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NYC Live Music Calendar 10/18-11/7/07

 Ever wonder what CMJ stands for? It’s Colossal Musical Joke. Wonder why there aren’t any CMJ shows listed here? Guess why. Every bar with a pair of speakers turns into a “CMJ venue” – places bands normally wouldn’t conceive of playing suddenly have emocore kids from Tallahassee bouncing and braying in front of the donut rack or the fry-o-lator. Not that anybody should want to get signed to a major label at this point, but the last time somebody got signed out of CMJ, a Bush who actually won a presidential election was in office. Don’t waste your time. There are so many other fun things to do this week.


By the way, if you don’t recognize where any of these folks are playing, click on our useful Venues list, to your right under Categories.


Thurs Oct 18, 8 PM at Barbes the Plunk Bros – which is Bob Jones and Demolition String Band lead guitarist Boo Reiners doing their dueling acoustic guitar madness – open for Matt Munisteri and his group which this time around includes the amazing jazz accordionist Joey Barbato


Also Thurs Oct 18 ska jazz sax monster Dave Hillyard plays Bar on A, 10 PM. A rare chance to catch this guy in a small club. He blends oldschool Skatalites tunes with a Coleman Hawkins-influenced, envelope-pushing sensibility. He’s also playing there on Sat Oct 27 at 10 PM


Also Thurs Oct 18 the Roulette Sisters, their guitars and viola and gorgeous harmonies and sly innuendo-laden old blues songs are back at Pete’s, 9 PM.


Thurs Oct 18, 9 PM at Zebulon, Big Lazy guitar monster Steve Ulrich joins indie rocker Itmar Ziegler to do what seems to be pretty much their Pink Noise show, i.e. dark chromatic minor-key reverb instrumentals in very much the same vein as Big Lazy, this time without a drummer. Recommended because it’s an early show here: the trust fund children will still be in bed by the time the band is done playing.


Fri Oct 19 Randi Russo lead guitarist Lenny Molotov plays fiery, authentic fingerpicked delta blues along with his potent, original, politically charged songs at Sidewalk, 8 PM. You could call him the American Richard Thompson: his songs are as good as his playing.


Also Fri Oct 19 the martini cowboy Jack Grace, whose latest songs have taken on a haunting, George Jones/Merle Haggard intensity plays Barbes, 10 PM. Not to worry, he still does the funny stuff too.


Also Fri Oct 19 Custard Wally, who put out just about the dirtiest album in recent memory play Hank’s, 11 PM. Extremely funny 2-guitar rock unit who are smarter than you’d think after hearing the lyrics.


Also Fri Oct 19 Ninth House frontman Mark Sinnis plays an acoustic set with Erica Smith’s bassist on piano and Susan Mitchell playing scary, haunting violin at Banjo Jim’s at midnight.


Sat Oct 20 the brilliant, effortlessly sexy Les Chauds Lapins – which is Roulette Sisters lead guitarist and ex-Ordinaires frontman Kurt Hoffman playing innuendo-laden French songs from the 1930s and 40s – play Barbes, 8 PM, followed by Howard Fishman, who used to be good but now sounds like Dave Matthews. Get there early if you’re going.


Also Sat Oct 20 Boston garage rock legends Muck & the Mires play theMagnetic Field, 9 PM, early arrival strongly advised if you’re going.


Also Sat Oct 20 the Stay-at-Homes play Lakeside, 10 PM. This is the excellent all-female garage/punk band Sit N Spin fronted by the incomparably funny Tammy Faye Starlite playing Runaways covers. The Runaways were an all-female, teenage LA concept band created by D-list celebrity Kim Fowley back in the 70s. They spawned the careers of both Joan Jett and Lita Ford (and Cherie Currie, if you call that a career). The Stay-at-Homes play their Live in Japan album note for note, word for word and it is absolutely hysterical. You don’t have to know the source material to laugh your ass off.


Sat Oct 20 1 AM (actually the wee hours of Oct 21) El Jezel plays the Delancey. Slightly shoegaze, thoughtful, often minor-key indie rock with guitar, bass and sometimes keys, pulsing along on a deliciously swinging groove. OPEN BAR between midnight and 1 AM, how can you resist!


Sun Oct 21 and every Sunday there’s a great jazz jam session run by Matt Munisteri and his frequent sparring partner, trumpeter Jon Kellso at the Ear Inn, way west on Spring St., starts around 7.


Sun Oct 21 Carol Lipnik & Spookarama play Rose Bar, just west of Havemeyer on Grand St. in Williamsburg, 8 PM. Amazing 4-octave range, oldschool soul singer on the gypsy tip. And it all fits together spectacularly.


Sun Oct 21 virtuoso gypsy jazz guitar monster Stephane Wrembel plays Barbes, 9 PM. He’s very popular. Get there early.


Also Sun Oct 21 Melomane spinoff the Snow – whose potent, crescendoing art-rock sounds just like Melomane with a few more harmonies, and maybe a jazzier feel – plays Luna at 9:30 PM.


Mon Oct 22 another monster guitarist-about-town, Pete Galub & the Annuals play his witty, melodic janglerock, opening for indie rock legends the Silos – who have never sounded better live than they have recently – at the Magnetic Field, 9 PM


Also Mon Oct 22, 9:30 PM Barbes house band Chicha Libre continue their deliriously fun, danceable residency.


Thurs Oct 25 fiery indie rockers Cementhead play the Delancey, 8:30 PM. This trio has taken it to the next level – they’ve never been so melodic or tight as they are now. Very interesting guitar work, very catchy tunes.


Thurs Oct 25 an unlikely and very good singer-songwriter bill at Fontana’s starting at 7 PM with the promising new Sharon Goldman & Nina Soka duo, then the casual and very smart Kirsten Williams at 8 followed by spectacular soul siren Meg Braun and her trio.


Also Thurs Oct 25 the Roulette Sisters finish their October residency at Pete’s, 9 PM.


Also Thurs Oct 25 legendary San Francisco punk rockers the Avengers – an iconic band every bit the equal of the Sex Pistols or the Dead Boys, with the great Penelope Houston on vocals – play  Maxwell’s at 10 PM. Their Bowery show last winter was packed, so this will sell out. Adv tix available at the box office and at Other Music.


Fri Oct 26 the date band for people who hate date bands, the Moonlighters bring their gorgeous harmonies, authentic retro stylings and spot-on political sensibility to Barbes, 10 PM. Repeat after me, get there early.


Sat Oct 27 the absolutely brilliant Dixie Bee-Liners play Joe’s Pub, early, 7:30 PM. This is recent NY expats Buddy Woodward and Brandi Hart’s killer Bible Belt noir band: classic bluegrass melodies, first-class musicianship and some of the smartest, most incisive lyrics anyone is writing right now. They’re also very funny onstage. Welcome back, you guys!



Sat Oct 27 fiery highway rockers the Sloe Guns – who have taken on a harder edge lately – play the Baggot Inn, 9:30 PM.


Also Sat Oct 27 legendary 80s surf rockers Agent Orange play Europa in Greenpoint around 9, other acts on the bill TBA. Still living off their one classic album, 1981’s Living in Darkness, after all these years. And they still deliver the goods. It’s just a cry for help in a world gone mad!


Sun Oct 28 and every Sunday there’s a great jazz jam session run by Matt Munisteri and his frequent sparring partner, trumpeter Jon Kellso at the Ear Inn, way west on Spring St., starts around 7.


Mon Oct 29 smart, catchy female-fronted indie rock trio Girl Friday play a free show at the Magnetic Field,  9 PM, dollar beers while they’re onstage! Here’s hoping for a LONG set!!


Also Mon Oct 29 your last chance to catch the absolutely killer Chicha Libre and their surfy, Pan-American tunefulness during their residency this month at Barbes, 9:30 PM


Also Mon Oct 29 the self-explantory, predicably charming Ukeladies play Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM


Also Mon Oct 29 Rev. Vince Anderson plays his wild, improvisatory gospel show at Black Betty like he does every Monday, 2 sets starting at 10:30 PM. Billy Preston style organ-driven funk, killer honkytonk piano, slow soulful psychedelic gospel. And he’s very funny and politically spot-on, too.


Tues Oct 30 another chance to catch the panstylistically brilliant violinist Jenny Scheinman at Barbes, 7:30 PM, where it won’t cost you the usual $50 to see her.


Also Tues Oct 30 Australian punk rock legends the Saints play Maxwell’s, 9ish (showtime not on the club’s website as of this posting). I say punk legends rather than janglerock legends because they’ve been doing the blistering old punk stuff which actually isn’t as good as the deliriously good jangle-and-clang they did in the 80s. But if you’re a fan, don’t miss them. Last time around they had the great Marty Willson-Piper from the Church doing his best Ron Asheton impersonation on lead guitar.


Weds, Halloween, haunting cello rockers Rasputina play the Music Hall of Williamsburg FKA Northsix, showtime not listed on the club’s website as of today, adv tix an absolute must and available at the box office. I can’t think of anything better to do on Halloween.


Also Halloween, 9 PM System Noise – another equally good Halloween choice, with their eerie guitar and otherworldly vocals – plays R Bar on Bowery north of Delancey, east side of the street. For a $8 cover you get OPEN BAR from 7-8 PM, shades of Trash Bar. This is THE party tonight.


Thurs Nov 1 Rachelle Garniez plays Barbes, 10 PM. Multi-instrumentalist whose main axe is the accordion. Master of every retro style she’s ever touched – punk, psychedelia, ska, calypso, saloon jazz, torch songs, art-rock. And a great performer, one of the hardest working people in show business.


Fri Nov 2 legendary 60s garage band the Sonics – whose legend vastly surpasses their recorded output, which was mostly covers and a few C-list instrumentals like the Witch – play Warsaw as part of the Cavestomp garage rock fest. Tix $35 in advance, available at Earwax on Bedford Ave., Other Music and the Warsaw box office. Your best bargain if you’re into this kind of thing is the $90 three-day pass which also gets you the Strawberry Alarm Clock (which was a bunch of jazz guys playing psychedelia – I have their album which includes faux-hippie drivel like Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow) on Saturday night and the Fleshtones and the Sonics again on Sunday. No idea how many if any of these bands’ original members (the Fleshtones happily excluded) are playing. Or still alive.


Also Fri Nov 2, 8 PM it’s the Kalman Balogh Gypsy Cimbalom Band, with 2 other Hungarian gypsy bands at Symphony Space  – tix not available online but at WMI box office 49 W. 27th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway, 9th floor, Suite 930., Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm Friday 10am –1pm. A cimbalom looks like the inside of a piano, it’s termed a zither for reasons I cannot fathom (it’s played with mallets rather than strummed) but it actually sounds like somebody playing a harpsichord with an icepick. Could be a great show.


Sat Nov 3 amazing, percussive, Dick Dale-influenced Connecticut surf band 9th Wave plays Hank’s, time TBA – the club’s calendar doesn’t have them listed. But that’s Hank’s for you.


Also Sat Nov 3, 7:30 PM Monlighters frontwoman Bliss Blood’s superb, authentic acoustic delta blues band  Delta Dreambox plays the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library,  1 Grand Army Plaza, 2 train to G.A.P, two sets and worth it,  $10


Also Sat Nov 3 it’s the Roulette Sisters’ annual Halloween spectacular at Barbes, 10 PM. Are there any old innuendo-laden hokum blues songs about Halloween? If there are the Roulette sisters will have discovered them and will play them with their gorgeous 4-part harmonies.


Also Sat Nov 3 the original gypsy punks Gogol Bordello play the new Terminal 5, way west on 56 th St., advance tix an absolute must and available at the Mercury Lounge before 7 PM.


Sun Nov 4 anothe gypsy guy, jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel plays Barbes, 9 PM, get there early if you’re going, he’s earned his rabid fan base.


Mon Nov 5 and every Monday, it looks like Rev. Vince Anderson has competition! The Rev. still does his killer weekly Monday night show at Black Betty at 10:30, but Peruvian surf monsters Chicha Libre are also doing a weekly thing as well. Theirs is at Barbes and starts around 10 but you should get there early. And you can still make it to the Rev.’s second set if running around on a Monday night is your thing. It sure beats dodging the stretch limos on a Saturday.




Weds Nov 7 Nashville gothic powerhouse Ninth House plays Luna, early,  8PM. Imagine how gorgeous Susan Mitchell’s violin, and the keys, and the guitar and the frontman’s powerful baritone will sound playing through the great sound system here.


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  1. I’m still mourning the loss of The Bottom Line. Great place for a show, a snack, and a meet, greet & photo op with your fave group/artist (Aimee Mann, Richard Thompson, Tori Amos, Ronnie Spector, Warren Zevon, Joan Jett, and a zillion others).

    Comment by Abby F | October 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Best show I ever saw was at the Bottom Line, believe it or not (the Church on the Starfish tour). Which was several years after the place had peaked: would have been nice to have seen all those great shows there in the 70s when the owners actually cared.

    Comment by delarue | October 22, 2007 | Reply

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