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“Concert” Review – Sasha Dobson at Moto, Brooklyn NY 12/19/07

Dobson played solo on amplified acoustic guitar seated on a chair by the door. To their credit, none of the trendoids who frequent this upscale South Williamsburg bistro made her budge from her seat as they walked in (it was a relatively warm night). She’s equally adept at Brazilian samba – a style she’s clearly enamored with – as well as fingerpicked jazz songs. Vocally, the influence is clearly Billie Holiday, through and through although she didn’t overdo it. Which is exactly how to do it if you’re in a Billie mood. It was hard to tell the originals from the covers, which is a compliment. Singing into an old-fashioned ribbon mic, it was impossible to hear her over the crowds of independently wealthy recent postgrads a couple of tables away, which is basically understandable since the food here is so good and word has spread to every trust fund kid and their instant messenger list. We reviewed her set at Banjo Jim’s last spring, opening for Van Hayride – talk about a bizarre segue – and liked it, and it’s nice to see her continue to intrigue with that voice and those songs. You say derivative, I say traditional, a tradition she both respects and fits in with.

December 19, 2007 - Posted by | Live Events, Music, New York City, Reviews

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