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Best Congressional Speech of the Year – Maybe the Decade

Here’s legendary prosecutor and Helter Skelter author Vincent Bugliosi testifying before Congress, urging the prosecution of George W. Bush for murder (the title of Bugliosi’s impassioned new book). Bugliosi- one of the most fair-minded people you will find anywhere, a maverick who supported John McCain in 2000, and a man who wouldn’t bring anything to trial unless it was ironclad – provides a passionate but irrefutable case against Bush and his cronies. This ranks with the US Army’s Joseph Welch’s “have you no decency” rejoinder to Joe McCarthy as one of the great Congressional moments.


Note the Bush operatives trying to shush Bugliosi before he drives his point home.

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Best Speech of the DNC

While you were at work, or at school, or doing whatever, 4 PM Tuesday, Dennis Kucinich gave the best speech of the entire convention. Five minutes and fifty seconds of brilliant, lyrical relevance. The only network who broadcast this was C-Span. If you aren’t fired up about Obama already, you will be after seeing this.

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