


Also Tues May 29 Bryan Wade plays with the Jack Grace Band’s onetime bassist J. Granelli and current drummer, Canadian jazzcat Russ Meissner, at Paddy Reilly’s at 9 PM. Quirky, virtuosic guitarist who shamelessly mixes every style known to man. At his best he evokes XTC.


Weds May 30 Sean Kershaw & the New Jack Ramblers play Spanky’s BBQ, 8 PM, 127 W 43rd St (6th Ave). In case you can’t make it to their weekly thing at Hank’s on Sunday nights. They started as an allstar cast of country types who only had time to play together one night out of the week (does this mean that somebody in the band has lost a gig now?). Whatever the case, it’s your treat.


Also Weds May 30 a dynamite doublebill at the Parkside, way west on Houston St. at 9 PM Paula Carino plays with her band. Her myspace page calls her music “crunk,” and having heard her stuff while in that condition I can tell you it’s an apt description. To be more specific, she sings brilliantly intense, wryly humorous, literate lyrics in a nonchalantly alluring voice to catchy janglerock melodies. Liza & the Wonderwheels  follow at 10 in a similar vein but with more overtly quirky 80s and new wave influences and the Larch’s amazing lead guitarist.


Also Weds May 30 it’s the Evan Schlansky Experience at Sidewalk, 9 PM, timbales by Jon Curtiss, acoustic thumb piano by Nick Schulman. Don’t think they’ll play Third Stone from the Sun: rather, Schlansky is the rare songwriter who’s actually worth seeing solo, and the sidemen should be a plus. He knows his blues and his way around the fretboard, writes very smart, biting lyrics and has a pleasantly nonchalant, unaffected vocal delivery. Dylan peeks out from behind the curtain, approvingly.


 Thurs May 31 8 PM at Barbes it’s the Plunk Bros. – 2 Guitars and a mic. Bob Bobberson aka Bob Jones and Boo Booberson aka Boo Reiners of Demolition String Band fame pick and sing classics from the songbooks of Jimmy Rogers, the Delmore Brothers, The Louvins, Doc Watson, Bill Monroe and more. Effortlessly and virtuosically good, fun stuff.


Also Thurs May 31 Dina Dean and her band (featuring bass monster Christian Bongers from Botanica) play the Rockwood, east side of Allen St. just south of Houston, 9 PM. She’s basically a rock tunesmith but she draws on old-school soul as well, tells a great story (like the one about Elvis Presley’s project apartment) and sings with an understated grace. And plays guitar lefthanded so you can expect some especially interesting voicings and phrases.


Also Thurs May 31 a dynamite double bill at Pete’s Candy Store. 9 PM – Serena Jost, cellist and multi-instrumentalist par excellence, acerbic and spectacularly good songwriter with the eerily dazzling Greta Gertler on keys and Alice Bierhorst on drums. Then at 10 PM it’s Brookland: they could be the quintessential Pete’s act. Sweet harmonies; pretty, major-key, oldtimey country/folk tunes; acoustic instrumentation. Except that neither of the duo sing in a phony country accent and they write good lyrics. Robin Aigner (melodica, ukelele, guitar) is the undercover jazzcat, Matt Singer (guitar and banjo) is the political firebrand, and there’s a little gypsy/klezmer feel to some of their stuff too.


Also Thurs May 31 the Jack Grace Band plays Rodeo Bar, 9 PM for the Pre-Premiere Party of the movie I’m Reed Fish. Grace has getting a lot of Hollywood exposure and this is an example: several songs off his shockingly serious, beautifully intense and retro country album The Martini Cowboy. Expect those tonight along with the usual shenanigans.


Also Thurs May 31 the Coffin Daggers play the single release party for Something Wicked This Way Comes, 10 PM at the Pussycat Lounge, 95 Greenwich St., NY, NY, Westside trains to Chambers or 6 to Wall St. Impossible to think of a more appropriate band to put out a delicious vinyl single in these tinny mp3 times. They’ve gone back to their retro surf roots but still have the scorching, macabre lead guitar, pummeling rhythm section and spooky organ. The music is upstairs here: you have to go downstairs and pay a lot more to watch the desperate, drug-addicted women peel off their undies.  

Later Thurs May 31 The Snow, which is Melomane frontman Pierre de Gaillande’s side project and plays mostly elegant, tersely arranged versions of Melomane songs, is at Mo Pitkins downstairs at midnight. The downstairs room here is a lot nicer than upstairs and cheaper too; it’s a chance to hear all those gorgeous art-rock songs stripped down to the basics with lots of harmonies.


Fri June 1 the Moonlighters play Barbes, 8 PM. See our reviews page for a close look at their excellent most recent album, Surrender.


Sat June 2 Love Camp 7 plays the Parkside, way west on Houston St. at Attorney. 10 PM. See our reviews page for our take on their latest album – their best ever – the deliciously psychedelic, historically-rooted Sometimes Always Never


Sun June 3 it’s a killer triple bill at the new Luna Lounge. At 8 the Bedsit Poets play their wickedly catchy, sometimes gorgeously pastoral 60s Britfolk and garage-inflected harmony-driven art-pop. Sustainmeister Don Piper and his band follow, evoking 80s Fenderheads like Band of Susans or the Feelies. At 10 the Oxygen Ponies play their dark, sprawling Leonard Cohen-esque art-folk. There are about 15 people in this band so the interplay between instruments should be delicious.


Mon June 4 an amazing show at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk Street (between Rivington and Delancey), time TBA but it assuredly won’t be during the day. Piker Ryan aka Mark Steiner used to front one of NYC’s best bands, the haunting, ethereal, gypsyish Kundera and he’s back from Norway for a rare solo show.  He calls his stuff  “lounge-noir” but it’s a lot more intense than that, like Nick Cave at his peak backed by ominous surfy guitar. Also on the bill later: warped, fiery, Americana-driven noir rockers the Bellmer Dolls with Peter Mavrogeorgis from Tav Falco’s band.

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