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DId anybody notice how clear the streets were last night? Coming home from Lakeside, down Avenue A, there wasn’t a Humvee limo to be seen anywhere. For that matter there were no limos whatsoever. The omnipresent gaggle of well-dressed, nervous New Jersey tourists blabbing on their cell phones at the corner of Essex and “Hewston” were nowhere in sight. By the time we reached Stanton, there were only a handful of tourists, and the steady parade of yellow cabs was also conspicuously absent. It was almost enough to warrant a detour and a stop by Max Fish for a drink (haven’t done that in awhile, have you? It’s been months, maybe years for us).

Does this mean we’re getting our city back? Instead of this being the worst possible time to be in New York, maybe it’s the best. Could this be the start of something really good…or just wishful thinking?

October 18, 2008 - Posted by | New York City, Rant

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  1. I noticed this on Sat. nite also, when walking down Ludlow. I think they vanish as the temperature drops. After all, if you can’t parade around in your halter dress and heels without a jacket on, what can you do?

    By the way, the Diane Cluck that nite at Joe’s Pub show was exquisite.

    Comment by elisaf | October 20, 2008 | Reply

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