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Photo Review: Jill Gewirtz at Greenwich Village Bistro

An intriguing collection of photos, mixing stark black-and-white shots with colorful reverse-image Polaroid and xerox transfers, many of them imbued with the photographer’s characteristically surreal, utterly unique wit. The black-and-whites are pretty much straight up, including a couple of nice shots of acoustic guitars (Gewirtz, also a songwriter, performs under the name Just Jill and has as couple of cds out which are as often laugh-out-loud funny as her visual art). The best is an absolutely striking sky view, a tenement fire escape running along the far left margin.


Along the back wall of the bar are three 3-D pieces, dioramas of sorts: the homage to vodka is very amusing. The Polaroid and xerox transfers all have a somewhat rustic, soft-focus feel, casual and candid views of a banana vendor on the street, women in vintage bathing suits coming out of the waves and an overhead shot of a woman paddling a canoe. There’s also a strangely funny “Ode to Man Ray” along with a two-part piece setting a bicycle atop a group of goldfish, a possible play on the adage “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Gewirtz insists it wasn’t deliberate. Everything on display here is ridiculously cheap, considering today’s prices, all under $200.


And a shout-out to the Greenwich Village Bistro (13 Carmine St., across from the little park where Carmine meets Sixth Ave.) for having the good taste to put up the show, which runs through the middle of July. Swing by the next time you’re in the West Village, have a glass of wine or a snack and enjoy the ambience

June 11, 2008 - Posted by | Art, Reviews

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