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Bad Cop Gives Good Cop the Blues

Good Cop and Bad Cop had an argument about which show to review last night.

Good Cop: Your assignment is the Ted Leo show at Castle Clinton.

Bad Cop: No fucking way. See this sunburn? You wanna know where I got it?

Good Cop: I know, Pier 1, the accordion festival last week.

Bad Cop: That’s right. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice…what did Bush say?

Good Cop: Don’t be a wimp. You’ve gone through worse for a story before.

Bad Cop: Ain’t that the truth! And I’m sick of it. I could review the organ concert this afternoon…

Good Cop: Nobody wants to read another organ concert review. Maybe in the fall. C’mon, you’ll be late.

Bad Cop: I’m not going. I’d rather go see Duke Robillard instead.

Good Cop: He’s old! None of the kids know who he is.

Bad Cop: My point exactly! Ted Leo’s a popular indie rocker, everybody knows him, he needs a Lucid Culture review like he needs a hole in the head.

Good Cop: But he’ll get us hits, the review will generate traffic. Come on.

Bad Cop: I’d go if you got me on the list. But did you get me on the list? NOOOOO. If this was so important, why didn’t you get me on the list?

Good Cop: There’s no way I could have, we’re nobody to Ted Leo’s record label.

Bad Cop: Then don’t expect me to review it. I don’t understand it. You can get me into any club in town and you can’t get me into a free show at a city park.

Good Cop: Come on, take one for the team.

Bad Cop: I’m not standing in line for an hour in the hot sun with a bunch of trendoids.

Good Cop: You’d rather stand in the hot sun with a bunch of yuppies then?

Bad Cop: Yuppies don’t smell as bad. Besides, how many blues shows have we covered?

Good Cop: OK, ok, just don’t be upset when nobody reads your review.

Bad Cop: You think I’m not used to that?

With that, Bad Cop poured an entire bottle of red wine into his thermos and huffed out the door. His report follows on the next page.

July 17, 2008 - Posted by | blues music, concert, Music, music, concert, Rant, rock music

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