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Comedy Review: Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, 10/2/08

Trembling, fidgeting, her face a rictus of anxiety and contempt for the very people she needs to vote for her, Sarah Palin was clearly scared shitless. It was almost enough to humanize her. But not quite. Last night she came across about as authentic as a Chinatown Rolex. Not that Joe Biden seemed like anything other than the Washington insider that he is and has been for many years. Relaxed and confident in his alpha-male role, he pretty much phoned in his lines, although that was sufficient. Conventional wisdom was that if he could avoid condescending to Palin’s vacuousness, this would be an easy victory, and for once the conventional wisdom was right on the money.


“I may not answer the questions as the moderator wants to hear,” she rebuffed Gwen Ifill, sticking to her script like a talking Barbie doll, changing the subject on a jarring note whenever she didn’t feel like responding. But Ifill got even. When the gay marriage question came up and Palin made the gaffe of trying to disown her own homophobic disingenuousness, Ifill cut her off. “So the two of you agree!” she told the candidates. Biden kept a poker face.


When Biden let slip that he supports using taxpayer money to bail out the hedge funds and the speculators, Palin could have creamed him – just like McCain, she’d played faux-populist on-and-off all night – but totally missed her cue. Apparently it wasn’t in her script. Biden’s lone silly moment was referring to Bosnians as “Bozniaks.” Palin said “nucular” five times, referred to“eye-rack” over and over again (although she did get “Ahmedinejad” right twice) and announced that “more and more revelation, made aware to Americans.” The way she brushed off the failures of the Bush regime was just plain transparent: “There have been huge blunders as there have been throughout every administration.” Otherwise, the debate was a real letdown, at least as far as comedy is concerned.


Palin finally got on the scoreboard late in the debate by pointing out that Biden, like every other chickenshit mainstream Dem, had voted for the Iraq war and also for the Patriot Act. She also took him to task by quoting some of the snide things he’d said about Obama during the millisecond before Biden’s presidential campaign ran out of gas. Biden’s lone moment of real courage was when responding to the issue of expanding Vice Presidential power. Reaffirming his commitment to letting Obama run the Executive branch, he noted that “Cheney’s been the most dangerous Vice President in US history.” The crowd watching the debate had been told not to applaud, but his observation drew a clearly audible murmur of approval.


Looking forward to January 20, 2009.

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  1. Bosniak is the correct term.

    Comment by Len | October 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. just goes to show how many Bosniaks any of us know. thanks for the correction.

    Comment by delarue | October 4, 2008 | Reply

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