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Song of the Day 5/18/09

Every day, our top 666 songs of alltime countdown gets one step closer to #1. Monday’s song is #436:

Arlo Guthrie – Presidential Rag

What did Nixon know? In 1974, everybody wanted to know. This was back when Presidents who broke the law were impeached. How times changed over the next thirty years. Over a beautiful, minor-key shuffle tune that grows from wah-wah blues to a lush, orchestrated ballad, Woody’s kid chronicles everything that went wrong during a decade that’s now fetishized in indie rock:


People still are hungry

People still are poor

An honest day of work these days

Don’t feed the kids no more…

The schools are still like prisons

Where they don’t learn how to live

And everybody still wants to take

They don’t know how to give….

Hell yeah, you’ll be remembered, you’ll be remembered very well!


From his self-titled 1974 lp; mp3s are everywhere. The link above is the song at youtube.


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  1. Good song! Says it all! I graduated in 1974! These days are a tribute to my meaningless diploma of 12 years being dumbed down in public school so that what? It would be easier to lie to us and controll our unimformed lives. Maybe but I can read! I can teach myself and become informed like never before! So time to get with it! Impeach Obama and everyone else in office that lies better than a Pursian rug! We’re more rugged and tuff than these narrow minded crooks in office think!

    Comment by Terie Jean | May 18, 2009 | Reply

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