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NYC Live Music Calendar 7/4-13/07

What an amazing weekend for live music we have coming up. Too bad you’ll be out of town, huh?

If you’re here on the 4th there are a couple of things going on. Canadian power popsters the New Pornographers play Battery Park in the afternoon: I say afternoon because your best best is to show up around 1 and scope out the area for a place to park your ass. Supposedly they take the stage at 4. Last time we were there it was a labyrinth of fences worthy of the King of Minos. 

Later on the 4th Mercurochrome plays Cake Shop, 9:30 PM. Sonic Youth ripoff, better than most, although nobody in the band can sing. Then again nobody in Sonic Youth could sing either. 

Thurs July 5 Duke Robillard plays Wagner Park, north of Chambers on the west side, 7 PM. Don’t let his past with Roomful of Blues scare you away: the guy can play. Sort of the Stevie Ray Vaughan of jazzy blues. A million notes, a mile a minute, but he has a sense of how to build a solo and most of them hit the mark. 

Later Thurs July 5 the incomparable Rachelle Garniez plays Barbes, 10 PM. One of the most charismatic rockers in the world, an accordionist adept at just about every style of music that existed prior to 1990. And a damn fine lyricist, and a hell of a singer, and she has guitarist Matt Munisteri in the band. What more could you want. Just get there early.

Also a great bill at Galapagos on North 6th St. in Williamsburg, of all places. At 10 LJ Murphy plays his lyrically brilliant, New York noir rock followed by killer ska band Tri-State Conspiracy with their amazing horn section. Think Skatalites, 1964.

Fri July 6 the Sea Devils play Luna Lounge, 8:30 PM. At this point there may not be any original members left: sad, because this surf instrumental unit was at one time one of the best bands in town.

Later July 6 at this point it looks Demolition String Band will in fact be able to play the newly renovated Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. It’ll be a party to celebrate the fact that there actually is a honkytonk in Manhattan, and these wild bluegrass-influenced twangsters are the right band for the occasion. Curse the Bloomberg health department for making the place – already at the edge of extinction – go into the hole to come up with the ducats for a brand-new ventilation system. Like they really needed one.

Also Fri July 6 Mr. Action & the Boss Guitars play Lakeside, 11 PM. It’s the Supertones’ rhythm section plus a couple of ringers playing old-school surf covers, gently and authentically as you would have heard them over the radio in 1962.

Sat July 7 at the Shrine World Music Venue, 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (133rd and 134th) it’s the Urb Alt Festival. You want eclectic, you got it. Check out this bill:Kaki King – technically dazzling guitarist from one of those tv gabfests backed by the MuthaWit string section
The Monika H. Band – avant jazz.

OMG–computer-infused funkrock (with Deb from Devi on guitar!)
Devi (ferocious guitarslinger Deb DeSalvo’s power trio, dubbed “tantric bluesrock” on this bill, which completely misses the point since this band is all about amazing crescendos and resolutions. Therese from OMG sits in on bass this time around).
Faith – long-running reggaeish band with a great bass player and political sensibility
MuthaWit –alien big band?!?
Show starts around 7.

Also Sat July 7 DC blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff plays Terra Blues, 7 PM. Very fast, lots of notes and an uncommon feel for old-school 60s funk. Definitely not a wanker. Lots of minor keys. He also plays here on July 11 at 9.

Also Sat July 7 it’s a Newborn Naturals reunion of sorts as the fiery Richard Lloyd-influenced Alex Feldesman plays with Rob Hudak at Lakeside, early, 7:30 PM. Worth checking out to see what wild shit Alex has come up since the band fell apart.

Also Sat July 7 there’s an Unsteady Freddie show at Otto’s. Unsteady Freddie is a huge Dick Dale fan who regularly puts on surf music shows all over the place and has a cool website, This show starts about 8 with old Luna Lounge stalwarts the Supertones, followed by the Chillers at 9, Reverb Galaxy at 10, the Tarantinos NYC at 11 (wish everybody in that band was as committed to the surf sound as their bass player is), and at midnight the absolutely brilliant, slightly jam-oriented Venice Beach Muscle Club. El Muchacho – whoever they are – play afterward.

At the top of the list Sat July 7 Ninth House plays the cd release party for their new one
Realize & It’s Gone at Galapagos at midnight. See our Reviews page (look down the short list on the right side of this page and then click) for a look at their dark, intense latest release.

Sun July 8 the amazing Stephane Wrembel plays Django Reinhardt at Barbes, 9 PM. Awhile ago a friend of mine took some guitar lessons with him. “What kind of instrument is a guitar, anyway?” Wrembel pointedly asked. “A PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT!” If you’re going make sure you get there at least an hour early because he’s wildly popular.

Also Sun July 8 Jes Hudak plays the Rockwood, 10 PM. If her songwriting ever even remotely catches up with her voice, look out. As it is, she’ll take your breath away. If only the material was a match for those effortlessly riveting, pitch-perfect, spine-tingling vocals.

Mon July 9 Erica Smith & the 99 Cent Dreams play what has become a rare live show at Banjo Jim’s, 7 PM, early. They’ve been working on the new album a lot, and this may be their last show for awhile, so see them if you’re a fan. Smith is NYC’s answer to Neko Case, a soul/jazz cat at heart who can write in any style she pleases and make it instantly her own and good and haunting. The band has the versatility to follow wherever she wants to sharpen her claws.

Tues July 10 Richard Buckner plays the Mercury with a backing band, 10 PM. Say what you want about his voice, the guy can write with anyone when he’s in the mood. Haven’t seen him with a band since his William Carlos Williams days, when Laura Cantrell opened for him here and stole the show, but he’s always worth checking out.

Also Tues July 10 Whisper Doll (the name’s a joke) plays Trash, 10 PM. This is songwriter Dan Penta (aka Cockroach Bernstein, ex-Larval Organs frontman) in punk/metal mode, with some of the Organs behind him. Very loud, very pissed, very literate in a stream-of-consciousness stoner way.

Also Tues July 10 the strongest woman in rock, Heather Eatman (it’s either her or Erica Smith) plays Sidewalk, 11 PM. This Canadian songstress’s best material has considerable sinew and lyrical muscle as well.

Thurs July 12 brilliant art-rockers Melomane play Galapagos, 8 PM. Click on our Reviews page (to your right), then scroll down for a look at how good this powerful, politically charged, orchestrated rock unit sounds live (we reviewed a show they did at Hank’s, of all places, and it was killer).

Also Thurs July 12 Willie Nile & the Prisoners of 2nd Ave. (Jimmy Vivino, John Conte, Rich Pagano) play the Cutting Room on 24th St., 8 PM adv tix avail now and highly recommended: he usually packs Bowery Ballroom, so this will sell out fast. Click the Reviews page for a look at his terrific new live album.

Also Thurs July 12 Evan Schlansky plays Pete’s at 11 PM with some supporting characters. How such a good rock songwriter manages to fly so far below the radar is one of Brooklyn’s great mysteries. Tunes, check. Lyrics, check. Guitar chops, check. Sense of humor, doublecheck. Dylan and Leonard Cohen look on from behind the glass, darkly and approvingly.


Fri July 13 Delta Dreambox – yet another Bliss Blood project, this one an acoustic Delta blues band – plays Barbes, 8 PM. Same dreamy vocals, same edgy sense of humor, somewhat more earthy. As always, early arrival a must.

And if you’re into good lyrical songwriters, check out Linda Draper’s show archived at the WNYC site
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  1. Heather Eatman and Erica Smith cat fight! Rrowrr!

    Comment by Wrestlemania | July 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. hey thanks so much for mentioning the URB ALT Festival!! this is a fun/worthy/wild/eclectic/rawkin event of the sort that NYC desperately needs these days. we’re psyched to be playing with some of our favorite bands (i’ve personally seen Muthawit something like 15 times and can testify that they are indeed a very soulful and exciting alien big band…the bastard child of Marvin Gaye and Alice Coltrane!!…featuring one of my favorite singers, Boston Fielder (who founded URB ALT) and one of my all-time guitar heros, the mindblowing Ben Tyree. i also can’t wait to see Kaki play!! It’s gonna be an incredible night…

    Comment by Devi | July 4, 2007 | Reply

  3. I’m polishing my uppercut to the chin as I write this.

    Comment by Erica | July 4, 2007 | Reply

  4. I remember a show where Robbie Foulks solo blew Laura Cantrell and her whole band away. So does that mean he’ll blow Richard Buckner away. Somehow I don’t think so. Richard Buckner has one of the most distinctive voices around. Whether you like it or not.

    Comment by Anon | July 5, 2007 | Reply

  5. Distinctive, yeah, but so does Bart Simpson. It doesn’t make Bart Simpson somebody you’d want to hear sing for a whole hour straight.

    I know this is hubris and will probably get me in deep shit with a bunch of you but why don’t guys like Buckner just write the songs and have somebody good sing them?

    Comment by delarue | July 7, 2007 | Reply

  6. Thanks so much for mentioning the Sea Devils! I thought I’d address the “original members” issue here. Our first bass player, Andy Cheng, left some time ago to pursue more potentially lucrative musical activities, and we recently parted ways with Dan Habu, our original drummer, due to creative differences. Martin Tune, our new bass player, while his own man with his own style, is every bit as quirky and creative as Andy, although not nearly as Chinese. We’re also playing with Todd Martin from Venice Beach Muscle Club, a somewhat less fanatically authentic drummer than Dan, but a fine player in his own right. His lighter touch has brought out some subtlety in the other instruments, but the band is still as fast and furious as ever. Mike Sandlin and I are still playing the guitars, so at least that hasn’t changed. I think we both play better now, actually.
    At that particular show, however, I was in France, so the band had a go at it without me. we’ll be back to our normal lineup this Friday at midnight, when we’re playing Supreme Trading on North 8th street with Swinger Eight.
    I miss the old days, too, but it was you guys – the public – that made those shows so much fun. It seems as though a lot of the old crowd have moved on. Please come see us as we are now, and make sure to drink a little too much, stamp your feet, holler, and dance your asses off. You won’t be disappointed.

    Comment by Andrew Wendel | July 11, 2007 | Reply

  7. these are some dates for the irish rock band stand in NYC, they always sell out

    Thursday, Sept 13th-Vintage Lounge, 58 Gardiners Ave Levittown, NY 11756 –
    10pm. $10

    Friday, Sept 14th- JOE’S PUB, 425 Lafayette Street, NY NY US 10012
    11:30 pm $15 Phone: (212) 539-8500
    Purchase Tix here:

    Saturday, Sept 15th- JOE’S PUB, 425 Lafayette St. New York, NY, US 10012
    11:30 pm $15 Phone: (212) 539-8500
    Purchase Tix Here:

    Comment by chuck | August 15, 2007 | Reply

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