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New Rules for New Orleans

As Ray Nagin said, we’ve learned a lot from Katrina. Here’s what residents of that poor city have to look forward to this time around:


Only Halliburton employees, or employees of other corporate mercenary firms, will be allowed to participate in looting.


Anyone who gets on the bad side of Halliburton personnel or other mercenaries may be summarily executed. Those not executed will be sentenced indefinitely to Angola State Prison without trial.  This includes New Orleans police, fire and emergency services personnel and National Guard soldiers as well as survivors awaiting rescue.


The Superdome will not be open this time around: anyone seeking shelter inside may be summarily executed.


Any homeowners or displaced persons unwilling to be fingerprinted and processed through the criminal justice system will not be allowed to receive any government aid after the storm, no matter how dire the circumstance.


Real estate speculators are encouraged to visit and bid on destroyed property after the storm recedes. The same applies to casino and upscale resort proprietors.


Louisiana state residents can look forward to a tax increase to pay the profits made by Halliburton or other mercenary companies occupying New Orleans after the hurricane.


No private citizens, other than employees of Halliburton or other corporate mercenary firms, will be allowed near the movie set built for the visit from President Bush after the storm, created to give the illusion that the city isn’t a waterlogged wasteland.


Only employees of Goldman, Sachs & Co. (whose former CEO is now Treasury Secretary) will be allowed to sell short any stock that could be adversely affected by the hurricane.


For the second time in three years, New Orleans will serve as a test case to see how American citizens react when Constitutional law is suspended and law enforcement is put into the hands of for-profit corporations. 

August 31, 2008 - Posted by | Politics, Rant

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