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NYC Live Music Calendar 6/18-27/07

New stuff just added for this weekend: surf music, the Stay-At-Homes doing their sick Runaways cover set, and more… 


Mark your calendars for this Thursday! It’s Make Music NY day, when literally hundreds of artists will be playing outdoors throughout the five boroughs from noon to 10 PM. It’s a great day to check out new acts, see your favorite bands and just have random fun! We’ve listed the best acts we know of on the calendar here: you’ll note that there have been some time/venue changes for some of these acts, check the website

for last-minute updates.Otherwise, it’s a good, diverse week of shows:



Mon June 18 Secretary, which is Moisturizer baritone sax player Paula Henderson’s soundtrack composer project, plays Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Avenue at East 2nd Street as part of a production with short films and dance. Henderson’s solo work in this project is as brilliantly witty and smart as her band and gives her a chance to explore a quieter, more reflective, cinematic side. The excellent Apollo Heights are headliners. Since this is a theatre the bands want you to know that you should be in your seat, snacks safely concealed in your pockets at 8 sharp.   





Also Mon June 18 Barnacle Bill plays Arlene’s, 8 PM. Led by former Rake’s Progress lead guitarist Stu Klinger, they’re a pop band. 20 years ago, they could have been signed to a major label, which is a compliment. Uncommonly smart, funny, catchy, with Klinger’s trademark incisive, fast fretwork.



Also Mon June 18 Girl Friday plays Lakeside, 9 PM. Casually catchy, melodic female-fronted janglerock band. Subtlety defines them. On the quiet side, midtempo, thoughtful and they get under your skin before you know it.



Also Mon June 18 the Roulette Sisters play Barbes, 10 PM. Four women, two guitars, viola and washboard, playing sex songs from the 1920s and 30s with four-part harmonies. Their originals are arguably better than their covers, which says a lot. You must see them sometime. This is Barbes, so, early arrival a must.



Tues June 19 Dina Dean and band play Cave Canem, 24 1st Ave. under Lucky Cheng’s, 8 PM. Brilliantly melodic rock/soul storyteller with a fondness for the weird and obscure. The last time she played Pete’s Candy Store she walked in listening to a Jerry Butler mix, which tells you a lot. She’s a lefty guitarist, meaning you can expect a lot of interesting, incisive chordlets and fills.



Tues June 19 Maynard & the Musties play Lakeside, 9 PM. Frontman Joe Jerry Maynard is one hell of a country songwriter, part David Allan Coe, part A.P. Carter, alternately funny and haunting, and this band rocks a lot harder than his old outfit the Millerite Redeemers did.



Also Tues June 19 the 2 Man Gentleman Band plays Pete’s Candy Store, 11 PM. Ukelele and bass. Old-timey as you can get, frequently funny and surprisingly energetic for just these two instruments.



Weds June 20 it’s Songwriters from Hell at the Parkside. This is Paul Alves aka Sousalves’ quarterly event where a bunch of NYC’s best and frequently darkest songwriting denizens do half-hour sets. The incomparable, velvet-voiced Randi Russo at 8 PM. Also playing: Erika Simonian and Sousalves, among others.



Later Weds June 20 Moisturizer plays Sputnik in Fort Greene, time TBA, as part of their annual Gemini birthday party. 262 Taafe Place, Brooklyn (between DeKalb & Willoughby), you can get there via D train to DeKalb or G to Myrtle/Willoughby and some walking. Worth the trip.



Thurs June 21 – all day long – here’s the best Make Music NY shows we know of, feel free to add your own if it fits:

No Police State Girl (hip-hop), who claims to be “everything No Police State” plays at noon at the garden on E 8th between Ave. B and C

Alash Ensemble (Tuvan throat singing) – wow – 1 PM at the Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W 17th St (between 6th Ave and 7th Ave)

Jack Grace (excellent, funny country band), 4 PM, 27th and 3rd. Ave., outside of Rodeo Bar

System Noise (brilliant guitar-driven art-rock with a dynamic frontwoman) at Bway/3rd St., 4:30 PM

Lianne Smith (uniquely intelligent, counterintuitively funny rock songwriter playing solo electric) at Abingdon Sq. (that triangle at Hudson and Bank Sts), 6 PM. Another smart songwriter, Marykate O’Neil plays afterward

Gretchen Witt (acoustic, nice voice, thoughtful singer/songwriter) in front of the Westside Yaffa Café, 6 PM, Greenwich Ave at Harrison St

The NY Ukelele Ensemble on 1st Ave between 8th and 9th Sts., 6 PM

Sonic Uke (another ukelele band – gotta love that name), 6 PM, 130 W 10th St

at Greenwich Ave

The Sacred Harp Singers  (real old time, i.e. Revolutionary era country gospel) 6 PM,

2nd Avenue F train stop, Houston at Forsythe.

M Shanghai String Band (bluegrass/oldtimey), Brooklyn Bridge entrance in Dumbo, 6:30 PM

Num & Nu Afrika (roots reggae), 7:30 PM, 127th St Playlot, 127th St. between 5th Ave and Lenox Ave.

Brookland (charming oldtimey folk duo) followed by Pinataland (oldtimey accordion band with smart, historically rich lyrics), 37th St at Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Bay Ridge (right tony?), Brooklyn 7 PM (NOTE NEW TIME AND VENUE)

And also at 9 PM legendary Video Music Box host Ralph McDaniels shows vintage & classic hip hop videos at the Tobacco Warehouse, Fulton Ferry State Park, New Dock St

(at the East River) in Dumbo, F train to York St. and a short walk toward the water. Expect a draconian police/rent-a-pig presence.



If you want to see the free Ollabelle/Richard Thompson show at Prospect Park and want a seat, you have two options: you can ditch work early and get there at 5 sharp, join the line, wait a couple of hours; blow off the actually decent opening act and try your luck at around 7:30, when he’s scheduled to go on; or walk around the space and get behind the fence in back of the stage area. F train to 7th Ave., walk uphill, take a left at the park and follow the crowd. In case you don’t know Thompson, he’s arguably the greatest rock guitarist ever and maybe the greatest rock songwriter ever. And his forthcoming album is brilliant even by his standards.



Also Thurs June 21 Amy Allison plays Banjo Jim’s (the old 9C at Ave. C and 9th St.), two sets, 9 PM with brilliant guitarist Pete Galub. At the absolute peak of her power. If you liked her country stuff with the Maudlins you have to check out her new songs. Dark and mesmerizing. But she’s still one of the most hilarious people you’ll ever see onstage.



Also Thurs June 21, genius uncategorizable guitarist Matt Munisteri plays Barbes, 10 PM. He cut his chops on bluegrass, became a jazzcat who played with a bunch of legends, has a passion for the offbeat and twisted. Great musical wit. Get there early if you’re going.



Fri June 22 bluegrass cats James Reams & the Barnstormers open for the legendary octogenarian Ralph Stanley at Prospect Park, showtime 7:30 PM. See above for suggestions on how to either get in or hear the music: this might not be such a good idea to go to unless you’re prepared to wait forever for a seat since the sound probably won’t carry well. Stanley doesn’t sing as much, play hardly at all but, what can you say, he’s all that’s left of the Stanley Bros. and that’s pretty special.



Also Fri June 22 songwriter Linda Draper plays Cake Shop,  8 PM, back from her national tour. See our reviews page for a look at her superb new one Traces of.


Also Fri June 22 the Stay-At-Homes play the Runaways obscure live-in-Japan album all the way through at the Magnetic Field on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights, 8 PM. This is the amazing Tammy Faye Starlite backed by all-female garage punk rockers Sit N Spin plus Steve Wynn’s amazing drummer Linda Pitmon. The joke is that these are excellent musicians covering songs originally done by a teenage band from the late 70s (Joan Jett was the frontwoman) who could barely play. Light on the stage banter, but the musical jokes abound.




Also Fri June 22 it’s Moist Paula’s Birthday Throwdown with her incomparably fun baritone sax/bass/drums instrumental trio, Moisturizer, groovemeisters Chin Chin & surprise guests (probably half of Antibalas) at BPM, 137 Kent Avenue  in Williamsburg, 10 PM. What an amazingly good night. See you there. You will be dancing unless you’re in a wheelchair and in that case you’ll be popping wheelies.


Also Fri June 22 Coffin Daggers spinoff Brainfinger play at 10:30 at Guero, 9 Avenue A, free. If you like the Ray Manzarek Balkan funeral music side of the Coffin Daggers – or, hell, the Doors – you should check out these dark, macabre, rhythmically nimble instrumentalists.



Also Fri June 22 Tandy plays Lakeside, 11 PM. Louder, janglier, more melodic and crescendoing than ever. Their mid-period Wilco days are just a distant memory. Good band.




Sat June 23 a good doublebill at Freddy’s on Dean St. in Brooklyn: fiery pub rock revivalists the Larch open for the politically charged, sometimes deliriously psychedelic Liza & the WonderWheels, 9 PM. It’s drummer Tom Pope’s birthday show and he’s playing with 4 band but not the Wheels.



Also Sat June 23 the Moonlighters, now with Ken Mosher of the late, great Squirrel Nut Zippers on guitar play Barbes, 10 PM. Remember, get there early. Bliss Blood’s charming yet politically potent Hawaiian/retro unit has been through a bunch of band members, but every incarnation we’ve seen has been superb.


Also Sat June 23 (actually the wee hours of June 24), half past midnight, cover band hellions Rawles Balls play upstairs at the Living Room. See our reviews page of their alltime worst/best show here a little while ago. When they’re on, they are the absolutely funniest band in town and when they’re not they’re still worth busting your way through the throngs of limo-riding fratboys and sorority girls from the adjacent states.


Sun June 24, 3 (three) PM  Les Chauds Lapins play the cd release for their new one at the Temporary Museum, 118 N.11th St, 2fl. in Williamsburg. Word on the street aka the band’s website indicates that there will be OPEN BAR for those nursing a hangover from Friday night. The band is sort of the French equivalent of the Roulette Sisters: French songs from the 20s and 30s, which are all about sex. Kurt Hoffmann (ex-Ordinaires) and Meg Reichardt (Roulette Sisters) front the band on banjo ukes; they will also have strings and a rhythm section. What fun.



Mon June 25 Girl Friday finishes their Monday residency at Lakeside, 9 PM.



Also Mon June 25 Mamie Minch of the Roulette Sisters plays with Andy Cotton on bass and Peter Kohman on guitar at Barbes, 10 PM. Minch’s solo stuff is very funny and very authentic – she’s a huge Rev. Gary Davis/Jorma fan


 Weds June 27 keyboardist Greta Gertler plays Barbes, 8 PM with a full band. See our reviews page for a look at her tremendously good new one.


Also Weds June 27 the Sloe Guns play the Slipper Room, 9 PM. An unusually sedate venue for this fiery, Steve Earle-ish twangy rock band. Maybe they’ll do some of the quieter, more acoustic stuff. See our reviews page for a look at their hubristic but successful Sun Sessions cd.

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