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A Vote for Obama Is a Vote Against Walmart

Yet another persuasive reason to vote for Obama.

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Art Review: Walk-Ins Welcome at Umbrella Arts, NYC

It’s unclear how long this exhibit will be open (the gallery website doesn’t say, and although the opening was this past Thursday, there’s a new show going up on 9/11), but if you’re around the East Village this weekend this is very much worth checking out. As usual, it’s a group show with a whole smorgasbord of paintings and other visuals, some of it very good.


Linda Griggs steals the show with her oil Cheating the Bat, a gently pretty, soft-focus midnight blue twilight scene featuring bats, one of them in hot pursuit of a bright orange Cheeto. Richard Sandler has a totally Diane Arbus style photo of an old woman resolutely holding onto the center pole at the back of a car on the old CC train, most likely taken in the 70s. Remember that one? Breaking Silence, a mixed media work by Dianne Bowen provocatively spills white wax over a sharply threatening bunch of nails and wire. Robert Garey’s black-and-white photo Shepard’s Bread may have been posed, or maybe not, but either way the scruffy old guy in the baseball hat holding a tall can of Bud in a paper bag is an indelible image. Juri Morioka’s clever painting Night Walkers is a brightly surreal, focus-shifting, slightly cubist street view dabbled with pawprints.


Jill Gewirtz has another one of her sharp black-and-white photos up, this one an East Village parking lot behind barbwire, the building behind it festooned with signs reading BAST. Shelley Haven’s oil Merchants Mill Pond is a bright yet gritty shore scene; Theresa Valla’s deliberately roughhewn collage The Moon Still Glorious depicts a woman laden down with nails, her shadowy construction paper form lugging them by moonlight. A good, diverse representation of talent. Umbrella Arts is at 317 E 9th St. between 1st and 2nd Ave., open Thursday through Sunday 1PM – 6PM.

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