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Concert Review: Blues in Space at Sullivan Hall, NYC 4/29/09

“One more song, and make it snappy,” the sound guy snapped, clearly audible through the PA as the trio Blues in Space stared back, mystified. They’d had no more than 25 minutes onstage. Obviously the guy wasn’t a metal fan because if he was he would have been raising both hands high with devil’s horns: for half an hour, the band pummeled the audience with a metal show worthy of Ozzfest. Surprisingly, most of their ornate instrumental pyrotechnics were delivered by cellist Rubin Kodheli, also of hauntingly beautiful minimalist chamber rock band Edison Woods. This being his project to cut loose and wail, he made the absolute most of it, running his axe through a series of dense, echoey effects to replicate something of a guitar tone. He’s been able to translate every metal guitar technique to the cello, other than tapping (cello strings don’t get enough resonance for that). And in case you were wondering, he did break a string, proving very adept at throwing on a new one (plenty of practice, no doubt). Jimmy Page-style vibrato, a million searing, supersonic blues licks, crunchy Pantera-style rhythm, he did it all. The drummer, who’d held a steady thump all night, finally got to cut loose on the (unexpectedly) last song of the set, where the guitarist also finally took a solo on his SG, proving as aggressively tasteful as his bandmates as he wailed through a flurry of lightning blues progressions. If metal is your thing you need to see this band, end of story. Blues in Space play Sat May 16 at the Rockwood (no joke!) at one in the morning, which seems to mean the wee hours of Sunday the 17th.

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