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Song of the Day 10/27/08

The secret is out: one of the reasons why we’re counting down the top 666 songs here, one a day til we get to #1, is that it means that there’s at least one small new thing here every single day. The ever-growing top 666 list is at the top of the page to your right. It was a busy weekend, lots to report, and a new NYC live music calendar for November coming in the next few days. Til then here’s #638:

Sham 69 – Hey Little Rich Boy

Classic punk rock from the UK, 1977, with a 60s garage feel. Lead player Dave Parsons turns in one of his characteristically incisive, all-too-brief solos behind Jimmy Pursey’s antagonistic vocals. Put this on a ghetto blaster, crank it and walk down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg (or Portobello Road in London). The best-sounding version, of course, is on the band’s first vinyl album, Tell Us the Truth; mp3s can be ripped from the usual sites.

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Song of the Day 10/26/08

Every day we add a new song to the alltime top 666 (at the top of the page, to your right), counting them down all the way to #1. Today’s song is #639:

The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense, Peppermints

A strange and beautiful coincidence of terseness and over-the-top 60s excess by these veteran LA jazzcats trying to cash in on psychedelic rock like just about everybody else was doing in 1967. “Who cares what games we choose/Little to win and nothing to lose.” Yeah, whatever. But the song’s Farfisa, and that bassline, are killer. Available for the taking at all the usual places online; if you’ve got the equipment, you could even tape something nice and analog off your local oldies radio station. Or look for an Erica Smith bootleg: her band used to do an amusingly deadpan version (the drummer sang!).

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