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CD Review: Andrew Vladeck – The Magnet EP

Talented, popular Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist plying the oldtimey circuit. On this ep he shows off a fervently lyrical style over sparse, tasteful, mostly acoustic instrumentation. Andrew Vladeck packs a lot of words into a phrase in an almost hip-hop vein, with more than a little nod of the head to Dylan (specifically the fun, freewheeling, early Dylan). The five tracks here range from fast and fierce to slower and more contemplative. Hold Me Back is an up-to-the-minute frustration anthem lamenting the wretched state of the world: “Hard to sit here and watch them run us off the track…somebody better hold me back.”


You Can’t Kill Time is a dark, open tuned banjo blues, slide guitar ringing ominously in the background as Vladeck recounts the stark tale of a trip to nowhere. Magnet follows, a dexterously fingerpicked acoustic ballad and then the cd’s best cut, Chinatown. It starts off slow, eerily plinking banjo intro over slide guitar and eventually gets marvelously intricate, even psychedelic, with something of a Blonde on Blonde lyrical feel. The most rustic of the cuts here, The 21st Century is a bitter meditation on aging, death and soldiers gone off to war. Uncompromising as this album may be, it’s a very accessible cd: it could sneak its way into a lot of Jack Johnson fans’ hearts, a stealthy victory for smart songwriting.

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