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Introducing The Alltime Top 666

Starting 9/29/08, every day for the next 666 days Lucid Culture will be featuring one of the alltime 666 best songs we’ve discovered. We’ll keep it updated at the top of the front page while we get the whole thing up online, one song at a time. Originally conceived as a way to look busy at work while searching for new job (memo to bosses: this is what happens when you downsize), we’ve kept it updated since. Obviously, there’s no way any kind of list like this could be anything close to definitive (this one doesn’t include jazz or classical, for example): you could undoubtedly put together something like this yourself and it would be every bit as good. Let’s also hope you never find yourself in a position to do it. This is strictly for fun, and to help spread the word about some great stuff you may not have discovered. At least until now.



We begin the countdown with a particularly appropriate choice for  #666:

Twin Turbine – Susquehanna

Darkly intense, backbeat-driven anthem that recasts eastern Pennsylvania as Twin Peaks territory. Frontman Dave Popeck’s eerie, percussive chords as the verse builds to the chorus are a high point in New York rock history. From the album Jolly Green Giant.

September 29, 2008 - Posted by | Lists - Best of 2008 etc., Music

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