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NYC Live Music Calendar for Feb 2008

This month is looking good enough to put even our cynicism out to pasture!


This pages gets updated just about every day so if you didn’t see anything you liked the last time you visited, it couldn’t hurt to check back later in the week.


Every Sunday the Ear-Regulars, led by trumpeter Jon Kellso and guitarist Matt Munisteri play NYC’s only weekly hot jazz session starting around 8 PM at the Ear Inn on Spring St.  Hard to believe, in the city that springboarded the careers of thousands of jazz legends, but true. This is by far the best value in town for marquee-caliber jazz: for the price of a drink and a tip for the band, you can see world-famous players (and brilliant obscure ones) you’d usually have to drop $100 for at some big-ticket room. The material is mostly old-time stuff from the 30s and 40s, but the players (especially Kellso and Munisteri, who have a chemistry that goes back several years) push it into some deliciously unexpected places. Munisteri is also playing an 8 PM residency every Monday through the end of February at Banjo Jim’s, where you can get to hear his brilliantly literate, lyrical original songs. And reportedly he’s playing the Brooklyn Museum on Sun Feb 17 sometime in the afternoon.


Also every Sunday excellent country twangsters Sean Kershaw & the New Jack Ramblers play Hank’s in Brooklyn around 9:30ish, frequently with special guests or a guest band after the previous event, the weekly rock jam, is over. No cover, with free barbecue and sausage. Definitely your best bet if your stomach is empty and you like this sort of thing


Also on Sundays, there are free, 5:15 PM organ recitals at St. Thomas Church. This is a prestige venue for touring organists from around the world, the sonics are spectacularly good and so is the old Skinner organ


Mondays in February (and pretty much every month, when he’s not on tour), Rev. Vince Anderson and his band play Black Betty in Williamsburg, two sets starting around 10:30 PM. The Rev. is one of the great keyboardists around, equally thrilling on organ or electric piano, an expert at Billy Preston style funk, honkytonk, gospel and blues. He writes very funny, very politically astute, frequently salacious original gospel songs and is one of the great live performers of our time. Moist Paula from Moisturizer is the lead soloist on baritone sax


Also Mondays the Barbes house band, Chicha Libre plays there starting around 10:30. They’ve singlehandedly resurrected an amazing subgenre, chicha, which was popular in the Peruvian Amazon in the late 60s and early 70s. With electric accordion, cuatro, surf guitar and a boisterous rhythm section, their mix of obscure classics and originals is one of the funnest, most danceable things you’ll witness this year. Perhaps not so strangely, they sound a lot like Finnish surf rockers Laika and the Cosmonauts in their most imaginative moments.  


Also every Thursday (except for February 28), the brilliant soul duo Dwight & Nicole play Banjo Jim’s at 9:30, with the possibility of a second set later in the evening. He sings, plays soul guitar and has a deep feel for the blues. She’s a percussionist and one of this generation’s best soul singers, a throwback to the 1960s and a master of subtlety.


Mon Feb 4 in case you can’t get to their weekly show in Brooklyn, here’s your chance to catch Sean Kershaw & New Jack Ramblers at Otto’s, 10 PM.



Tues Feb 5 indie rock trio Cementhead rumbles into Mercury Lounge, 9 PM. They’ve made the quantum leap: their catchy, fiery songs have never sounded more catchy or melodic, and their guitarist has an interesting, very individual style, flinging broken chords around like a killer whale with a penguin in its jaws.


Weds Feb 6 the Bedsit Poets play Banjo Jim’s, early, 7:30 PM. The haunting Amanda Thorpe – who’s just come out with her own excellent solo album – on vocals, harmonizing with fellow British expat Edward Rogers. Sunny, catchy 60s style Brit pop, and soaring, windswept pastoral anthems.



Also Weds Feb 6 guitarist Will Scott and drummer Wylie Wirth play authentic acoustic Mississippi hill country blues at 68 Jay St. Bar in Dumbo, 8:30 PM. This isn’t delta blues: it’s hypnotic, trance-inducing and probably a lot of fun for people whose favorite vegetable is green, leafy and can be rolled in a cigar wrapper. Scott is the rare young bluesman whose vocals are just as tasteful and soulful as his guitar playing: if you think Clapton is a real blues cat, stay home.


Also Weds Feb 6 Tennessee siren Jennifer Niceley plays Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village, 9:30 PM. Southern charm, an understated melodic intelligence, equally good at country-inflected pop and torchy soul. If you like Shelby Lynne’s latest stuff, or Eleni Mandell, check her out. She’s also playing Thurs Feb 7 at 7 at the Rockwood. 


Thurs Feb 7, 1 PM in the afternoon, the always adventurous expat Chinese pipa virtuoso Min Xiao-Fen plays with her trio – pipa, guitar and bass at Trinity Church. She’s a big name in world music circles – get here early if you’re going. She’s also playing with a koto player at the Queens Museum of Art on Feb 17 at 2 in the afternoon


Also Thurs Feb 7 Rachelle Garniez plays Barbes, 10 PM as she does the first Thursday of every month. Multi-instrumentalist (accordion, piano and guitar), multi-stylist (saloon blues, psychedelia, various latin styles and lush, beautiful art-rock), and unsurpassed live performer who released the best album we heard all last year. She’s also playing Weill Recital Hall with her mother, the fiery classical pianist Nancy Garniez, along with the Alaria Chamber Ensemble on Feb 14 at 8 PM. If you have to choose one big-ticket show this year, you won’t go wrong with this one.


Also Thurs Feb 7 through Sat Feb 9 Steve Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra feat. Kenny Wollesen (drums), Matt Munisteri (guitar), Peter Apfelbaum (sax), Charlie Burnham (violin), Erik Lawrence (bari sax), Clark Gayton (trumpet), Ben Allison (bass), and Ben Perowsky (drums) are at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $25 ($30 on the weekend). Trumpeter Bernstein was a mainstay of the Tonic scene, a great wit and fine bandleader. This sprawling unit should be good for enough fireworks to justify the cover and a lot more.


Fri Feb 8 Ninth House’s ominous baritone frontman Mark Sinnis does a rare Shaolin show at the Everything Goes Café, 208 Victory Blvd. on the Island (Staten), 10 mins on foot from the ferry,  9 PM. His upcoming album Into an Unhidden Future could be the great Nashville gothic classic that Nick Cave wishes he could do.



Also Fri Feb 8, Jack Grace and his amazingly authentic 1960s style country band squeeze themselves into Barbes, 10 PM. A great chance to see this charismatic showman in a small space where you don’t have to compete with the amateurs from Baruch who pack his regular venue, the Rodeo Bar – which is where he plays on Feb 23 at 10:30 or so if you prefer a bigger space and free peanuts.


Also Fri Feb 8 and Sat Feb 9 the Cannabis Cup Reggae Band plays B.B. King’s, 7 PM, early, celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday. Everybody in the band knows their old-school roots reggae, they have keys and horn section and put on a smoky good show.


Also Fri Feb 8, 1 AM (actually 2/9), Patti Smith’s lead guitarist Lenny Kaye plays Banjo Jim’s. He’s a pantheonic player: he helped invent noise-rock, yet plays with a terseness and searing sense of melody. And the last time this amazing musician played here, it was a rainy night and there was hardly anybody here. So get here early because the crowd won’t stay away twice.


Sat Feb 9, the cover band from hell, Rawles Balls, plays Van Gogh’s Radio Lounge, 9 PM 147 Franklin St. (Greenpoint/India) in Greepoint, G to Greenpoint Ave. if it’s running, L to Bedford and a long walk if it’s not. Go to their myspace and hear their absolutely hysterical mashup of Lyin Eyes by the Eagles. If that’s your cup of tea, it’s just a taste of the twistedness they revel in live.


Also Sat Feb 9 Kristin Hoffmann plays Caffe Vivaldi, 9 PM. Noir cabaret with overt 80s goth leanings, good singer, excellent band behind her. Like a more terse Elysian Fields.



Also Sat Feb 9 an old-school new wave double bill at the Gramercy Theatre, 8 PM. Stranglers frontman/guitarist Hugh Cornwell opens the show followed by the Jam rhythm section, bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler and their band with guitar, keys and vocals. It’s not the Jam, but Foxton is one of the half-dozen or so greatest bassists in rock history, and Buckler is a Keith Moon devotee, and they’ll be playing a ton of classic punk songs. $28 adv tix available at Irving Plaza and probably worth it. 


Also Sat Feb 9 at Barbes at 8 PM it’s Electric Junkyard Gamelan. From the Barbes website: “Original groove driven music played on invented instruments and household objects. Haunting melodies, funky bass lines and layers of danceable interlocking rhythms performed on musical contraptions such as the Rubarp, Sitello, Kachapitar and Terraphone.”  Followed by Bill Carney’s reliably entertaining Jug Addicts at around 9:30.


Also Sat Feb 9, blues singer/guitarist Joe Louis Walker plays Joe’s Pub, 9:30 PM, $20 adv tix available at the box office. A contemporary of Robert Cray, good original songwriter and especially adept at slide guitar. Somebody you should see if that’s your thing.


Also Sat Feb 9 Straight Drive featuring Jen Larson, the most astonishing, haunting voice in bluegrass plays at 10 PM at Banjo Jim’s. Who knew that an architecture historian hailing from Boxford, Massachusetts would have the most authentically eerie West Virginia wail you might ever hear. She writes good songs, and her bandmates are totally old-school, nothing like what you hear on country radio.



Also Sat Feb 9 Simon & the Bar Sinisters play Lakeside, 11 PM. Legendary guitarist who grew up on squatter punk in the 80s, cleaned up his act and became one of the most dazzling surf/rockabilly players out there. And is hilarious live. If you’re lucky he’ll do his version of the Batman theme. Or his ska cover of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.


Sun Feb 10 at 3 PM, the Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Brahms’ famous violin concerto and then Shostakovich’s anguished, vengeful 10th Symphony at Washington Irving HS Auditorium, Iriving Place and 16 th St. (cattycorner from Irving Plaza).  NYC’s best classical music value, a world-class orchestra for just a $15 donation.


Also Sun Feb 10, Amy Allison plays Banjo Jim’s, 7 PM. Hilarious performer, great singer, great songwriter, incorrigible individualist, somewhat iconoclastic. She used to be country – and still can be – and has been writing very dark, haunting stuff lately. Her song Turn Out the Lights was our pick for best of 2007. She’s also playing here on Feb 17 at 7.



Also Sun Feb 10, violinist John Marcus plus members of Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble play classical at 7 PM at Barbes followed by genius gypsy jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel at 9.  Part of Barbes’ monthly classical series, a most welcome development. Wrembel also plays here at 9 on 2/17.


Then on Mon Feb 11, 7 PM at Barbes, it’s Bach Reformed, fiddle player Dana Lyn and tenor guitarist/mandolinist Rob Moose playing original arrangements of J.S. Bach’s Cello Suites and Violin Partitas. Following on the bill are Orchestre de Chambre Miniature fronted by Olivier Manchon, playing his original material, then the deliriously danceable Barbes house band, Chicha Libre. This bill repeats 2/25.


Tues Feb 12 Ian Mitchell of the Bay City Rollers plays the Cutting Room, 7:30 PM. Ssssh, don’t tell, all the aging teenyboppers will show up and crush you! Or, you could go see something interesting instead…


Such as Sarah Mucho’s cabaret show Subterranean Circus at 7 PM at Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W 46 (8/9). Mucho (who also fronts the amazing System Noise) just might be the most spectacular singer in all of rock, a powerhouse with an amazing range and an ability to channel any emotion and give you chills. This show gives her the chance to vary her approach, from quiet and haunting to redline intense, alternating hilarious cabaret rearrangements of songs by Bjork, the Kinks, Neil Young and others along with riveting takes on Tom Waits, Blonde Redhead and Cat Power. Click to hear some live cuts from the show. The Feb 12 performance is at 7 PM; on Weds Feb 13 and Thurs Feb 14 it’s at 9 PM.


Also Tues Feb 12 legendary soul singer Solomon Burke plays B.B. King’s, 8 PM, very pricy $35 adv tix available at the box office. By now he has to be close to eighty, but his pipes are undiminished and his last album, with songs by Elvis Costello and others, is one of his best.


Also Tues Feb 12 The Old Rugged Sauce plays Lakeside, 10 PM. Big guitar-driven band with horns playing very interestingly arranged vocal jazz standards. The kind of show you could take someone who doesn’t like jazz to and by the third song, they’d be singing along.


Also Tues Feb 12 Royal Pine, which is soaring, captivating, absolutely authentic oldtimey singer/ukulele player Robin Aigner’s latest project, plays  Freddy’s, 10 PM. 



Also Tues Feb 12 and Weds Feb 13 brilliant jazz bassist Omer Avital (doubling on oud!) & his new group Band of the East  feat. Avishai Cohen on trumpet play the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30, $20. The muscular four-string guy was one of the real stars who sprung out of the Small’s scene in the 90s and remains just as much a force as ever. Cohen is no slouch either.


Weds Feb 13 Burnt Sugar plays Zebulon, 10 PM. Hopefully they’ll bring all 100 band members or so, outnumber the customers, or at least drown them out. Greg Tate’s sprawling groove orchestra plays absolutely psychedelic, atmospheric, slowly cresendoing one-chord jams and features some of NYC’s best players like Paula Henderson on bari sax and Jared Nickerson on bass.


Valentine’s day, your best bet (if you have the twenty bucks) is Diamanda Galas at the Knitting Factory, two shows at 6:30 and 9:30 PM. Her most recent NYC show saw her doing her classical piano thing, although she’s still liable to morph into Yoko and start screaming for what seems hours on end on a moment’s notice.


Also Valentine’s day, for the haunted, Jan Bell & the Cheap Dates play Barbes, 10 PM. Terrific, authentic country singer and excellent songwriter with some pretty dark material.



Also Valentine’s day, for the cheap and haunted, there’s a free recital featuring a bunch of Juilliard organists at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin on 46th St. between 6/7th Aves. starting around 7. Beautiful old space, beautiful organ and who knows what kind of unexpected treats might await?


Also Valentine’s day, Melomane/Jack Grace Band bassist Daria Grace puts down her four-string and picks up her ukulele for this gig with her uber-romantic oldtimey band the Prewar Ponies at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM


Fri Feb 15 Ellen Foley & the Dirty Old Men play the Cutting Room, 8 PM, where seemingly every aging rocker with a diminishing fan base ends up. Foley is several cuts above: she’s never sung better, she has a good band with some funny new songs and, hell, she’s a genuine historical figure: she sang lead on the great lost Clash record, her 1981 album Spirit of St. Louis.



Also Fri Feb 15 trombonist Josh Roseman leads a big band at the Jazz Gallery, two shows at 9 and 10:30 PM. As a sideman, he’s a melody guy who knows his blues; as a bandleader, he likes to push everybody over the edge and see what screams emanate to the surface.


Also Fri Feb 15 Las Rubias del Norte play Barbes, 10 PM. Are they real South American expats? Or just a bunch of Brooklynites who’ve learned enough charming, harmony-driven pan-American romantic songs to make them as good a choice as the Moonlighters to bring a date to?


Also Fri Feb 15 long-running third-generation ska band the Slackers play Luna, 11 PM. Their International War Criminal ep, released before the election was stolen from Kerry, is one of the most powerful anti-Bush albums made to date. Their horns and keys and percussion give them an old-school flavor that would make the Skatalites proud. They’re equally adept at soul and blues. 


Also Fri Feb 15 Demolition String Band plays Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. Like X doing their country stuff: energetic harmonies, purist musicianship, killer electric bluegrass guitar and a hot new album out.


Also Fri Feb 15, Sharon Jones plays the Beacon, 8 PM, $25 adv tix onsale now. The greatest female soul singer of our generation, over fifty now and at the absolute peak of her power. She can wail like nobody else but ultimately subtlety and seduction are her thing.


Also Fri Feb 15 Supertones spinoffs Mr. Action & the Boss Guitars play tasteful, twangy, well-chosen surf songs and instrumental versions of 60s hits at Lakeside, 11 PM


Also Fri Feb 15, 1 AM (actually the wee hours of 2/16) delta blues genius Lenny Molotov plays Rockwood Music Hall. A great lyricist with a fiery political sensibility, and one of the best guitarists of our time, who also plays lead in Randi Russo’s band. His own stuff is just as good.



Sat Feb 16 Brock Mumford, which is Matt Munisteri and accordionist Will Holshouser’s brilliant original vocal jazz group plays 7 PM at the auditorium at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, $10 cover, $7 students/seniors.



Also Sat Feb 16 at 8 PM the Chelsea Symphony plays a diverse program including Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet, the Bach Double Concerto for Oboe and Violin and Haydn’s 88th Symphony (which must be a typo – this guy wrote 88 symphonies?) at St. Paul’s Church, 315 W 22nd St. The program repeats at 3 PM on Sun Feb 17.




Also Sat Feb 16, an interesting bill at Southpaw: at 8:30 PM, The Scene Is Now. Get your hand stamped after they’ve finished, go out and have a donut or a beer somewhere else, then come back around 11:30, after Dump and then ancient Lynyrd Skynyrd wannabes Antietam have left the stage to see Nick Cave percussionist Jim Sclavunos’ captivating noir cabaret band the Vanity Set who go on around 11:30.


Also Sat Feb 16 hilarious, authentic oldtimey ragtime banjo player/songwriter Al Duvall – one of the great dirty minds in music right now – opens for the sometimes painfully precious, sometimes rousing vintage vocal jazz act Cangelosi Cards at Banjo Jim’s, 10 PM.


Also Sat Feb 16 Dylan Nirvana, who is something of the missing link between the Smiths and Johnny Thunders plays with his band at the Parkside, 11:30 PM


Also Sat Feb 16 long-running first-wave Boston garage revivalists the Lyres play  Midway, 11 PM. Who knows how much gas frontman/organist Jeff Connolly has left in his tank at this point, but at one time they were just about the best garage band other than the Fleshtones.



Also Sat Feb 16, NYC’s answer to X, Spanking Charlene plays Lakeside, 11 PM. Very funny band with an exceptionally powerful lead singer and a really good album out as well.


Also Sat Feb 16, 10 PM, blues guitarist/singer Johnny Allen plays Terra Blues on Bleecker St., upstairs. He’s the real deal. If you can’t afford guys like B.B. King but you love real, old-school Chicago blues, this is your guy. Terrifically good singer and a dangerous lead guitarist as well. He’s also playing here on 2/26 at 10.


Sun Feb 17 there’s a memorial show to benefit the family of the late, brilliant guitarist/steel player Drew Glackin at Southpaw, probably starting around 3 PM featuring bands he played with, was friends with or helped out in some regard. To demonstrate how much of an impact this guy made, here’s the schedule: 

3:00 – 3:25 Demolition String Band

3:30 – 3:40 Jack Grace and Pierre de Gaillande of Melomane acoustic

3:40 – 4:05 Vtamin D

4:10 – 4:20 Amy Allison and Pete Galub acoustic

4:20 – 4:45 A Don Piper Situation

4:45 – 5:00 Dave Rappaport, Steve Salett, and Paul Megna w/DPS

5:05 – 5:15 Stephen Clair acoustic

5:15 – 5:40 Maynard and the Musties

5:45 – 5:55 Emily Duff acoustic

5:55 – 6:20 Feathermerchants

6:25 – 6:35 Dan Weddle acoustic

6:35 – 7:00 Mary McBride

7:05 – 7:15 Chip Robinson acoustic

7:15 – 7:40 Quarry Hill

7:40 – 7:45 Steve Tagliere w/ Quarry Hill

7:50 – 7:55 Bruce Martin w/ Tandy

7:55 – 8:20 Tandy

8:25 – 8:35 Lenny Kaye acoustic?

8:35 – 8:45 Syd Straw acoustic?

8:50 – 9:15 The Silos

9:15 – 9:20 Mary Lee Kortes w/The Silos

9:25 – 9:35 Kevn Kinney acoustic

9:35 – 10:00 Jack Grace Band

10:05 – 10:10 Amanda Dora acoustic

10:10 – 10:35 Brad Roberts

10:35 – 11:00 Chris Mills

Also Sun Feb 17 scorching, murderously haunting surf rockers the Coffin Daggers roar into Maxwell’s, 9 PM.


Tues Feb 19 the Perceptionists, who are Akrobatik & Mr. Lif throw down some excellent hip-hop lyrics at Highline Ballroom, probably around 11, adv tix $18 at the box office. If you think conscious, politically charged hip-hop is strictly for melanin-challenged limousine liberals, guess again: these guys will send you out into the street with a renewed sense of passion.


Weds Feb 20, 8 PM former Come and Steve Wynn lead guitarist Chris Brokaw plays the Tap Bar at the Knitting Factory, of all places. One of the great players of our time, a riveting, understated fan of minor keys and eerie passing tones and no slouch as a songwriter either.



Also Weds Feb 20, 10:20 PM (that’s twenty after ten, not ten thirty), brilliant Moonlighters frontwoman Bliss Blood plays an extremely rare solo set – on ukelele, one would imagine, but maybe she’ll bring out the singing saw for this one – followed by noir accordionist Marni Rice at Laila Lounge. A night of mini-sets, it seems: these two back to back make a killer segue.


Thurs Feb 21 Makota Nakura plays works by Villa-Lobos, Bach and Bartok solo on marimba at 1 PM at Trinity Church. Wow. Could be a real cool lunch break.


Also Thurs Feb 21 Soul Cycle plays Frank’s Cocktail Lounge, 660 Fulton St (corner of Lafayette) in Brooklyn, time TBA, take any train to Atlantic Ave. Soul/jazz/funk instrumentals featuring keys and flute. If the Crusaders’ vintage 70s stuff is your thing –before they went Lite FM – you’ll like these guys.


Also Thurs Feb 21 sultry female-fronted powerpop band Sputnik play Lit, 9 PM. Purist 60s songwriting, purist musicianship and a frontwoman who’s really come into her own as a captivating bandleader. 


Also Thurs Feb 21, 11 PM the Big Sleep play their cd release show at Mercury Lounge.Dense, pounding, strangely slamdanceable feedback-driven guitar/bass/drums instrumentals. Like My Bloody Valentine as played by Joy Division right before the end.


Fri Feb 22 Laura Cantrell leaves the baby at home and does what has lately become a rare live show at Union Hall at 9. This is a small place, get there early. She still does plenty of the country stuff that she made her mark with, and her Americana rock is just as effective a vehicle for that amazing, Kitty Wells-influenced voice.


Fri Feb 22 Julie Brown is at Joe’s Pub, 9:30 PM, $25 adv tix available at the box office. She did that hilarious Madonna parody Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful back in the 90s. Before that she did comedy and a hilarious pre-Columbine novelty song called The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun.


Also Fri Feb 22 Tandy plays Lakeside, 11 PM. Forget the days when they were NYC’s answer to Wilco – these days they rock a lot harder, with a lot more melody.


Also Fri Feb 22 authentic country hellraiser Zane Campbell – who pioneered alt-country here in NYC ten years before it became all the rage – is at Rodeo Bar, 11 PM


Sat Feb 23 Hazmat Modine plays an early show at Terra Blues, 7 PM. These rustic psychedelic twin blues-harp driven madmen are huge in Europe and Russia, mixing New Orleans blues, klezmer, gypsy dances and even reggae into an habanero-fueled stew. One of the most exhilarating live bands around. 


Also Sat Feb 23,Washington DC blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff plays Lucille’s Bar next to B.B. King’s, 8 PM, free. For a guy who plays a lot of notes, he sure makes them count, like late-period Stevie Ray Vaughan, but with funk rather than Southern rock as his fallback place. Not sure if this is an acoustic or electric show.



Also Sat Feb 23 there’s a memorial concert for Ron Ardito from the Shirts at Freddy’s featuring Brooklyn’s own man in black, John Pinamonti at 9 PM followed by the Shirts and then the always boisterously fun improvisers Plastic Beef – featuring the killer rhythm section from Liza & the WonderWheels – at 11.



Sun Feb 24 fiery Gretsch guitar-driven rockabilly/surf trio Catspaw is at Otto’s, 8 PM, just as fun and subtly amusing as ever.



Also Sun Feb 24 our favorite brand-new band the Lost Crusaders play their debut performance at Magnetic Field starting at 10. It’s a bunch of A-list Brooklyn rockers playing authentic, ecstatic, passionate 1960s style gospel with guitar and keys. These guys’ forthcoming album is amazing. If you like Rev. Vince Anderson you’ll love the Lost Crusaders.



Mon Feb 25 twisted Van Halen cover band Van Hayride – who pride themselves on their covers of “David Lee Roth ONLY” Van Halen – play Rodeo Bar,  10:30 PM, the country ham himself, Jack Grace doing his best inebriated David Lee impersonation.


Weds Feb 27 superb, song-driven jazz quintet the Flail play Fat Cat 72 Christopher St.,  8:30 PM. They excel at everything from bop to torchy blues vamps, but it’s their original tunes that will knock your lights out.


Thurs Feb 28, 8 PM, a benefit at Barbes for saxophonist/composer Andrew D’Angelo who suffered a major seizure while driving in Brooklyn. Tests in the hospital revealed a large tumor in his brain. D’Angelo successfully underwent surgery last week, but more will probably be necessary. Like many Americans, Andrew has no health insurance. A fund has been established to help with the costs of his surgery and recovery. Barbes’ benefit features the Jessica Pavone and Mary Halvorson duo, Laura Cromwell’s Queen Moonracer and the Trevor Dunn and Shelley Burgon duo and more tba. Donations can also be sent via PayPal at Outsider jazzcats, unite.


Fri Feb 29 at 8 PM at Symphony Space, Syrian expats the Arabesque Music Ensemble plays songs by al-Fursan at-Talatha (“The Three Musketeers”) highlighting three great composers who wrote for Umm Kulthum: Muhammad al-Qasabji, Zakariyya Ahmad, and Riyad al-Sunbati, adv tix $29 at the World Music Institute box office and worth it. The ensemble is absolutely brilliant; be aware that they’re going to sing this instead of bringing along a standin for Umm Kulthum. Which is just as well since she was the great pantheonic singer of the 20th century Arab world.  

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