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NYC Live Events Calendar 8/9-20/07

Early evening Thurs Aug 9 hip-hop throat singer Akim Funk Buddha plays Lincoln Ctr Plaza, outdoors, 6 PM  with other like minded people. He’s a trip: saw him play with Rachelle Garniez and her band once and he came close to stealing the show, not an easy thing to do.


Starting Thurs Aug 9, 8 PM the Metropolitan Playhouse presents Alphabet City IV, portraits of real-life Lower East Side old-school trailblazer types: three actors each do a 20-minute monologue based on these people’s actual lives. Not a tribute but more of an theatrical oral history project. Could be riveting, if done well: Evelyn Milan of the The Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center, Mary Lee Kortes, leader of Mary Lee’s Corvette and chinchilla raiser Blake all get their 20 minutes onstage. The stories from the LESHRC alone could be hilarious (or really sad); Kortes, one of the originators of East Village chic, reputedly has supplied her character’s wardrobe, and one can only wonder how the chinchilla guy manages to evade the cops.  Address: 220 East Fourth Street, box office 212 995 8410, call for info (their website doesn’t specify ticket prices). Other dates: Saturday, August 11 at 2, Wednesday, August 15 at 8, Saturday, August 17 also at 8.


Later Thurs Aug 9 , 9:15-ish the B-52’s play Asser Levy Park at Coney Island, F to W 8th is the closest stop or take any train to Stillwell and walk in the opposite direction of the baseball stadium. None of the original musicians are left, although Fred Schneider and the girls are apparently still with them. It’s still a party: who would have thought in 1979 that almost thirty years later, Joe Strummer would be dead and these guys would be playing stadiums? For 80s fetishists, Patty Smyth & Scandal, best known NOT for their ode to masturbation I Touch Myself (that was the Divinyls – thanks Paula!) but for their schlockfest hit The Warrior open the show around 8:30.


Fri Aug 10, noon, virtuoso blues guitarist Jeremiah Lockwood plays with a band of some sort in the park on Liberty between Church/Bwy, downtown, doing his oldtimey stuff: this sometime Steve Ulrich sparring partner is definitely worth checking out.



Later Fri Aug 10, Kartik Seshadri, acclaimed disciple of Ravi Shankar plays sitar with tabla player Abhijit Banerjeeat outdoors at Lincoln Ctr, South Plaza, 6 PM


Also Fri Aug 10 groove trio El Jezel play Fontana’s, 9 PM. Guy/girl vox, strange and eerie guitar/keys, slinky rhythm section, something of a Cure/Portishead vibe: gripping and good.


Sat Aug 11 starting at noon it’s the Shaolin Bluegrass festival, 441 Clark Ave., Richmond Town on the Island (Staten), free. Performances by: Dan Paisley and Southern Grass, Jesse McReynolds and the Virginia Boys, Ronnie Reno & the Reno Tradition, Straight Drive. The best of the bunch is Straight Drive, the opener, fronted by the amazing Jen Larson. Who would have thought that an architecture historian from Boxford, Massachusetts would have the most scary-beautiful, high lonesome Applachian voice on the planet. She’s a force of nature. Directions from the Staten Island ferry: take the S74 bus from the terminal to Richmond Road and St. Patrick’s Place, allow yourself plenty of travel time since it’s the weekend.


Also Sat Aug 11 keyboard/vocoder groovemeisters play Chin Chin play Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, free, time TBA at the intersection of Broadway and Vernon Boulevard, N train to Broadway. The drummer also plays for Rev. Vince Anderson, which is quite an endorsement; they also liberally borrow horn players from Antibalas, another endorsement.


Also Sat Aug 11 buzzsaw power pop trio True Love with special guest Tammy Faye Starlite on lead vocals play Who’s Next at Joe’s Pub, 9:30 PM. This sedate venue and its patrons won’t know what hit ‘em: the frontwoman is something beyond hilarious, and the band is up to the task. This will be a lot of fun if you can afford it.


Sun Aug 12 Ted Leo Pharmacists play McCarren Pool in Williamsburg, I’m guessing 6:30ish. He does the early Joe Jackson thing, all trebly, distorted guitar and fast tempos, writes good political lyrics and unfortunately completely loses sight of melody for what seems hours on end. But it’s free and it’s completely pre-9/11 mellow, you just walk right in and nobody bothers you.


Also Sun Aug 12 the Red Hook Ramblers with Hazmat Modine guitar weapon Michael Gomez play Banjo Jim’s, two sets, 9 til late raising an old-timey ruckus.


Also Sun Aug 12 there’s a quasi Blow This Nightclub reunion at Freddy’s in Brooklyn, 9 PM It’s guitarists Larry Jacobson and Dan Sallitt along with sub bassist Dann Baker from Erica Smith’s band. BTN was a great, wickedly lyrical late 80s/early 90s LA new wave band, don’t miss this if you’re into brilliant obscurities.


Mon Aug 13 Greta Gertler & the Extroverts with the spectacular J Walter Hawkes on trombone play the Mercury, 8 PM. This brilliant, witty, Australian expat art-rock keyboardist has gone in a more oldtimey direction later, with richly rewarding results: check our reviews page (click to your right, then go back a few pages) for a look at her brilliant new one Edible Restaurant.


Later Sat Aug 13 Rev. Vince Anderson and his band the Love Choir play Black Betty as they do every Monday, two sets starting at 10:30 PM. Last week’s show was as fun and musically spectacular as always: George Rush is back on bass and reliable as ever, the Rev. gets thinner and thinner (ladies, he’s single) and faster and faster on the 88s.


Tues Aug 14, MC Shan plays Queensbridge Park, 7 PM, 21st St. and the East River in Queens. He earned a place in the hip-hop history books by writing The Bridge Is Over, battling with KRS-One. Watch your back if you choose to go – undercover agents provocateurs will no doubt be trying to stir up trouble with the local kids from the projects.


Fri Aug 17 art-rock cellist/multi-instrumentalist Serena Jost plays a full band show at Barbes, 8 PM. Sort of the female Jeff Lynne, updated for the zeros: classical chops, gorgeously catchy melodies and a good sense of humor.



Later Fri Aug 17 Ninth House frontman Mark Sinnis plays Banjo Jim’s, midnight. Recent shows have seen this Nashville gothic guy playing with excellent guitarist the Anti-Dave from Vulgaras and the brilliant, eerie Suzanne Mitchell on violin.


Sat Aug 18 at Damrosch Park out behind Lincoln Center starting at 7, it’s rockabilly night, an unusually mixed bill, a lot of people playing with each other tonight:

Rev. Gary Davis disciple Larry Johnson; awful 60s survivor Roy Head; “Rock and Roll Tornado” and rockabilly legend Dale Hawkins; rockabilly semi-legend Charlie Gracie, baritone 50s rockabilly crooner Sleepy LaBeef and the Dixie Hummingbirds.



Later Sat Aug 18 Electric Engine – indie rock masters of the crescendoing chorus – open for the attractively thoughtful Hula at Luna, 10 PM.


Mon Aug 20 what’s left of 70s soul/funk legends the Spinners (the frontguy died back in the 80s) open for Philly soul brothers the O’Jays at Wingate Field, 7:30 PM

Winthrop Street and Kingston Avenue in Bed-Stuy, free. The headliners are supposedly pretty much the same as they were in the 70s. C’mon, tell me you don’t want to jump on the Love Train. Directions: 2  train to Winthrop Street, walk 2 blocks east or by bus: B12 on Clarkson Avenue to New York Avenue, walk north; B44 on Nostrand Avenue and New York Avenues to Winthrop Street, walk east.

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  1. the O, in O’Jays, stands for Ohio. like, from
    Canton, Ohio. they were on a philly label.
    and this would be a great show. who forgets,
    “for the love of money”?

    Comment by landon | August 10, 2007 | Reply

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