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NYC Live Music Calendar 11/14-12/3/07

New shows added this week! Unfamiliar with the place where your favorite thing is happening? Click on Venues, to the right, under Categories, for subway directions, club websites and other info.


By the way, just so you know, if the spacing between listings here gets weird, it’s on account of computer issues. As you’ve undoubtedly figured out if you’ve been peeking around here, we don’t have anybody on staff who qualifies as an IT person, therefore, sometimes the gremlins get the best of us.  

Weds Nov 14 the Easy Star All Stars play Radiohead at B.B. Kings,  plus cd release by Ticklah, show starts at 9ish. I know what you’re thinking, reggae versions of Radiohead?!? But the band is a bunch of old-school roots reggae pros featuring members of Burning Spear’s band and others, and Radiohead is great stoner music. Or so they say, heh heh. This could actually work.    

Also Weds Nov 14, 9 PM sharp Moisturizer frontwoman Paula Henderson’s beguiling, jazzy, soundtracky baritone sax-and-loops side project Secretary plays Supreme Trading, 213 North 8th Street in Williamsburg, free. Be aware that Secretary is the only band on the bill and the rest of the night is computerized bullshit.   

Thurs Nov 15 the Ventures play B.B. King’s, 8 PM adv tix avail $35 and worth it.  Bob Bogle and Don Wilson are still at it after all these years. The Ventures rank with the Beatles, the Stones and the Clash as one of the most important rock bands ever. They didn’t invent surf music but they had more surf hits than anybody else and this configuration of the band still plays with virtuosity and twangy intensity.  

Also Thurs Nov 15 charmingly smart, nonchalant, imagistic songwriter Kirsten Williams plays with the killer Andy Mattina on bass at Bar on A in the East Village,  9 PM  

Fri Nov 16 at 9 PM Bliss Blood’s authentically rustic delta blues band Delta Dreambox is at Banjo Jim’s  

Fri Nov 16 the Sloe Guns play acoustic: just two guitars and drums – at the  Baggot Inn, 9:30 PM, only $5. Their catchy highway rock songs are strong enough to stand up to a stripped down format like this, especially the new stuff which is particularly strong. And both guitarists can really play.    

Also Fri Nov 16, Yo La Tengo plays the sonically much improved former Northsix space now known as the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 11ish, advance tix required and available M-F 5-7 PM at the Mercury Lounge box office. I don’t care how weird or soundtracky or pop Yo La have become since the turn of the century – they still have the potential to pull out the most amazing noise jam you’ve ever heard.  

Fri Nov 16 Demolition String Band plays the cd release for their electrifying new one, Different Kind of Love at  Rodeo Bar, 10 PM. Their acoustic Ola Belle Reed cover album was gorgeously authentic, but this one returns them to their scorching electric bluegrass roots. They’re very funny, they bring the party and both the mandolin and electric guitar are deliciously good.   

Sat Nov 17, legendary Howlin Wolf lead guitarist Hubert Sumlin plays 2 sets, 7 and 9 PM at Terra Blues on Bleecker. Sumlin was just as important to the Wolf’s sound as the Wolf himself. And he was Jimi Hendrix’ favorite guitarist. Caveat: he’s been sick, and he’s also been known to get hammered before shows to the point where he’s completely unable to play.  

Also Sat Nov 17 Love Camp 7 play their dazzling, hypnotic, completely unpredictable and authentically 60s psychedelia at the Parkside, early, 8 PM, still time to get to Randi Russo’s show afterward if you’re going.  

Also Sat Nov 17 the Ulrich Ziegler Duo plays Pete’s, 8 PM. This is the Ulrich and Ziegler from Pink Noise, in fact, this IS Pink Noise, who sound almost exactly like Big Lazy because it’s another one of twangy chromatic guitar gunslinger Steve Ulrich’s side projects. Which are all uniformly excellent. Hearing the two axes play off each other in this cozy space will no doubt be mesmerizing.   

Also Sat Nov 17 Randi Russo and her band storm into Sidewalk, 10 PM. The band has never been darker or more haunting, Russo has never sung better or written better than she has lately. Her best songs remain the frequently macabre outsider anthems that are her stock in trade, but she’s incredibly diverse, ranging from garage to punk to minimalist, creepy Smog/Eels songwriting. When these guys and girl are at the top of their game, there’s no better live band in NYC, a reason to seek them out even at this dump.   

Also Sat Nov 17 esteemed art-rockers Melomane play Europa in Greenpoint around 10:30 PM with some other bands. Towering epic grandeur based on eerie 60s style garage rock song structures that twist and turn. With excellent political lyrics worthy of the Clash or early Elvis Costello. 20 years from now, a new generation of angsted high school kids will be discovering Melomane every year, just as they do Pink Floyd and the Doors now.   

Also Sat Nov 17 it’s Ellen & Jamie’s going-away party at Hank’s, all night, probably starts around 8. Jamie will probably play with at least one of his bands (I’m guessing punk rockers Brunch of the Living Dead) in what will essentially be a farewell show. Which is really too bad. Jamie was CBGB’s longtime soundman, a true professional and one of the real good guys in the NYC scene. As a booking agent, his wife Ellen with her good taste, imagination and warmhearted spirit always created a vital scene wherever she went, this place included. New York’s loss is someone else’s gain, bigtime.  

Also Sat Nov 17 the uber-charming, authentically retro, gorgeously harmony-driven and impressively politically smart  Moonlighters play Barbes, 10 PM, you know the drill by now, early early early.  

Also Sat Nov 17 Jeru the Damaja plays the Knit, 10ish. One of the few remaining A-list hip-hop lyricists from the early 90s who still performs regularly. He managed to straddle both the gangsta and conscious worlds without losing cred with either. Caveat: this being the Knit, and a hip-hop show, security may not have their happy faces on.  



Sun Nov 18 the Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Rimsky-Korsakov’s Easter Overture, pieces by Bruch and a world premiere by Lam and Richard Strauss’ greatest work, the beautifully ambient Death and Transfiguration at 3 PM for only $15 at Washington Irving HS, Irving Place/16th St. This is arguably the best classical concert deal in New York, and the sound in the venue is actually fine. Impossible to imagine a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon recovering from whatever happened the night before. The vibe today is spiritual and ecumenical, with an interfaith theme.

Also Sun Nov 18 and Nov 25 Matty Charles is back doing his highly regarded country thing at Pete’s, 10 PM   

Also Sun Nov 18, 9 PM LES expat Jenifer Jackson plays a rare NYC show with Roland Satterwhite on violin and Elysian Fields axeman Oren Bloedow on guitar at the Rockwood. Her most recent album On The Outskirts of a Giant Town is arguably the best album of 2007, a lush, brilliantly psychedelic, jazz-inflected, melancholy masterpiece.  

Mon Nov 19 Shonen Knife play the Gramercy Theatre, time TBA, adv tix available at the Irving Plaza box office. Can you imagine, the Japanese B-52’s have actually been together over 20 years now and are probably still singing about boys and candy bars in their fractured English. Maybe they’ve even learned to play their instruments in the process: could have happened. And you know what, so many of those songs are such fun.  

Also Mon Nov 19 Chicha Libre play their weirdly, intoxicatingly danceable Peruvian surf stuff at Barbes, 9:30 PM, and an hour later Rev. Vince Anderson does his even more intense groove-driven gospel show at Black Betty.  

Fri Nov 23 Mr. Action & the Boss Guitars play authentically spirited surf classics and obscurities along with instrumental versions of 60s hits at Lakeside, 11 PM  

Sat Nov 24 sprawling harmonica-driven, bacchanalian, intense pan-global improvisers Hazmat Modine open for and then play with the ultimate Far Asian psychedelic musical experience, throat singers Huun-huur-tu at Symphony Space, 8 PM, adv tix available at the World Music Institute (click on Venues to your right, under Categories, then scroll down to Symphony Space to find box office hours and directions).  

Sun Nov 25 gypsy guitar genius Stephane Wrembel is back at his usual spot, Barbes at 9 PM 



Also Sun Nov 25 NY expat Leslie Nuss plays Banjo Jim’s, time TBA, most likely early in the evening. Sultry lefty guitarist/singer equally adept at fiery garage rock, artsy, ambient ballads and catchy 60s-inflected hits.

Mon Nov 26 it’s Chicha Libre at Barbes sounding exactly like Laika  & the Cosmonauts, playing psychedelic surf music from the Peruvian Amazon, circa 1972, 10 PMish. Also Rev. Vince Anderson and band playing their deliriously good, improvisational, piano-and-organ driven gospel at Black Betty, 2 sets at 10:30 PM    

Tues Nov 27 Jenny Scheinman and her violin return to Barbes for an early show, 7 PM, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get there early.  

Tues Nov 27, 8ish Elisa Flynn plays Union Hall. She’s an electric indie rocker – not your usual weepy acoustic chick – with a nicely unpretentious, assured voice like an urban version of the Walkabouts’ Carla Torgerson. She has an uncommonly good sense of melody, likes minor keys and reverb, and as her guitar chops get better she’ll be someone to keep an eye on . Impatience, anger and frustration find their way into her smartly crafted, mid-80s style lo-fi songs. Catch her on the way up.   

Weds Nov 28 arguably one of the year’s best triple bills with literate, casually alluring janglerocker Paula Carino – a terrific and very funny live performer – at 8, then the equally clever, funny, somewhat theatrical and absolutely must-see Tom Warnick, then Erica Smith & the 99 Cent Dreams (NYC’s bombshell jazzkitten answer to Neko Case, and just as good). 

Thurs Nov 29 Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. plays Otto’s, 8 PM, 2 sets. This retro pre-rockabilly trio look exactly as if they stepped off the stage at the Ryman, 1953, with their matching suits and amusing stage props and play like it, although their lyrics have a contemporary edge and sense of humor.   

Thurs Nov 29 British-American rockers the Bedsit Poets play the Bowery Poetry Club 8:45 PM sharp. Sweeping windswept pastoral anthems, catchy 3-minute 60s pop gems, gorgeous guy/girl harmonies featuring the always captivating Amanda Thorpe and her new gospel guitar.

Fri Nov 30 Jack Grace brings his boisterous, authentic 1960s style country band into Barbes, 8 PM, get there early.  

Also Fri Nov 30 brilliant, utterly original keyboardist Greta Gertler plays the cd release show for her new one Edible Restaurant at Joe’s Pub at 7ish with “culinary audience participation” – assuming that means they have a menu there? The new cd has a very retro feel and is amazing.  


Fri Nov 30 Black Fortress of Opium plays Goodbye Blue Mondays in Bushwick, 9:30 PM. The name is apt: they blend ambient, psychedelic, female-fronted, Siouxsie & the Banshees-influenced, Middle Eastern-inflected art-rock with late 80s style dreampop. They’re big in Boston, home to World Champions. Let them see how tough it is to pull a crowd here in the wilds of Bushwick. But you should go: you might be the only people there.   

Also Fri Nov 30 reliably hilarious ragtime throwback Al Duvall plays Pete’s, 10 PM. Sex figures into most of his totally authentic-sounding, wildly literate, retro songs. As does history, New York City history in particular. And he plays a mean banjo.  

Later Fri Nov 30, 11 PM Purple K’Nif play Lakeside. They’re sort of a shambling, jangling, psychedelic 2-guitar Ohio surf band plays a mix of classic covers and originals. Their big hit seems to be called The Beer Theme and it’s good.   

Fri Nov 30 and Sat Dec 1 Ween at Terminal 5 is SOLD OUT   

Sat Dec 1 it’s another Unsteady Freddy surf show at Otto’s with the sometimes painfully cutesy Tarantinos NYC along with Blue Wave Theory, The Outpatients and Strange But Surf. Should be at least a set worth of good stuff here tonight, maybe a lot more.   

Sun Dec 2 Matt Keating plays downstairs at the Brooklyn Lyceum, time TBA. He looks like a skinnier Jon Papelbon and throws just as hard, lyrically speaking, even if he doesn’t dance. Ask yourself, would you want to face Matt Keating in a key situation in the 9th inning? No way in hell.    

Mon Dec 3 System Noise frontwoman Sarah Mucho stars in her noir sci-fi cabaret show Subterranean Circus at the Duplex, 7 PM, this will sell out fast, adv tix available at the box office. The show – a futuristic cautionary tale – has a throwback early 80s East Village punk rock vibe, and her pianist and accordionist are phenomenal. Imagination rules and rules are meant to be broken. And Mucho’s phenomenal voice might shatter your glass. 

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