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Concert Review: The Brooklyn What at Don Pedro’s, Brooklyn NY 9/19/08

Their most recent gig was the best rock show we’d witnessed all year long: a fluke? No. At Don Pedro’s Friday night they battled through all sorts of trouble, none of it their own making, and to the extent they could, they slayed. And they did it with an almost totally different set. For a band that’s only been together as a fulltime unit for about six months, the Brooklyn What  really hit the ground running. Their fan base is nothing if not devoted: when it became obvious that their Les Paul player’s input on his amp was shot, not one, not two, but three volunteers came out of the crowd, each taking turns holding his guitar cable so it wouldn’t slip out of place. Frontman Jamie Frey was out of his shirt in about five minutes, jumping and bounding all over the place as usual, but their Telecaster player was the star of this one. He’s good now and he’ll be sensational if he keeps playing. The guy has a seriously vicious surf edge, furiously chopping his chords with his reverb turned all the way up.


This time they opened with an ominous, pounding minor-key punk anthem evocative of the Dead Boys, blasted through a sort of oi-punk number with Frey leading the band in a roaring call-and-response, then brought the volume down with a surprisingly funky, upbeat song and an evil, minor-key 6/8 blues with echoes of the early Stooges. Of the stuff they played at their previous show, they blazed through a punked-out version of the Kinks’ garage classic I’m Not Like Everybody Else, a pummeling version of their big crowd-pleaser, the snide anti-trendoid broadside I Don’t Wanna Go to Williamsburg, and eventually the catchy but equally snarling, sarcastic The In Crowd. The only problem was that the vocals were barely audible (not that Frey wasn’t roaring at top volume). Don Pedro’s is a great place but…memo to soundman: there is NO NEED to mic the drums in that room. The Brooklyn What’s next gig is at Fat Baby on Oct 2 at 10. Go see them now before it costs you twice as much at some big batcave, bands this fun only come along every few years.


September 22, 2008 - Posted by | Live Events, Music, New York City, Reviews

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  1. That show was a really awesome. Can’t wait for the next one!

    Comment by Jessica | September 22, 2008 | Reply

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