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Concert Review: 18 at Port 41, NYC 2/27/09

It wouldn’t be fair to let the weekend go by without mentioning the kick-ass show that garage/punk rockers 18 put on in the old Savoy Lounge space in Hell’s Kitchen Friday night. They just go by the name 18, as in I’m 18 and I know what I want or 18-wheeler. It works either way. Two guitars, bass and drums, your basic riff-rock, loud, catchy, funny and ferocious. They haven’t played out a lot lately and they have a new bass player, which might explain a lot. Some people might be upset by this, but they’re better than Muck and the Mires and those guys are pretty good at this stuff too.


Nice to see a lot of new, unreleased songs in the mix along with stuff from their first album. While they take what they do very seriously, they don’t take themselves seriously at all and it shows in the lyrics: a song titled Superstar, ostensibly and probably sarcastically dedicated to one of their female fans; another rejoicing in the fact that “they’ll never stop making beautiful girls;” a dead ringer for a 13th Floor Elevators tune; and a snarling cover of Billy Childish’s Squaresville. Best song of the night was by drummer Landon Finnerty, a new one called It’s Just a Matter of Time, as in, “I’m gonna get you, it’s just a matter of…” and then they’d jump straight to the chorus. Little touches like that make all those timeworn riffs sound fresh again. As usual, the band was unbelievably tight, they didn’t let up and they played as if they would have gone all night if the club was agreeable. A disarmingly fun way to wrap up a night that had started out on an auspicious note with Special Patrol Group at Arlene’s.

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  1. Landon (Lanny) Finnerty rocks the drums and has for many years.

    Comment by Bob Peterson | April 4, 2009 | Reply

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