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Didn’t tell you about our little experiment, did we. We’ve promised you a new front page here every day, but over the last few weeks we’ve been doing double duty now and again so we could take some time off and see what would happen if we completely stopped writing here for a few days. Answer: traffic was down, but then half the country was either drunk or traveling. So before we disappear completely off the radar, here are those songs from our ever-growing alltime top 666 songs list that we didn’t put up over the last few days so we can resume the countdown, working all the way down to #1:


582. Graham Parker – Disney’s America

The lone good cut on the uncharacteristically weak 1995 album 12 Haunted Episodes is one of Parker’s most beautifully savage. Inspired by a plan to rip up the Virginia countryside to build a Disney theme park, Parker recounts a metaphor-laden tale of a romance that went sour and “drifted like runoff into the Chesapeake Bay:”


You can’t get too excited

You can’t get too enthused

From Dismal Land to the Tragic Mountain

We are not amused


Available at all the usual places. The link here is a nice solo acoustic version on youtube.


581. The Outnumbered – Boy on a Roof

One of the first out gay rockers, future Pansy Division frontman Jon Ginoli got his start playing generic janglerock with this band… this deliriously catchy, reverb-fueled gem with one of the sweetest reverb guitar solos ever is an exception. Originally issued on the Battle of the Garages Vol. 1 lp in 1984; most of the usual sites have the mp3. Parasol has a cd reissue of the 1985 album Surveying the Damage, which also includes this track.


580. Des Roar – Ted Bundy Was a Ladies Man

Gleeful, savagely cynical, pounding anthem by this great New York garage/punk band. As defiantly un-PC as Son of Sam by the Dead Boys, 2008 style. We had this song on the Lucid Culture myspace for months because we never got sick of it. From their demo ep and also available at the band’s myspace.


579. Joni Mitchell – Harry’s House/Centerpiece

Literally the centerpiece of the vastly underrrated 1975 Hissing of Summer Lawns lp, this excoriating dismissal of yuppie smugness and status-grubbing is as potent today as it was then.


578. The Notorious BIG  – The Long Kiss Goodnight

The most chilling thing about Biggie Smalls’ writing was that he could see his death coming a mile away; it’s all over side four of Life After Death. This sinister, antagonistic gangsta number finds the man who was arguably the greatest hip-hop lyricist of alltime at the absolute top of his game. At any of the file-trading sites.


577. The Dead Kennedys – Terminal Preppie

This backhanded hardcore punk anti-yuppie puppy broadside resonates today just as much as it did 25 years ago. Except maybe substitute Dave Matthews for the Springsteen reference? From the classic 1983 Plastic Surgery Disasters album.

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  1. AAARGH. 12 Haunted episodes is the second best American album EVER. After Basement tapes. You got the best song right….but will you ever learn what you missed?

    Comment by Bellboy | January 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. if you like that one you should hear Songs of No Consequence from 2005; stay tuned and you’ll see something from that one here soon 🙂

    Comment by lc | January 9, 2009 | Reply

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