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The Debate As Ballgame

Early innings:

McCain comes out swinging. Obama can’t find his rhythm, can’t get loose. Everything he throws is hittable. McCain has obvious holes in his swing but Obama can’t find them and McCain takes him deep, again and again. The elephant in the room is the war issue, which instead of coming in and rescuing Obama, sits on the bench and waits. The umpiring (closeted rightwing operative Jim Lehrer) is atrocious: McCain gets every call but not Obama. McCain 6, Obama 0.


Middle innings:

“The surge is working.” Yeah, right. Households around the country sneer derisively. McCain has the chance to distance himself from Bush but doesn’t. Obama is still stiff but he’s making sense, chipping away until the score is tied.


Eighth inning:

McCain, tiring, can’t keep up on the economy. Obama finally launches one deep into the bleachers. Then another, and another. Can he hold on? Obama 10, McCain 6.


Top of the ninth:

Obama finally brings up the war, but only in passing and won’t come up again. McCain, throwing junk, still manages to induce weak swings from Obama, who leaves them loaded.


Bottom of the ninth:

A couple of questionable calls from the umpire set up a big inning, but Obama doesn’t help himself and can’t/won’t make the big pitch. The war issue rests in the bullpen, watching and waiting. Final score: McCain 11, Obama 10. Shaky McCain goes the distance on the phony populist tip; Obama comes across as every bit the aloof Harvard grad that he may very well actually be, and whom McCain desperately wants you to believe he is.


By the time we get a second debate, the depression will really be in full swing. Will McCain stick to the script? Will Obama finally take the bat off his shoulder? Stay tuned.

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