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Concert Review from the Archives: Junior Jazz at the Reminisce Lounge, NYC 9/15/96

[editor’s note: for over a year, a mix of rich white kids shared the dance floor with the Brooklyn Caribbean diaspora every Sunday afternoon at this unlikely yet copacetic, now defunct upper Eastside bar]

Jah provide I and I with another decent, free Sunday afternoon reggae show. Whenever I go to this place, I hear Sham 69’s Reggae Pickup Pt. 1 running through my head. In all fairness to this young Jamaican singer/guitarist, he’s much better. Junior Jazz and his backing unit delivered a solid 45-minute set which was reminiscent of the first time I saw him: simple, short, jangly guitar solos, great rhythm section, this time aided by a sax player who did short, punchy riffs in tandem with the keyboardist. They did an instrumental version of a Jacob Miller song plus a cover of the hit Hooligans, which I believe was originally done by Wayne Wonder. Lots of people, the Jamaican posse especially, indulging in spiritual nourishment; none of the bar staff seemed to care. The intermission between sets turned out to be way longer than it was the previous week, so I left.

[postscript: Junior Jazz would go on to a brief major label deal, and a couple of big Jamaican hits. He still performs]

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