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NYC Live Music Calendar 8/23-9/6/07

Thurs Aug 23, 9 PM Maynard & the Musties play Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn. Smart, very funny, authentic Nashville country music cat with a surprisingly rocking band behind him. If you like Uncle Leon & the Alibis or Amy Allison you’ll love Maynard & the Musties.



Thurs Aug 23 a terrific show at Kenny’s Castaways on Bleecker St., of all places: soaring, politically smart psychedelic 80s throwbacks Liza & the WonderWheels open at 8, followed by fiery upstate garage rockers Skelter at 9. Headliners System Noise, who play at 10 have a spectacularly powerful frontwoman, good lyrics, amazing eerie guitar, a new bass player and are pyrotechnically good live.



Also Thurs Aug 23 Jes Hudak plays the Rockwood on Allen St. at midnight. Amazing voice with amazing range and uncommon subtlety. If only, if only, someday her material might be remotely as good.


Fri Aug 24 it’s the cd release party for scorching garage/punk rockers 18 at Union Pool. Show starts at 8 with “the blues soul sound of The Blue Shadow Dogs, continues with the jangle pop sounds of Swagg, onto the discordant sounds of Cocaine and Able and then Eighteen takes the stage at 11pm.”  Lyres authenticity, Ramones energy, unbelievable tightness and if the album sounds anything like the demos we heard a few months ago, it’s the real deal.



Also Fri Aug 24 the 4th St. Nite Owls play Barbes, 10 PM. Again: early arrival a must, the back room here is SMALL. The band are a terrific guitar/piano barrelhouse blues band, with a little country and a little ragtime.



Also Fri Aug 24 Marcellus Hall & the Headliners play Lakeside, 11 PM. The New Yorker illustrator and once-and-future White Hassle frontman is at the absolute peak of his powers as retro hookmeister and dazzlingly literate, funny wordsmith. He also plays Pete’s on Aug 29 at 11, probably solo.



Sat Aug 25 at  3 PM it’s the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, uptown at Marcus Garvey Park, 3 PM with Abbey Lincoln, Chico Hamilton, Marc Cary and Lezlie Harrison. Sunday’s show at Tompkins Square Park also starts at three and features Abbey Lincoln, Chico Hamilton, Todd Williams and Maurice Brown



Later Sat Aug 25 there’s an amazing show at Hank’s in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave. and 3rd Ave., take any train to Atlantic Ave and walk a block on Atlantic toward Brooklyn Heights. Haunting Britfolk-inflected siren Amanda Thorpe, sounding better than ever, opens the show at 9 followed by the equally haunting and much louder Randi Russo and her band who will be in a serious hard-rocking mode tonight.  Long-running, black-as-coal Nashville gothic headliners Ninth House have shuffled their lineup yet again and are better off for it, should be a lot of surprises tonight.



Sun Aug 26 the Mingus Big Band AND the Mingus Orchestra play the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival this month at Damrosch Park, out back, show starts at 8 PM but get there an hour early if you want a seat.



For a cozier but equally good show, gypsy jazz guitar genius Stephane Wrembel – who literally channels Django – plays Barbes, show starts at 9 but be there by 8, tops, if you want to see the show.



Later Sun Aug 26 Matty Charles & the Valentines winds up their mellow, soulful country residency this month at Pete’s Candy Store, 10 PM



Mon Aug 27 salsa siren La India wraps up the Lincoln Center outdoor festival at Damrosch Park, behind the concert halls at 8 PM. The little Puerto Rican firecracker has a big, growly contralto and a fine band behind her, mixing up traditional salsa styles along with contemporary baladas.



Also Mon Aug 27 bass goddess Daria Klotz’s charming oldtimey Prewar Ponies open for her husband Jack Grace’s sick-beyond-words country Van Halen cover band, Van Hayride at Rodeo Bar, 8 PM. If you like Rawles Balls – or Tenacious D or Spinal Tap –  you must see Van Hayride.



Also Mon Aug 27 Rev. Vince Anderson leads his wild, psychedelic, outre gospel group from behind the keyboard at Black Betty, two sets starting at 10:30. He’s someone that every New Yorker should see at least once and maybe twice. Moist Paula from Moisturizer is his secret weapon on baritone sax.



Weds Aug 29 supercatchy female-fronted indie rock/popsters Palomar play Luna, 8 PM $10. Northern State – the lesbian Vanilla Ice –  headline at 10



Also Weds Aug 29 Feist plays McCarren Pool, 8 PM,  ticketmaster has $29 tix. Expensive but worth it. If you aren’t already a convert, believe the hype: Toronto’s Leslie Feist is the real deal, kind of like an electric Erika Simonian, or Randi Russo in a quieter mode, all thorny evil melodies, imaginative chord voicings and an alluring, completely unaffected voice.



Weds Aug 29 and Thurs Aug 30 legendary New York twangsters the Hangdogs reunite at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. This fiery, politically charged, Steve Earle-ish band was the closest (and funniest) thing we had to the Dead Kennedys until they broke up a couple years ago. Their final album Wallace ’48, which might be onsale tonight, has to be one of the ten best albums of the past decade.



Thurs Aug 30 New York expat Jenifer Jackson plays a trio show at the Rockwood, 7 PM. One of the smartest, most imaginative and compelling songwriters of our time, a slinky jazzcat at heart, Beatlephile and terrific guitarist adept at pretty much any style she wants to play. See our reviews page (click on April, to your right) for a look at her amazing new one The Outskirts of a Giant Town. 



Sat Sept 1 obscure but excellent 50s rockabilly guitarist Charlie Gracie plays Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. He was the first guy to displace Elvis Presley from the #1 spot on the singles chart. Now in his 70s, he remains a sizzling, fast player. 



Sun Sept 2 gypsy jazz virtuoso Stephane Wrembel returns to Barbes, 9 PM, be there by 8 if you’re going.



Mon Sept 3 sultry Roulette Sisters frontwoman/guitarist shares a bill with another fine picker, Jan Bell and others doing the oldtimey thing at Barbes, 10 PM, I know it’s late on a Monday but Minch is very popular so early arrival is a must. She’s playing every Monday in September here.



Also Mon Sept 3 Rev. Vince Anderson is doing his piano-bashing craziness at Black Betty again, 10:30 PM. With the Labor Day weekend, the Rev. should be in an especially potent, political mood.




Thurs Sept 6 panstylistic rock goddess Rachelle Garniez plays Barbes, 9 PM, get there early. Some say she’s the best songwriter around right now and they might be right. And a hell of a keyboardist (accordion is her main axe), hell of a singer, brilliant lyricist with quite a surreal edge, very fond of retro styles, terrifically funny and compelling live performer.

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  1. Kenny’s is actually a very cool place these days.
    I perform there in a live Karaoke band on Sunday nights. Crash Course Karaoke. We have been there every Sunday for a year and a half, and it’s been a blast! See you soon!

    Comment by am | August 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. >>>Toronto’s Leslie Feist is the real deal, kind of like an electric Erika Simonian, or Randi Russo in a quieter mode…<<<

    …this is too funny. A young woman stopped me on the subway the other day and asked me if i was Feist. I had my earbuds in so I didn’t hear her… I took them out and then she asked me again… then I didn’t understand what she was saying, so she asked me a 3rd time. …apparently, she thought I looked very much like her (she had a couple of chances to ‘retract’ her question). I went online… i can see it in some of the pics, but not all the time. …funny that you should compare her to me.

    Comment by randi russo | August 29, 2007 | Reply

  3. you are a feist, just with a lowercase f

    Comment by delarue | September 1, 2007 | Reply

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