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NYC Live Music Calendar 9/3-15/07

Mon Sept 3 sultry Roulette Sisters frontwoman/guitarist Mamie Minch shares a bill with another fine picker, Jan Bell and others doing the oldtimey thing at Barbes, 10 PM, I know it’s late on a Monday but Minch is very popular so early arrival is a must. She’s playing every Monday in September here.



Also Mon Sept 3 Rev. Vince Anderson is doing his piano-bashing craziness at Black Betty again, 10:30 PM. With the Labor Day weekend, the Rev. should be in an especially potent, political mood.



Weds Sept 5 the Gotham 4 play Midway, 9 PM. They’ve been sounding pretty raw and desperate lately, maybe because nobody in the band is 18 or gay or cute and therefore they have no chance of getting a record deal, and the pleasure is all yours. But they’d be the ideal band to do the soundtrack to the 90s nostalgia movie, all big anthemic hooks and guitar atmospherics.


Thurs Sept 6 panstylistic rock goddess Rachelle Garniez plays Barbes, 9 PM, get there early. Some say she’s the best songwriter around right now and they might be right. And a hell of a keyboardist (accordion is her main axe), hell of a singer, brilliant lyricist with quite a surreal edge, very fond of retro styles, terrifically funny and compelling live performer.


Fri Sept 7, 10 PM at Lost & Found, Greenpoint Ave. & Franklin St (G to Greenpoint Ave. or just walk from the Bedford Ave. L, it’s about 20 minutes on foot), a strange bill: Casa de Chihuahua, which is basically a bluegrass band with punkish lyrics open for surf rockers the Sea Devils, which is half of the original, excellent band plus a new rhythm section. Free admission and everybody gets a free hot dog (real or veggie). Be hungry.


Also Fri Sept 7, Sir Richard Bishop opens for Smog at the swanky new Highline Ballroom, way west on 16th St. on the same block as the old Roxy, 9 PM, $15. The former loves his Middle Eastern tonalities and plays some captivating, mostly acoustic instrumentals; the headliner still does the slightly eerie lyrically-driven minimalist, slightly shoegaze thing as well as he’s always done it. The venue wants desperately to be the Supper Club: don’t even think of drinking unless you’re doing it on someone else’s tab and they’re either not your friend or a very, very good one.


Also Fri Sept 7 it’s ukelele night at Barbes starting at 8 PM with Bedroom Community (who from the club’s website sound pretty twee), Daria Klotz’s charmingly oldtimey Prewar Ponies, the self-explanatory Ukeladies and the boisterous, always enjoyable J. Walter Hawkes.


Also Fri Sept 7 Mr. Action & the Boss Guitars play Lakeside, 11 PM. Wow, these surf instrumentalists have really gotten tight and have expanded their repertoire: they played the rare Ventures classic Ginza Lights last time they were here.



Also Sat Sept 8, 10 PM legendary 90s all-female funk/punk/pop rockers the Maul Girls reunite for a one-off show at Crash Mansion on Bowery. What a fertile band this was: after they split up, various members would go on to form or join the B Loud Three, Noxes Pond, Ssssh and Velvet Mafia. They were a great party and will definitely deliver that and a lot more, considering that this is a free show and that there’s OPEN BAR from 9 to 10, no joke.



Also Sat Sept 8 10:30 PM the John Sharples Band plays Freddy’s, 485 Dean St., any train to Atlantic Ave. Erica Smith on rhythm guitar and harmonies is their not-so-secret weapon. Their most recent show saw them playing some amazing obscure covers by Blow This Nightclub as well as Smith herself. And then she took over lead vocals on the encore and brought down the house.



Also Sat Sept 8 Ninth House plays MI-5, 52 Walker St. in Chinatown, 11 PM with the dangerous, gypsy-inflected Suzy Mitchell on violin. 6/N/R/Q/W/J/M/Z to Canal St. and walk a block south (Walker runs parallel to Canal). A dark 80s-influenced art-rock band with a burgeoning improvisational streak. Who would have thought.





Also Sat Sept 8 Steve Wynn plays Lakeside, 11 PM, get here early. He and his backup unit the Miracle 3 are arguably the best rock band on the planet at this point, evil noisy guitar duels punctuating Wynn’s vast catalog of classic, noir songs dating back to the 80s and his legendary band the Dream Syndicate.



Sun Sept 9 it’s the Broome Street Festival, the all-afternoon street fair with music and the usual vendors hawking their wares. Occasionally there will be a good band amongst the usual flotsam and jetsam. If anybody knows the specifics – we’ve googled to no avail – please enlighten us via the comments button at the bottom of this page.



Sun Sept 9 the free weekly 5:15 PM organ concert series at St. Thomas Church, 53rd & 5th Ave. begins with program by the church’s assistant organist Frederick Teardo. The soloists here are reliably first-rate; if they’re playing on the church’s big beautiful 1914 Skinner organ (the main one in the front), it’s always a plus.



Sun Sept 9, Greta Gertler & the Extroverts play the Brooklyn Lyceum in the big room downstairs, 7 PM. Click for our review of their most recent, absolutely brilliant set at the Mercury. The venue is right above the Union St. R train stop, otherwise take the F to 4th Ave. and walk back toward Brooklyn Heights about 9 blocks, past the UHaul place.



Also Sun Sept 9 gypsy jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel  is back at Barbes, 9 PM, you know the deal: get here early or don’t bother.







Mon Sept 10,  7 PM sharp Dina Dean and her band squeeze into the Rockwood Music Hall on Allen just south of Houston. A rock/soul storyteller, bigtime Elvis fan with a killer band behind her which includes Botanica’s bass player.





Also Mon Sept 10 Rev. Vince Anderson plays Black Betty, 2 sets starting 10:30 PM. The rhythm section has gotten a boost now that George Rush is back on bass; Moist Paula from Moisturizer is dangerous as always on baritone sax; the Rev. keeps getting more amazing on keys as the inches come off his waist. Ladies, he’s single, what are you waiting for?



Also Mon Sept 10 Roulette Sisters frontwoman Mamie Minch plays and harmonizes with the authentically retro Jan Bell & others at Barbes, 10 PM. She has a residency here Mondays this month.



Weds Sept 12 Moonlighters’ frontwoman Bliss Blood’s excellent, authentic acoustic blues project Delta Dreambox plays Banjo Jim’s, 11 PM. 







Fri Sept 14 former Industrial Tepee frontman Tom Shaner plays Lakeside, 11 PM. Witty, lyrically sharp Americana rock songwriter comparable to anybody from the Jayhawks. Golden Smog ought to ask him to join the band.





Also Fri Sept 14, the Flying Neutrinos play Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. Along with the Moonlighters, they poineered the oldtimey sound in New York in the late 90s. Not sure who’s left from all the siblings from the original lineup, but they always put on a good show.



Also Fri Sept 14 faux French garage band Les Sans Culottes plays Galapagos in the front room with the bar, show starts at 8. They’ve been around forever and have Moisturizer’s amazing Moist Gina AKA Francoise Hardly on bass now. And it’s sometimes hard to tell their silly originals from Gainsbourg originals. As a bonus, all-female Boston band Ziaf open, playing Piaf covers.



Also Fri Sept 14 Linda Draper plays the soon-defunct Mo Pitkins on Ave. A, 9 PM. Absolutely brilliant lyricist, the voice of a choirgirl (which she was), and some impressively catchy acoustic melodies. More upbeat, less whispery and hypnotic, more hook-oriented than she’s ever been.



Sat Sept 15 it’s the Larch 10th anniversary show at Freddy’s, 485 Dean St. in Brooklyn, any train to Atlantic Ave. Rocker Paula Carino and her band– whose Parkside show back in May was one of the most mesmerizing performances we’ve seen all year – opens the show at 9:30 PM. The usually terse punk/pub rockers the Larch have lately succumbed to the curse of Freddy’s i.e. jamming incessantly, but in their case that’s ok because the band is very good at it. Fiery ska/punk rockers the Saudi Agenda play after the Larch around midnight.





Also Sat Sept 15 guitar/keyboard-driven art-rockers Melomane play Joe’s Pub, 8 PM. One of NYC’s best bands at the absolute peak of their sweeping, epic powers, one of the most potent, murderously political acts on the planet.





Also Sat Sept 15, Spanking Charlene plays Lakeside, 11 PM. Basically, they’re a female-fronted bar band with very funny lyrics. If you like Jesse Bates or Tammy Faye Starlite you’ll like Spanking Charlene.



Also Sat Sept 15 Delaware’s best bluesewoman Mamie Minch opens for Las Rubias del Norte, a bunch of gringo choirgirls (and guys) doing authentic Pan-American folklorica tunes at Barbes, show starts at 8 PM, get there early.






 Also Sat Sept 15 Funkface plays Trash, 11 PM. They seem to have some relation to the BRC which was an 80s conglomeration, a bunch of black bands that wanted to be Van Halen. But these guys have an uncommonly potent political edge and they bring the funk. If you’re in a dancing mood you should go to this show. In fact, show up at 8 and you get open bar with wells and PBRs with show admission.

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