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More Songs For Yesterday and Today

Every day, our top 666 songs of alltime countdown gets one step closer to #1. Wednesday’s song was #483:

Rachelle Garniez – Crazy Blood

Title track to her superb 2001 cd, a haunting, minor-key blues as anguished as anything Bessie Smith or Nina Simone ever wrote – and as uncharacteristically direct as the great New York noir songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has ever been:


No one knows the trouble I’ve been

Torn up, twisted, time and time again

Had a chance to make changes but I threw it away…


and Thursday’s song is #482:

New Model Army – 225

Fast Lillywhite-beat anthem from the 80s…of course. Justin Sullivan’s prophetic lyrics reprinted in full below:


She stares at the screen at the little words of green,

Tries to remember, what to do next

There’s a trace of frustration, that crosses her face

Searching for the key she should press

And I would help her, if I only know how

But these things are a mystery to me too

And it seems that the corporate eyes they are watching.

She fears for her job and the moments are passing

I stare at her nametag and think to myself

Both you and I

We never asked

For any of this


So let’s take a walk

Up past the chemical works

Where the sky turns green at night

And we’ll talk

About getting away from here

Some different kind of life

But even in the freshest mountain air

The jet fighters practice overhead

And they’re drilling these hills for uranium deposits

And they’ll bury the waste for our children to inherit.

And though this is all done for our own benefit, I swear

We never asked

For any of this


This golden age of communication

Means that everyone talks the same time.

And liberty just means some freedom to exploit

Any weakness that you can find

Well turn of the TV just for a while

Let us whisper to each other instead

And we’ll hope that the corporate ears do not listen.

Lest we find ourselves committing some kind of treason

And filed in the tapes without rhyme, without reason.

While they tell us that it’s all for our own protection,

I swear, we never asked

For any of this


This was 1989, folks. From the album Thunder and Consolation. Here’s a cool  video.

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