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The Northside Festival – Snooze

Don’t waste your money. The promoters of the 4-day Williamsburg indie rock festival  (The L Magazine) seem hell-bent on selling $45 four-day passes rather than individual tickets (a moronic strategy, since single-ticket sales would generate infinitely more profit). The way those clueless children have organized this – not that it’s organized in any coherent way – you could conceivably fork over $45 and not see a single show because your pass doesn’t guarantee you entry anywhere! It’s first come, first served, meaning that unless you want to take time off work to swelter on the sidewalk in the sun waiting for the doors to open so you can see Bishop Allen do their nerd-folk thing at the old Northsix space, you might not want to do this at all.

Of course, if your parents are paying for the pass, if your day consists of shopping for moldy old clothes that nobody wore back in the 70s because they labeled you as either a dork or gay, this is just the place for you to meet fellow conformists whose raison d’etre is exchanging blurry iphone photos.


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