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The Five Points Band at Rodeo Bar, NYC 5/28/08

The Five Points Band’s myspace is intriguing: one of the songs there is a considerably funny, tongue-in-cheek ripoff of the B-52’s Strobe Light. From the rest of what’s there, they seemed to be a ghoulabilly parody band. Live, they dress cowpunk although they’re really more bluespunk, equal parts Uncle Leon & the Alibis, Jon Spencer, ZZ Top and the Cramps. Although everything they do sounds pretty much like something you’ve heard before, ultimately they win you over because they’re fun. While the trio’s guitarist was retuning, the bass player launched into Anitra’s Dance from the Peer Gynt Suite, which was amusing. Did she learn it from ELO or the Who? The odds are on Entwhistle & co.

Almost predictably, the drummer had a cowbell. “What’s the cure for cowbell? MORE COWBELL!” yelled the guitarist, to the audience’s equally predictable delight. Alternating between a couple of vintage Les Paul guitars, he proved more than adept at both sludgy, somewhat Stonesy country and gowling, distorted open-tuned blues, and effortlessly tossed off a Middle Eastern-style solo at one point. The bassist proved a better singer than a player, but a better player than the guy who came out of the audience to take over bass when she moved to the mic to sing gospel harmonies on several songs. She took over lead vocals on one pounding number and did a decent job in a Nancy Sinatra kind of way. Another song, sung by the guitarist chronicled the adventures of a gingerbread man in Chinatown: that pretty much tells you what the band is about, if anything. The drummer also contributed vocals. Given the venue and the time of night, past eleven, it was the perfect place for them to be. Although it wouldn’t be a stretch to see them headlining a Friday night at Trash Bar. The redoubtable Jason Marcucci – who could make the inside of a sixty foot steel trailer sound good – was behind the board, providing an excellent mix right from the start of their first set. He seemed to be the only person in the place taking what he does seriously, but that’s ok, the band seemed to be having a great time and it rubbed off on the audience. The more you drink, the better they probably sound. There’s always a need for bands like this.

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  1. This review is pretty amusing and right on in some spots. Knowing the band pretty well I can attest that the bass player listens to Peer Gynt weekly and though Kate Pierson is a friend, the B-52’s have nothing to do with what this band is about. Keep attending Five Points shows and allow their incredible vision to open up your vistas.

    Comment by Sweetbryar | July 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. Great band and lots of fun.
    I’d love to catch them again…

    Comment by bulltoker | April 20, 2009 | Reply

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