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CD Review: Any Day Parade

Any Day Parade are way fun. Fronted by a woman who goes by the name of Tree (for Teresa, maybe? Just guessing…) and sings with a casual, warm, upbeat southern charm, they play a catchy, rousing, smartly crafted blend of oldschool, 60s style country and clanging, jangly rock spiced with boisterous, tuneful lead guitar wherever they can squeeze it in. Everything they do has a delirious late-night feel, i.e. they all sound like they’re half in the bag but they’re having a great time and it’s absolutely irresistible if sometimes a little bit sloppy – but you wouldn’t want it slick and soulless now, would you?


Five songs on their new ep: Hold on Me has one of the guys in the band singing with soaring harmonies from Tree. It’s a fast, blazing country shuffle, suddenly dropping down to just the acoustic guitar, then exploding with more electric frenzy. I’ve Had Time is also fast, with a backbeat: it wouldn’t be out of place on a Demolition String Band album. Broken Lamps is a surprisingly dark, fast backbeat blues that brings to mind the Walkabouts during their long Americana phase throughout the 90s. Good Mornin Darlin is a little quieter with gorgeous vocals over sweet soaring steel guitar; Miss You features artsy, somewhat psychedelic lead guitar and an especially fetching lead vocal. As with everything else they do, the interplay between the guitars is intricate and nothing if not tasteful: although both guys play a lot of notes, they don’t waste any and that’s a rare quality. Everything here sounds like it was recorded live; if this is any indication, they ought to be a killer live band. CDs are available at shows; the band has a considerably deeper repertoire, as a listen to some rough mixes of their latest stuff bears out. Any Day Parade play O’Hara’s (the former PJ Ryan’s) at 172 1st St. in Jersey City on Feb 20 at 9.

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  1. Nice review

    Comment by Renata B | February 2, 2009 | Reply

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