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CD Review: Anguile & the High Steppers – La Sagesse du Roi/Wisdom of the King

African roots reggae on the spiritual tip. Gabonese-American-via-Paris frontman Anguile delivers unpretentiously soulful meditations on several popular reggae themes: racial equality, respect for the earth and family, African liberation and the need for world peace among them, perhaps underscored by the fact that Anguile comes from a mixed-race background. Some songs switch between French and English, with several in either one or the other: Africans are famously multilingual. The riddim tracks are pleasantly oldschool with bubbling organ, rattling percussion, trebly 1970s style guitar, vocal harmonies and the occasional horn chart.     

The cd kicks off with Sur les Cotes de l’Afrique (On the African Coast), a percussive Ras Michael style number, whirling layers of of synth in the background adding a dizzying effect. Oh Africa sounds like a rootsier Francophone version of what Luciano was doing ten years ago. For Anguile, Negre Blanc is something of a theme song, a triumphant announcement of transcendence over racial stereotyping. A couple of the songs here, Party Party and Cocol Gnam Bi (Forgive Us, Lord) have an Afrobeat vibe, the latter, a Steel Pulse-ish number,  asking forgiveness for the Africans who collaborated with the slave traders and left sixty million dead. Nebukanetzar addresses the price of vanity, the ominous tale of a fallen dictator.

The rest of the cd alternates between the spiritual and the secular, notably Change Ton Pas (Change Your Ways) with its eerie, recurring synth motif. There are also two alternate versions and a dub version of Negre Blanc. This fits right in with the new wave of soulful reggae coming from African shores: in a sense, Marcus Garvey’s words really have come to pass, at least as far as music is concerned. Watch this space for upcoming New York area shows.


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CD Review: Leron Thomas – Improvsensation

This one is over the map stylistically, which is actually a strong point for Houston-born trumpeter/composer Leron Thomas since he so defiantly resists categorization. The hilarious rant on the cd booklet’s liner notes is worth the price of the cd by itself, Thomas railing knowingly and aptly against the incompetence and shortsightedness of the dying major labels, band managers who are no more than glorified groupies, and the rigid groupthink that pervades so many of the various New York music scenes, from jazz to pop. As with the liner notes, there’s a lot of anger here, tempered with a disquieting sense of humor that nonetheless is often laugh-out-loud funny. There are a couple of indie rock songs here, the best being the opening cut, an insistent indie rock song with raw, eerie harmonies on the chorus by Thomas’ frequent collaborator Michael Severson. Another, Cut & Paste shares a sarcasm with much of the rest of the album: “I just cut and paste my life.”

Sandmen is sardonically minimalist hip-hop, obviously dating from the days of the Bush regime: “When you see that girl’s ass what you thinking about? Oil, baby!” The next cut, Sanitation Truck is more hip-hop, a bizarre early-morning urban tableau. The inscrutable Kitchen blends an early 80s Midnight Starr proto-hiphop feel with Kool Keith-style weirdness. A couple of instrumentals, When Zelda Replaced GI Joe and In the Silence match lo-fi, clangy guitar with Thomas’ balmy, pensive trumpet. Pearly Whites is sarcastic, Beatlesque pop that grows unabashedly menacing toward the end, a feel echoed earlier by the completely bizarre What’s Done Happen.

Time Travelin’ Love is a funny funk/rap number, a broke guy trying to pick up a girl; EnVino is a drinking song – if Bob Marley’s drug of choice was wine instead of weed, he would have sounded like this. The cd winds up with Fashion, lo-fi Prince-inflected funk bemoaning shallowness all around him; the wee-hours rant 2:34 AM and the sly empowerment anthem Spoils. This is a very strange yet a very honest and straightforwardly compelling album. Whatever direction Thomas wants to go in – he may want to bounce between all of these, which is perfectly ok – this cd is a very entertaining way to get to know him.

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CD Review: The New Collisions – Their Debut EP

That a five-song ep (four-song if you count the brief instrumental that segues between the third and fifth tracks) could rank among the best albums of 2009 so far speaks for itself. Boston band the New Collisions have been blowing up lately and this helps explain why. Their shtick is taking a classic 80s new wave pop sound and adding an indelibly original, contemporary bite. This may be the most intelligent, edgy dance music out there right now. Sarah Guild’s vocals are often chirpy in the same vein as Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, early Cindy Lauper or Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons, but she’s no one-trick pony. Scott Guild’s guitar cuts and burns while keyboardist Casey Gruttadauria adds layer after layer of playfully oscillating vintage new wave synth over Alex Stern’s fiery, crescendoing, snappy bass. And the lyrics pack a punch, apprehensive and all too aware of the here-and-now.

The first track is No Free Ride, nicking the opening lick from the Vapors’ hit Turning Japanese. “There’s no free ride for being pretty on the inside,” Sarah Guild wails – although she has a platinum-tressed look that could easily make her a fashion icon, it’s clear that substance is what she and this band are all about. “Get. Me. Out!” she insists defiantly at the end. The best cut here is The Beautiful and Numb, opening with a staccato riff evocative of the Easybeats classic Friday on My Mind. It’s a savage slap at Gen Y complacency. “We’re in denial, but we’ve got style/We’re in denial, but I’m overcome/The world’s on fire, uh oh/Not our problem,” Sarah Guild rails.

The big hit is Parachutes on the Dance Floor, stark and minimal with a head-bopping beat into a ridiculously catchy chorus, evocatively catching the dead-end desperation of what it means to be young and broke in the early days of a depression, “caught between amusement and despair.” After an atmospheric instrumental, Sarah Guild gets to air out her powerful pipes with the towering, Kate Bush-inflected ballad Fireflies, surprisingly ornate, majestically beautiful and ultimately optimistic. It reminds very much of the more epic side of the late, great New York band DollHouse. If this ep is any indication, the band is going to be huge. Having just reviewed another accessible yet very intelligent act, Tift Merritt here, it becomes clearer and clearer that the future of American pop music rests in the hands of talented legions who’ve bailed out of major label dreams, parachutes on the dance floor, bringing everybody out to join the celebration. The New Collisions’ next gig is on July 16 at the Midnight Madness Festival in Bennington, Vermont on followed eventually by a show at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts on September 5. They’re here in New York on August 22 at 11 at the Bitter End.

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CD Review: The Frank Potenza Trio – Old New Borrowed and Blue

The first thing that hits you when you hear this cd is that it sounds an awful lot like Joe Pass. Which is no surprise, considering that guitarist Frank Potenza is a protege of the late, great jazz player. This new album has an evocatively retro, early 60s feel, enhanced by the arrangements and the ensemble behind Potenza: Joe Bagg on Hammond organ, Steve Barnes on drums and Holly Hoffmann guesting on flute on several cuts. Most of the tracks here blend warm introspection with a carefree, smoky late-night vibe. They kick it off with Jimmy Smith’s Ready and Able, Bagg’s solo followed by one by Potenza showing off an effortlessly purist, subtly Pass-like approach to fast eight-note runs. I’m Walkin could have been a trainwreck (a vocal cover of a Brother Ray tune? Get real!) but it works because Potenza reinvents it, taking what was originally one step removed from Louis Jordan and transforming it into a smoothly swinging shuffle with a round, bluesy tone while maintaining Charles’ knowing certainty. Lee Morgan’s Party Time keeps the swing vibe intact, Potenza as sparing and incisive as before. Wes Montgomery’s Road Song/OGD adds a welcome edge of uncautiousness under the blue-sky fluidity of the melody.

The ballad A Weaver of Dreams has Hoffmann adding dark shades that may come as some surprise until you realize that’s her typical approach, with more of a reed player’s sense of texture and forcefulness. Star Eyes, popularized by Sarah Vaughan and countless others is understatedly catchy and winsome. Interestingly, the best track here is the lone Potenza original, Jacaranda, a straight-up groove number moving from almost hypnotic organ to expansive, purposeful guitar bluesiness.  

Not everything here works; I Wanna Be Loved only really makes sense if a chanteuse or a soul belter sings it and Potenza is neither. Of the two covers of schlocky pop songs here, they take Ode to Billie Joe up a notch but not enough to make it worth the effort; ironically, James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend, as odious as the original is, is redeemed by a very smart major-to-minor change that Potenza introduces on the chorus, giving it some striking gravitas (and he had the sense not to sing this one). If there’s any criticism of Potenza’s playing, it’s that it’s so close to Pass, so purist and so tasteful, no wasted notes anywhere – it would be interesting to see what indelibly personal touch he might add. Or maybe this is just how he likes to play – if so, that’s a good thing. Potenza is head of the jazz guitar school at USC: southern California readers are encouraged to go see him live.

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Concert Review: Tift Merritt at Stuyvesant High School Auditorium, NYC 7/1/09

You heard it here first: Tift Merritt is the future of American pop music. What she sings isn’t particularly edgy, but it’s not stupid. Last night the North Carolina-bred songwriter made fun of the promoters who’d moved her scheduled show at Rockefeller Park indoors even as the sky was clearing. She was spooked by the prospect of playing in a high school: “Not a good time,” she recalled, practically shuddering. Which made sense. As catchy and warmly accessible as her songs are, there’s a welcome intelligence in her writing, and her voice is a dead giveaway. Her songs come across as something of the missing link between Sheryl Crow and Aimee Mann (Merritt loves those major/minor changes that Mann works so masterfully). Vocally, Linda Thompson is the obvious comparison. Merritt’s recorded work plays up her stoic resignation and haunting sense of nuance, her voice sometimes dropping off the table for dramatic effect much in the style of  the legendary Britfolk chanteuse; last night she also showed off a grit and a liveliness that doesn’t always cut through in the studio.

Playing solo, alternating between acoustic guitar and electric piano (and electric guitar on one song), she won over a tough crowd with casual charm and one memorable tune after the next. As Roscoe Ambel famously said, if a song sounds good at its barest, stripped down to just guitar and voice, it’ll sound great with a band. Much of what she played could have been ecstatically fun with a good crew behind her – you know how much musicians love a smart, intuitive tune. Using just your typical building-block major and minor chords, she introduced three new songs along with several from her most recent studio cd Another Country. Of the new ones, the best was a fast yet pensive backbeat-driven number exploring the theme of finally figuring out to what to do once you’ve gotten what you want after years of searching high and low. Of the less brand-new songs, Broken, a vivid, bitterly soaring anthem evoking the struggles of her early days in music, packed a punch as did Keep You Happy, with its crescendoing chorus and realization that tying your happiness to another person’s is bound to drag you down there with them. Merritt also impressed with her gospel-tinged piano work on a handful of ballads as well as a bouncy yet somewhat eerie soul-inflected number. She even went up the scale to end one of them with a fun Floyd Cramer flourish. 

In a level playing field without the now-flatlining major labels, Merritt’s success gives hope to a new generation of writers creating accessible yet intelligent pop music, Ward White, Kirsten Williams, Nicholas Howard and Sharon Goldman among legions of others. Merritt is based in New York now, so we ought to see more of her in the months to come which promises to be a treat considering what a songwriting roll she’s on right now.

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NYC Live Music Calendar for July-August 2009 Plus Other Events

Hey! This isn’t the latest live music calendar! This is.

Daily updates. As usual, weekly events first, followed by the daily calendar. Because we get some of this info weeks in advance, it’s always good to check with the club (see our venues page) to make sure the show you’re interested in seeing is still happening…check out the weekly shows too, lots of good stuff going on! Apologies for the occasional crazy spacing and fonts – Microsoft Word and WordPress still not speaking to each other…

Fans of surrealist art should check out Marzie Nejad’s site (she’s rocker Haale’s mom). No word on a show, but stay tuned.

Some amazing, brightly rendered images from now-nonagenarian painter Mayer Kirshenblatt: They Called Me Mayer July: Painted Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust is up at the Jewish Museum, Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street through 10/1. He’s 92 now, started painting from memory at 73. Some it a little schmaltzy but most of it is not, a sly, exuberant and triumphantly vital body of work.

Sundays there’s a klezmer brunch at City Winery, show starts round 11:30 AM – 2 PM, $10 cover, no minimum, lots of good bands.

Sundays from half past noon to 3:30 PM, bluegrass cats Freshly Baked (f.k.a. Graveyard Shift), featuring excellent, incisive fiddle player Diane Stockwell play Nolita House (upstairs over Botanica at 47 E Houston). Free drink with your entree.

Every Sunday the Ear-Regulars, led by trumpeter Jon Kellso and (frequently) guitarist Matt Munisteri play NYC’s only weekly hot jazz session starting around 8 PM at the Ear Inn on Spring St.  Hard to believe, in the city that springboarded the careers of thousands of jazz legends, but true. This is by far the best value in town for marquee-caliber jazz: for the price of a drink and a tip for the band, you can see world-famous players (and brilliant obscure ones) you’d usually have to drop $100 for at some big-ticket room. The material is mostly old-time stuff from the 30s and 40s, but the players (especially Kellso and Munisteri, who have a chemistry that goes back several years) push it into some deliciously unexpected places.

Sundays in August jazz/reggae/blues 8-string guitarist Charlie Hunter plays a residency 8 PM at Rose Bar in Williamsburg

Sundays at 8:30 PM Sasha Dobson plays Pete’s Candy Store. Jazz chanteuse on the serious Brazilian tip: musically, she’s where Snorah Jones should hope to be in five years.

Sundays July 5, 12 and 19 Stephane Wrembel plays Barbes, 9 PM. The guitarist has few if any equals as an interpreter of Django Reinhardt, but it’s where he takes the gypsy jazz influence in his own remarkably original, psychedelic writing – and what he brings to the Django stuff – that makes all the difference. One of the most interesting players in any style of music, anywhere in the world. He also plays Fridays at Bar Tabac on Smith St. in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn at 8.

Every Sunday, hip-hop MC Big Zoo hosts the long-running End of the Weak rap showcase at the Pyramid, 9 PM, admission $5 before 10, $7 afterward. This is one of the best places to discover some of the hottest under-the-radar hip-hop talent, both short cameos as well as longer sets from both newcomers and established vets.

Mondays at the Fat Cat the Heun Choi String Quartet play a wide repertoire of chamber music from Bach to Shostakovich starting at 7

Mondays at the Jazz Standard it’s all Mingus, whether with the Mingus Orchestra, Big Band or Mingus Dynasty: you know the material and the players are all first rate. Sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25 (does that include tax? The club was doing that for awhile).

Mondays through the summer til September (when it moves back to Thursdays), at the Delancey on the main floor, 9 PMish Botanica frontman and master of menace Paul Wallfisch presents the edgiest weekly music series in town, playfully called Small Beast, an international mix of some of the most intelligent (and frequently darkest) performers passing through town. It’s free and there’s always some kind of drink special or freebee. If you wish Tonic was still open, Wallfisch is keeping the flame alive. He typically opens the night solo on piano, reason enough to put this on your calendar. August artists include Thomas Simon, Vera Beren, Bliss Blood, Curtis Eller, Alice Texas, We Intersect and more.

Also Monday nights Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, a boisterous horn-driven 11-piece 1920s/early 30’s band play Sofia’s Restaurant, downstairs at the Edison Hotel, 221 West 46th Street between Broadway & 8th Ave., 3 sets from 8 to 11, surprisingly cheap $15 cover plus $15 minimum considering what you’re getting. Even before the Flying Neutrinos or the Moonlighters, multi-instrumentalist Giordano was pioneering the oldtimey sound in New York; his long-running residency at the old Cajun on lower 8th Ave. is legendary. He also gets a ton of film work (Giordano wrote the satirical number that Willie Nelson famously sang in Wag the Dog).

Also Mondays the free reggae show that used to be held at Rehab has gravitated to SOB’s, 9ish, free w/rsvp to, 21 and over.

Also Mondays in July Cumbiagra play classic Colombian cumbias at Barbes, starting around 9:30. The cumbia world takeover starts here!

Also Mondays in July Rev. Vince Anderson and his band play Union Pool in Williamsburg, two sets starting around 11 PM. The Rev. is one of the great keyboardists around, equally thrilling on organ or electric piano, an expert at Billy Preston style funk, honkytonk, gospel and blues. He writes very funny, very politically astute, frequently salacious original gospel songs and is one of the great live performers of our time. Moist Paula from Moisturizer is the lead soloist on baritone sax.

Tuesdays the boisterous and very popular brass-heavy gypsy jazz band Slavic Soul Party plays Barbes at 9. Get here as soon as you can as the opening act is usually popular as well.

Tuesdays in July the Dred Scott Trio play astonishingly smart, dark piano jazz at the Rockwood at midnight

Every Wednesday, Michael Arenella & the Dreamland Dance Band play sly yet boisterous oldtimey hot jazz during a brunch set at the Clover Club, 210 Smith St. (Butler/Baltic) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, 7:30 -10:30 PM.

Every Wednesday in July, Will Scott and drummer Wylie Wirth play mesmerizing, hypnotic, completely authentic Mississippi hill country blues along with Scott’s own melodic, tuneful blues originals at 68 Jay St. Bar in Dumbo, starting around 8:30 PM. Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside and Asie Payton are sadly gone but Scott continues their tradition of music that is as danceable as it is trance-inducing, and does his influences justice.

Wednesdays in July the Doc Marshalls play rousing original cajun and honkytonk songs at  Hill Country, 9 PM

Fridays there’s live Mediterranean music – Greek- Arabic, Turkish Armenian, Israeli fusion with Mike Stoupakis, Christos Zavolas, Sofia on on vocals, Elias Sarkar-oud/vocals, Kostas Konstantinou – drums,  plus bellydancers at Lafayette Grill & Bar, 54 Franklin St., downtown,$20 cover, 10ish, free after 1 AM.

Saturdays in July at Spikehill terse, imaginative jazz chanteuse Calley Bliss and her band at 3 PM.

Weds July 1 the Rocks Off Concert Cruise goes Balkan with Hungry March Band plus Veveritse Brass Band, boat boards 7 PM, departs 8 PM from the Skyport Marina at 23rd street & the  FDR, tix $20 in advance at the box office or online for extra.

Also Weds July 1, 8ish Tift Merritt plays indoors at Stuyvesant High School auditorium due to threat of rain, to your right along Chambers St. as you walk toward Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City. Worth seeing if her writing has caught up with her absolutely spin-tingling, austere, Linda Thompson-inflected voice.

Thurs July 2 fiery clarinetist Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys at the Jewish Museum, 7:30 PM, free with $15 museum adm.

Also Thurs July 2 atmospheric, frequently haunting art-rock band the Quavers 8 PM at Barbes

Also Thurs July 2 the Mark Sherman Quintet featuring vibraphonist Mark Sherman with Joe Magnarelli,  Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson  and Tim Horner at Sweet Rhythm sets  8:30+10:30 PM

Also Thurs July 2 amazing Slovak cimbalom band Pajtasi, 9 PM at Radegast Hall & Biergarten on N 3rd in Wburg

Also Thurs July 2 anthemic psychedelic rockers Copesetic play the last show ever at the Goldhawk in Hoboken 10 PM

7/2 catchy, jangly southwestern gothic rocker Tom Shaner at Lakeside, 10 PM

Also Thurs July 2 ferocious all-female noise/punk rockers Beluga at Lit, 11 PM

Fri July 3 a free secret show featuring delta blues/ragtime guitar god Lenny Molotov at 8 PM plus the Oxygen Ponies at 9 warming up for their upcoming European tour, email for venue/time/password

Fri July 3 Erin & Her Cello doing funny smart songs at Joe’s Pub, 7 PM, $12

Also Fri July 3 tuneful fun reggae-rock with Three Legged Fox at Arlene’s, 8 PM

Also Fri July 3, 8 PM at the Stone a cool avant-North African night with Leni Stern (guitars, n’goni) Brahim Fribgane (oud, cahon, dumbek) Jacuba Sissoko (kora). Makan Kouyate (calabash, djembe, tama) Mamadou Ba (bass) Harvie Wirth (drums)

Also Fri July 3 the Grand Masters of Gypsy Music at Mehanata, 9ish

Also Fri July 3 bluegrass/roots night at Banjo Jim’s starting at 8 with fiddler Vincent Cross followed by Tommy Ramone’s bluegrass project Uncle Monk, haunting Mississippi hill country blues guitarist Pork Chop Willie and then one-man roots band Trainwreck Washington at midnight.

Also Fri July 3, 10 PM reggae/ska/dub expert King Django at Shrine uptown.

Also Fri July 3, 10 PM the Disclaimers at Spikehill. Two charismatic soul sirens fronting the band. Fiery lead guitar, eerie organ, jangly tunes and a mix of Elvis Costello intelligence and Radio Birdman fire. NYC’s best band? One of them, no doubt.

Also Fri July 3 the Xylopholks at the Rockwood, midnight. You may have done a doubletake running into this duo on the way to the train at Union Square: a bassist and vibraphonist in full-body, furry pink and blue monster outfits. The costumes are funny but they play old ragtime instrumentals really well!

Sat July 4 in the afternoon Sylvia Gordon of Kudu’s latest project Betty Black which sounds a lot like her other band: sort of a more metal, American Siouxsie with southwestern gothic tinges. At Rose Bar in Williamsburg, starting around 3, free.

Also Sat July 4, 3:30 PM Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley – the poor man’s Aimee Mann – in Battery Park, could be a nightmare since she’s opening for that Bright Eyes moron.

Also Sat July 4 Alex Battles & the Whisky Rebellion at the Brooklyn Museum, 5 PM, free

Also Sat July 4 a killer blues doublebill at Terra Blues starting with Bobby Radcliff at 7, probably playing acoustic, followed by soul singer/sizzling Chicago blues lead guitarist Johnny Allen at 10

Also Sat July 4, 9 PM at Otto’s Unsteady Freddie’s surf rock extravaganza with the Clams, the North Shore Troubadours and a now-rare show by NYC surf legends the Supertones.

Also Sat July 4 the Stagger Back Brass Band – one of the funnest groups in town, sort of the Spinal Tap of brass bands – at Barbes, 10 PM followed by sultry blues/oldtimey siren Mamie Minch at midnight.

Also Sat July 4, 10 PM GO Percussion Ensemble at the Stone

Also Sat July 4, 10 PM Brad Vickers and his Vestapolitans play country  music at Hill Country

Also Sat July 4 moody, slinky, downtempo/shoegaze trio El Jezel at Cake Shop, 11 PM.

Also Sat July 4 tuneful, meaningful, hypnotic African roots reggae with Meta & the Cornerstones at Zebulon, 11 PM

Also Sat July 4 gypsy/goth rockers Nanuchka at the Mercury, midnight, $8

Sun July 5 trombonist J. Walter Hawkes and his hellraising oldtimey band at LIC Bar, 5 PM-ish, free

Sun July 5 a killer chicha/cumbia night starring Chicha Libre with Very Be Careful opening at the Bell House, 9ish, adv tix $10.

Also Sun July 5, 8 PM innovative avant cellist/composer Jody Redhage & Fire in July at Barbes

Also Sun July 5 Senegalese reggae with Meta & the Cornerstones and oldschool Philly cult punks McRad at le Poisson Rouge, 6 PM, $7 gen adm

Also Sun July 5 dark melodic rockers Violet Hour at the Mercury 9 PM

Also Sun July 5, 11ish Bato The Yugo & Gypsy Boogie at Nublu

Mon July 6-7 goth legend and Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy – whose more recent Middle eastern inflections border on transcendent – at Highline Ballroom, 9 PM adv tix $35

Also Mon July 6 fun, female-fronted early 80s new wave dance throwbacks Hank & Cupcakes downstairs at the Delancey, 8 PM, free

Also Mon July 6 tuneful, frequently funny keyboardist/songwriter Alec Berlin at Arlene’s 8 PM

Also Mon July 6, 9 PM fiery, melodic, fearless indie rock trio Cementhead at Trash

Also Mon July 6 the underrated, still-tuneful, anthemic Wallflowers at Irving Plaza, 10ish adv tix $30.

Also Mon July 6 Small Beast at the Delancey upstairs featuring Botanica master of menace Paul Wallfisch solo on the piano at 8:30 PM followed by guitar god Pete Galub, pensive European rocker Spottiswoode and then noir cabaret legend/personality Little Annie.

Also Mon July 6 clever, very smart Mostly Other People Do the Killing sax player Jon Irabagon plays a duo show with Mike Pride on drums at the Cornelia St. Cafe, worth checking out what kind of trouble he can get himself into, 8:30 PM, $10

Tues July 7 cantorial metal trio Sway Machinery in the parking lot at Spring and Varick, 5 PM, free.

Also Tues July 7-12 the Ron Carter Nonet – a favorite project of the iconic bassist/composer – at the Blue Note, bar seating $20, tables $35, shows at 8 and 10:30 PM.

Also Tues July 7, 8 and 10 PM at the Stone Myra Melford Happy Whistlings featuring brilliant avant jazz pianist Myra Melford, Mary Halvorson (guitar) Taylor Ho-Bynum (trumpet) Stomu Takeishi (bass)

Also Tues July 7, 9:30 PM at BAM the documentary film The Night James Brown Saved Boston which provides some backstory for James Brown’s free 1968 Boston concert the day after the MLK assassination. Includes performance footage of Brown, plus commentary by Cornel West and others.

Also Tues July 7 Andrew Vladeck’s cd release show at the Mercury 10 PM $7 – Americana/folk/blues, smartly lyrical

Also Tues July 7, 9ish country-rock siren Karen Hudson at Indian Road Café & Market, 600 W 218 St. at Indian Road across from Inwood Park, uptown.

Also Tues July 7, 9 PM Nice Daughter,  2 drummers and vibraphonist plus loops doing danceable, hypnotic instrumentals at Trash, 9 PM right after open bar

Weds July 8, 7 PM well-liked alt-bluegrass hellraisers the Duhks at Madison Square Park.

Also Weds July 8 the wild Brazilian rainforest dance band Forro in the Dark at the Stuyvesant Town oval 7:30ish, enter at 16th St. and 1st Ave.

Also Weds July 8 amazingly retro, danceable British soul/funk/groove instrumentalists the New Master Sounds play the Rocks Off Concert Cruise, boarding at 8 PM at 41st St Pier on the westside, adv tix $25 highly recommended.

Also Weds July 8, 8ish at Drom tango nuevo with two of the best in the business,  bassist Pablo Aslan & bandoneonist Raul Jaurena (who apparently won a grammy – not that it matters, but what the heck) with guests Juan Cruz Masotta and Pablo Pereyra, $12 adv tix available

Also Weds July 8 artsy, moody, soul/Americana band Heather & the Barbarians at Spikehill, 9 PM

Also Weds July 8, 10 PM at the Stone ferocious, atmospheric classical metal trio Blues In Space: Edison Woods cellist Rubin Kodheli (cellos/compositions) Garrett Brown (drums) Ben Zeff (guitars)

Also Weds July 8 the Church , legendary Australian art-rock geniuses at Irving Plaza 11ish, adv tix $30.

Thurs July 9, half past noon, amazing, haunting gypsy band Luminescent Orchestrii on the World Financial Center Plaza.

Also Thurs July 9 , 7 PM purist jazz guitarist Mark Whitfield and his trio at the Fat Cat

Also Thurs July 9 accordionist Will Holshouser and guitarist Matt Munisteri’s amazing 1930s style Belgian barroom instrumental band Musette Explosion at the Jewish Museum, 7:30 PM, free with $15 museum adm.

Also Thurs July 9-12 at the Jazz Standard the Generations Band: Frank Wess and Eric Alexander – tenor; Andrew Speight – alto; Jim Rotundi – trumpet; David Hazeltine – piano; Ray Drummond – bass; Kenny Washington – drums, shows 7:30/9:30

Also Thurs July 9, 8 PM the Mighty Pragmatics at Trash in time for open bar – yet another Spinal Tap style 70s metal parody. They do a very funny song about Staten Island.

Also Thurs July 9, 8:30 PM the Brew at Union Hall. Artsy pop band, sometimes a little too top 40, but they have some good tunes and hooks.

Also Thurs July 9, 9 PM at Spikehill haunting atmospheric downtempo cello-and-keyboard group  Huff This.

Also Thurs July 9, 9ish at Southpaw Joy Dragland – who alternate between jazzy pop and a country/folk Pete’s Candy Store style – followed eventually at around 11 by Sonia’s Party, who blend a bewitching oldschool Motown sound with a vintage Memphis groove. Ten bucks. Sonia’s Party are also at Bar 4 on 7/24 around 10:30

Also Thurs July 9 Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer & Matt Verta-Ray’s noirish lo-fi garage band) and then the fetchingly oldtimey, harmony-driven  Those Darlins at the Mercury 9:30 PM $10 gen adm

Also Thurs July 9, 10 PM haunting, innovative gypsy-inflected chanteuse Sanda Weigl at Barbes.

Also Thurs July 9 Daniel Bernstein at Sidewalk, 11 PM. The former Larval Organ has run the gamut from punk/metal to lush chamber rock; any opportunity to hear the dark, bleak, brilliantly lyrical songwriter is worth it.

Also Thurs July 9 American Aquarium’s raucous electric country sounds at midnight at Arlene’s

Also Fri July 10, 7:30 PM at Prospect Park Bandshell rock en Espanol with Aterciopelados and Los Amigos Invisibles

Also Fri July 10, 7 PM jazz vibraphone innovators Das Vibenbass opening for fun, tuneful Friggs garage rock guitarist/frontwoman Palmyra Delran and her band who play 8 PM at Arlene’s.

Fri July 10 a free secret show featuring soul/popster Don Piper at 8, haunting indie rocker Randi Russo at 9 PM and then the brilliantly lyrical Oxygen Ponies at 10 warming up for their upcoming European tour, email for venue/password

Also Fri July 10 the A-Bones playing careening lo-fi retro 60s garage on the Rocks Off Concert Cruise, boarding at 8 at 23rd and the FDR, adv tix $20 highly recommended.

Also Fri July 10 Jazz guitar great Gene Bertoncini performs with Ike Sturm, bass; Rich De Rosa, drums; and guest soloist, Sara Caswell, violin at the Kitano sushi bar  68 Park Ave. @ 38th Street sets: 8 & 10 PM $25.

Also Fri July 10, 9ish fearless female-fronted Puerto Rican punk band Cojoba – whose album is called el Arte de la Irreverencia followed around 10 by legendary obscure first-wave Wessex punks the A-Heads with frontwoman Mel’s dramatic, operatic-tinged vocals.

Also Fri July 10, 9:30 PM even more legendary and obscure literate rocker Livia Hoffman plays her first New York show in perhaps 3 years along with Plastic Beef doing an acoustic show at Freddy’s.

Also Fri July 10 sprawling  funk orchestra Turkuaz at Bowery Poetry Club 10 PM – cheaper than George Clinton

Also Fri July 10 at Banjo Jim’s bassist Carolyn Sills & the Poor Man’s Roses doing spot-on at 10 followed by Trainwreck Washington at midnight

Also Fri July 10 Those Darlins at Southpaw 10 PM $10.

Also Fri July 10 Moonlighters frontwoman Bliss Blood’s ecstatically fun barrelhouse blues band Delta Dreambox at Barbes 10 PM

Sat July 11 the Main Squeeze Accordion Festival at Pier One, 70th St. and the highway, 3 PM. This all-day festival is an A-list of accordion and accordion-fronted bands from all over the world. Bring a hat and shades because the sun over the river is intense!

Also Sat July 11 ska/punks los Fabulosos Cadillacs at Central Park Summerstage, doors at 3, free. Vamos bailar toda el dia.

Also Sat July 11 a great New Orleans doublebill with the Flying Neutrinos and Brother Joscephus and his big horn-driven band, 4 PM at the F train station at Riverwalk Commons, Roosevelt Island.

Also Sat July 11, 7 PM the Gregg August Trio at the Fat Cat. The bassist is fearlessly socially aware and has a great feel for latin rhythms and soaring melodies.

Also Sat July 11, 8 PM a killer garage rock doublebill at Union Hall with the frequently hilarious Jesse Bates’ Flying Guitars and the recently reunited and reinvigorated, all-female Friggs, $8 adv tix available

Also Sat July 11, 8 PM blue eyed soul siren/lyrical rocker Juliana Nash makes a welcome return trip to her old stomping ground, Pete’s Candy Store with Matt Kanelos on keys, followed at 9 by artsy keyboard pop/trip-hop trio Mattison.

Also Sat July 11 moody, slinky, downtempo/shoegaze trio El Jezel at Spikehill, 8 PM.

Also Sat July 11 noisy, propulsive Cambridge MA shoegaze rockers Thick As Thieves at Trash, 10 PM

Also Sat July 11 fiery blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff plays electric at Lucille’s, 8 PM

Also Sat July 11, 8 PM a killer garage rock doublebill at Union Hall with the frequently hilarious Jesse Bates’ Flying Guitars and the recently reunited, reinvigorated, all-female Friggs, $8 adv tix available

Also Sat July 11 goth/art-rock pianist/chanteuse Kristin Hoffmann at Caffe Vivaldi 9ish

Also Sat July 11 impressively diverse, occasionally reggae-inflected punk vets the Subhumans at the Knit, 10 PM.

Also Sat July 11 surf/rockabilly/soul/punk guitar genius Simon & the Bar Sinisters at Lakeside 10:15ish

Also Sat July 11, 9:30 PM Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. followed eventually at midnight by another excellent, somewhat more serious country band, the Dixons at Southpaw.

Also Sat July 11, 10 PM at the Stone versatile ska/jazz/calypso trombonist Curtis Fowlkes’ band Catfish Corner

Also Sat July 11 this is so beyond barf we had to mention it: it’s Pretty in Pink prom night at the Bell House! $25 cover, music by a real live prom band phoning in all the cheesiest 80s hits ever! Dress as your favorite John Hughes high school stereotype and win an iPod shuffle loaded up with lame-ass John Hughes soundtracks! Somebody please take the band and the club employees outside, set off a stink bomb and lock the doors!

Sun July 12 no joke – at B.B. King’s you can go see the gospel brunch in the afternoon or show up a bit later for Atheist. Or hedge your bets and do both.

Also Sun July 12 bluegrass patriarch Dr. Ralph Stanley &  the Clinch Mtn. Boys at Highline Ballroom, 8 PM, adv tix $30

Also Sun July 12 Ninth House’s dark baritone frontman Mark Sinnis at Sidewalk 9 PM

Also Sun July 12 the Flying Neutrinos at Rodeo Bar, 10 PMish. They’re also here on 7/26

Mon July 13, 7:30 PM versatile, entertaining Americana guitarist/rocker Homeboy Steve Antonakos at Banjo Jim’s.

Also Mon July 13, 8 PM the intriguing Anicha Quartet with accordion, clarinet, guitar and drums at Spikehill

Also Mon July 13, 8:30 PM Botanica’s Paul Wallfisch at the piano followed by extraordinary guitarist Nathan Halpern from noir siren Kerry Kennedy’s band at Small Beast at the Delancey upstairs

7/13-15 Aimee Mann at City Winery is SOLD OUT

Tues July 14,  7 PM multistylistic jazz/Americana violinist/songwriter Jenny Scheinman at Barbes. She’s also here on 7/21 and 28

Also Tues July 14, 8 PM at the Central Park Great Lawn (enter on the westside at the 81st St. C train exit) the NY Philharmonic plays the Mozart 41st and Beethoven’s 7th Symphonies. The program repeats 7/15, 8 PM  at the Long Meadow Ballfield in Prospect Park, F to 15th St./Prospect Park

Also Tues July 14 popular 90s reggae crooner Barrington Levy at B.B. King’s 8 PM adv tix $22.

Also Tues July 14, 8 PM smart, pensive indie chanteuse Elisa Flynn – whose show last month at Small Beast absolutely kicked ass – is at Sidewalk

Also Tues July 14 at the Stone 8 PM Marika Hughes—The Picasso Commissions. Marika Hughes (solo cello) – a collection of new solo cello pieces written for Marika by composers Eyvind Kang, Charlie Burnham, Dina Maccabee, Nasheet Waits, Shahzad Ismaily, Abraham Burton, Jenny Scheinman and Todd Sickafoose.

Also Tues July 14 Bliss Blood of the Moonlighters solo at Pete’s with the Tavo Carbone band

Also Tues July 14-15 at the Jazz Standard innovative guitar jazz with Charlie Hunter/Doug Wamble/Tony Mason, sets at 7:30/9:30 PM

Also Tues July 14 fiery, relevant, fearlessly politically charged Radiohead-influenced art-rockers My Pet Dragon at Trash, 10 PM followed eventually at midnight by the Hellblinki Sextet doing gypsyish noir cabaret stuff, sort of the missing link between the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Gogol Bordello.

Weds July 15, 5:30 PM Brother Joscephus and his 11-piece New Orleans funk/soul band play at Sequoia, 89 South Street, Pier 17 downtown.

Also Weds July 15, 7 PM, Luisito Rosario y Su Orquesta playing salsa at Wagner Park, Battery Place and West Street.

Also Weds July 15 tango night at Drom 8ish with the Haffner Tango Trust  (Juan Cruz Masotta – Ivan Barenboim – Emilio Teubal – Juan Pablo Jofre – Pablo Pereyra), adv tix $12

Also Weds July 15 Dagmar play the cd release show for their new cd – dark pop with guy-girl harmonies and relevant lyrics – at Caffe Vivaldi, 8:15 PM

Also Weds July 15, 9 PM Ed Pastorini’s reliably cutting-edge jazzy conglomeration 101 Crustaceans at Banjo Jim’s

Also Weds July 15 soul/funk siren Bethany Saint Smith & the Gun Show at Ace of Clubs 9 PM. They’re also at Arlene’s on 7/29 at 9.

Also Weds July 15 oldschool soul sirens the Sweet Divines at Southpaw 10:30 PM $10

Thurs July 16, noon,  fiddler Alicia Svigals’ Klezmer Express at St. Mark’s Park, 2nd Ave. and 10th St., outdoors

Also Thurs July 16, half past noon piano jazz with the Emmet Cohen Trio in the World Financial Center Winter Garden. They’ll also be at One New York Plaza, corner of Whitehall and Water Streets, same time the following day.

Also Thurs July 16, 7 PM at Otto’s ukelele night with Ellen & John Monten, Pride and Joy and Dad, Khabu Doug Young, the Ukemen, Bliss Blood, Os Suaverinhos, Lei Pacifica, Moose Karloff, Sean Harvey, Josh Bisker, David Barish, Newoxtica

Also Thurs July 16, 7 PM trumpeter Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra plays Sly & The Family Stone at Castle Clinton, tix available 2 per person, outside Castle Clinton, first-come, first-served basis starting at 5 PM day of show.

Also Thurs July 16 Balkan brass juggernaut Slavic Soul Party at the Jewish Museum, 7:30 PM, free with $15 museum adm.

Also Thurs July 16 Greek-influenced blues guitarist Spiros Soukis at Lucille’s 8 PM

Also Thurs July 16 8:30 PM at Sycamore Bar in Crown Heights former Come and Steve Wynn lead guitar genius Chris Brokaw plus Geoff Farina and Pete Fitzpatrick

Also Thurs July 16, 9 PM Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans at Banjo Jim’s

Also Thurs July 16, 9 PM ska/jazz sax legend Dave Hillyard in a rare trio show at Shrine uptown

Also Thurs July 16 Peruvian psychedelic surf revivalists Chicha Libre at le Poisson Rouge 10ish $25 adv tix available

Also Thurs July 16 Bearquarium – Burlington, Vermont’s answer to Antibalas (hey, don’t laugh, they’re good) – play Spikehill, 10 PM

Also Thurs July 16 10 PM fiery Balkan improvisers Ansambl Mastika at Barbes.

Fri July 17, 6PMish growling, dark 90s indie rockers Versus at South St. Seaport.

Also Fri July 17 The Sweet Divines and blues guitar legend Robert Cray at Prospect Park Bandshell, 7:30 PM.

Also Fri July 17 a free secret show featuring Birmimgham expat and retro 60s hookmeister Ed Rogers and his Bedsit Poets bandmate, siren Amanda Thorpe at 8 PM followed eventually by the Oxygen Ponies at 10 warming up for their upcoming European tour, email for venue/password

Also Fri July 17 dramatic yet commonsensical keyboard chanteuse Jeanne Marie Boes at Freddy’s 9 PM

Also Fri July 17 psychedelic new wave revivalists the Larch at Arlene’s 9 PM

Also Fri July 17  hypnotic, dubwise downtempo instrumentalists Lespecial play Trash, 9 PM followed eventually at 11 by yet another interesting, melodic loud shoegaze band Girl Loves Distortion.

Also Fri July 17 9ish authentically lo-fi garage rockers the Organs at Don Pedro’s.

Also Fri July 17 Brooklyn’s own haunting, bewitching Bulgarian vocal choir Black Sea Hotel (who have a great debut cd out) at Galapagos at 10 PM, $10. You also have the option of showing up at 8 for the Opera on Tap show for $20 and you can stay for the whole night. BSH’s resident gourmandizer will also be selling her wildly popular banitsa (a Bulgarian version of the popover).

Also Fri July 17 Joy Divisionesque Nashville gothic rockers Ninth House at Hank’s 11 PM

Also Fri July 17 tasteful retro 60 surf music covers with Mr. Action & the Boss Guitars at Lakeside 11 PM

Also Fri July 17, 11 PM Finotee play sultry psychedelic oldschool soul at Shrine

Sat July 18, 1 PM a free concert at Bargemusic. There’s another at 1 on 7/25 and again at 1 on 8/1. Performers TBA but they all tend to be excellent.  No reserved seating; matinee performances last about 1 hour with no intermission. Everyone is welcome, early arrival advised.

Also Sat July 18, starting at 2 PM the 7th annual NYC Musical Saw Festival at  Trinity Church, 31-18 37th Street (corner of 31st Avenue), Astoria, Queens), $10, R/V to Steinway St.

Also Sat July 18, 3 PM at the Bell House, ghoulabilly/rockabilly bands in reverse order: Memphis Morticians, Psychocharger, Tombstone Brawlers, The Arkhams, The Wanda Jackson 5, The Designer Drugs, Soul Reapin’ 3, $20 adv tix

Also Sat July 18 Brazilian allstar band Nation Beat playing forro music, 4 PM at the F train station at Riverwalk Commons, Roosevelt Island

Also Sat July 18, 7 PM dark, pensive, smartly tuneful indie rockers Bern & the Brights at Spikehill

Also Sat July 18, 7 PM jazz-inflected, witty piano siren Elaine Romanelli at Kenny’s Castaways

Also Sat July 18, 8 PM at Barbes surf/noir jazz/western swing guitarist Jim Campilongo’s Superfine Band followed at 10 by the Jug Addicts.

Also Sat July 18 at Trash starting at 8 punk rockers the Statues of Liberty (fomerly Bananafishzero) followed by “Boston’s newest Drunk Rock hooligans” the Beantown Booozehounds at 9 and then excellent macabre punk/Sabbath band Killcode.

Also Sat July 18 the boisterously oldtimey 2 Man Gentlemen Band at Public Assembly, time TBA

Also Sat July 18 Irish acoustic punk hellraisers Box of Crayons at the Parkside 10 PM

Also Sat July 18 fun, virtuosic Americana/bluegrass rockers Demolition String Band – kinda like the NYC version of the Knitters – at Rodeo Bar 10:30 PM

Also Sat July 18 fiery female-fronted punk/Americana band Spanking Charlene at Lakeside 11 PM

Sun July 19 at Central Park Summerstage, 3 PM doors, global roots reggae stars Alpha Blondy & The Solar System, Lee “Scratch” Perry & Dubblestandart Subatomic Sound System.

Also Sun July 19, 7 PM trumpeter Frank London’s Klezmer Allstars at Pier One on the upper west.

Also Sun July 19, 7 PM Hector Del Curto’s Eternal Tango Orchestra at Pier 54, 14th St. and the highway, free.

Also Sun July 19,  brilliantly literate songwriter Amy Allison – one of the funniest, most casually captivating performers in the world –  plays the cd release show for her career-best new cd Sheffield Streets at Banjo Jim’s, 8ish. Another excellent, tuneful, lyrical songwriter, Dan Bryk, opens the show at 7.

Also Sun July 19 midnight-ish the Anti-Nowhere League at Europa $20 18+

Mon July 20, 8 PM the NY Philharmonic plays Mozart’s 41st plus Beethoven’s 7th Symphonies at the Colden Auditorium at Queens College, free, early arrival advised, if we could figure out how to get there we’d tell you but we can’t – a long bus ride seems to be in order.

Also Mon July 20, 8:30 PM  Botanica keyboard mastermind Paul Wallfisch followed by noir chanteuse/bandleader Kerry Kennedy at 10 and then cabaret rock legend Frederic Blasco (of Blasco Ballroom) at 11 at the Delancey upstairs at Small Beast.

Also Mon July 20 Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes, Jerry Butler, what’s left of the Stylistics and finally the O’Jays headlining at Wingate Field, Crown Heights, Brooklkyn, early arrival i.e. 7 PM at the latest highly advised

Tues July 21 newschool Cape Verde chanteuse Lura at City Winery,9 PM, bar seat $15, tables $20

Also Tues July 21 the JD Allen Trio at the Stone 8 PM

Also Tues July 21 Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara play desert blues at the  Lincoln Center Festival 8 PM

Also Tues July 21 Copesetic at Lucky 7’s in Jersey City, time TBA

Also Tues July 21 surf rockers the Tatantinos NYC, Moonlighters frontwoman Bliss Blood playing a rare solo show followed by ferocious, intense art-rockers System Noise at the Delancey, 8 PM.

Also Tues July 21 8 PM two generations of reggae – dancehall pioneer Eek-a-Mouse and then the ageless, still charismatic Toots & the Maytals at B B King’s, 8 PM, $31 adv tix rec.

Also Tues July 21-26 at the Jazz Standard Terence Blanchard – trumpet; Walter Smith III – tenor sax; Fabian Almazan – piano; Derrick Hodge – bass; Kendrick Scott – drums. sets 7:30/9:30 PM

Also Tues July 21 popular downtempo psychedelic instrumentalists Tortoise at le Poisson Rouge, time TBA, adv tix $20

Also Tues July 21 Kendra Smith at Lakeside, 10 PM – the Kendra Smith, legendary bassist from the Dream Syndicate who did the freak folk thing after that, 20 years before freak folk existed?!?

Weds July 22 the Snow’s Pierre de Gaillande’s haunting, sexy 1950s/60s style noir French cover band the Georges Brassens Translation Project plays with a screening of the 1963 Godard cult classic film Contempt/Le Mepris at Socrates Sculpture Park, 32-01 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, 7 PM, film to follow at sunset.

Also Weds July 22 psychedelic power trio Devi at Arlene’s 8 PM.

Also Weds July 22, 9 PM at Spikehill torchy, promising chanteuse Sarah Elizabeth Foster.

Also Weds July 22 the sharp, literate duo Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric at Lakeside 10 PM –  get there early because he packed the place the last time he played there solo.

Thurs July 23, half past noon veteran jazz pianist Junior Mance in the World Financial Center Winter Garden. He’ll be at One New York Plaza, corner of Whitehall and Water Streets, same time the following day.

Also Thurs July 23, Cheres plays Ukrainian, Moldovan and Romanian mountain music, 1 PM at St. Mark’s Church

Also Thurs July 23,  listed with some cynicism: 6 PM at Pier 54 on the west side, the fearlessly political punkish  Ted Leo and the Pharmacists preceded by psychedelic afropop band Extra Golden and long-running Gang of 4 ripoffs Radio 4

Also Thurs July 23 sprawling, rustic  Balkan/blues/reggae/klezmer improvisers Hazmat Modine, back from another ecstatic European tour play Wagner Park just north of Battery Park on the west side, 7 PM.

Also Thurs July 23, 7 PM Burnt Sugar at Exit Art with Saul Williams and Latasha Nevada Diggs’ Last Minute Trio – it’s the closing party for  the “Negritude” exhibit co-curated by Greg Tate, 475 10th Avenue at 36th St.

Also Thurs July 23 fascinating multistylistic classical/Russian/tango string band Ljova and the Kontraband at the Jewish Museum, 7:30 PM, free with $15 museum adm.

Also Thurs July 23 ancient soul/gospel singer Gladys Knight aong with Philly soul pioneers the O’Jays at Asser Levy Park, Coney Island, 7:30 PM

Also Thurs July 23 grasscore with Slim Cessna’s Auto Club at the Bell House 7:30 PM adv tix $12

Also Thurs July 23 legendary dark rocker Ian Hunter – whose show in June at Rockefeller Park was absolutely killer – is at City Winery, bar seating $30, tables $35, 9 PM.

Also Thurs July 23 Ivan & the Terribles at Trash, 9 PM – they have the same disquieting vibe as the Eels or Deerhoof even though with the synth and the dense guitars they’re basically an early 80s ripoff. But so much smarter than the others out there.

Also Thurs July 23 Erin Regan – equally adept at jaunty ragtime as well as haunting, brooding tales from the dark side – is at the Jalopy Theatre 9 PM $10

Also Thurs July 23 wickedly sharp female-fronted janglerock,pop band Delusions of Grand St. at Lakeside 10 PM

Fri July 24, 7 PM at the Knitting Factory 3 floors of ska (plus hip-hop): King Django, the Jammyland All-Stars featuring Milton Henry, Nomadic Wax’s African Underground, the Bluebeats, Bigger Thomas, Hyphen One & Daylow, Cold Spot 8, Wareika Hill + others, adv tix $17

Also Fri July 24, 8 PM at the Stone it’s Brandon Ross night starting at 8 with his group For Living Lovers: Brandon Ross (acoustic guitars, banjo, voice) Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar) and then at 10 Brandon Ross—If God Has Planted This Love In My Heart with Brandon Ross (acoustic guitars, voice) Aaron Stewart (saxophone) Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar) Sadiq Bey (poetry) Rubin Kodheli (cello) Tyshawn Sorey (drums). Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll break out his invention the pencilina, a sort of cross hetween a dulcimer and lapsteel.

Also Fri July 24  Black Moth Super Rainbow – the Cocteau Twins meet Radiohead – at South St. Seaport, 8ish.

Also Fri July 24 at Ace of Clubs a country night starting at 8 with Dock Oscar & the Ambassadors Of Love, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.  Jessica Rose & The Highlife and headlining sometime around 11 Alex Battles & The Whisky Rebellion

Also Fri July 24 9 PM at the Jalopy Theatre eerie deadpan ragtime songwriter W.R. Draper followed at 10 by oldtimey swing chanteuse Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade, $10

Also Fri July 24 the Boss Tweed Band at Hill Country 10 PM

Also Fri July 24 10 PM Indian wedding marching band Red Baraat Festival at Barbes

Also Fri July 24 one of our favorite bands, the wickedly literate, counterintuitive, 90s Britrock-style Special Patrol Group at Lakeside 11 PM

Sat July 25 a punk show at Tompkins Square Park with Reagan Youth, others in the afternoon.

Also Sat July 25, 8 PM at Caffe Vivaldi clarinetist Thomas Piercy leads an inspired trio playing some rarely performed pieces, as well as a few standards by nuevo tango icon Astor Piazzolla as well as new arrangements of several beautifully expressive pieces by Japanese composers Yutaka Ozaki and Jou Hisaishi

Also Sat July 25 at Spikehill Jamie Lyn’s latest, reliably good night of female-fronted and all-girl country acts starting at 8 with Kitty Baby (Serena Jean of the Whisky Trippers with guitarist  Scott Metzger), than at 9 Melody Berger & Cat Wagon play bluegrass, all-girl string band the Havens at 10 and the remarkably smart, fearlessly political Shithouse Lilies headlining at 11.

Also Sat July 25 Satanicide at Bowery Ballroom 10ish adv tix $12 at the Mercury.

Also Sat July 25 Any Day Parade – who mix twangy electric country with a louder paisley underground guitar rock sound – play at Trash, 10 PM.

Also Sat July 25, deliriously fun Greek hellraisers Magges at Teneleven, 11 PM. As the band says, “You know the deal…ouzo shots, bellydancing, flower petals thrown all over the place…a definite ‘glendi’ (good time for all you uncultured halfwits).”

Sun July 26, for those who might be interested Judy Collins plays 2 PM for free on Governors Island, the ferry leaves on the half hour from the old Staten Island Ferry terminal.

Also Sun July 26 at Spikehill, a 2 PM afternoon show with country twangsters the Hilary Hawk Band

Also Sun July 26 exciting new music from Asian underground pioneers Min Xiao-Fen on pipa, Samir Chatterjee on tabla and Masayo Ishigure  playing the koto at the Queens Museum of Art, 7 train to Shea Stadium, time TBA.

Also Sun July 26 And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead at the Williamsburg Waterfront, on the river between North 8th and 9th Sts., free, guessing around 6 PM. Since the space is considerably bigger than McCarren Pool, the likelihood of getting shut out of this seems pretty nonexistent. Here’s hoping they do more of the pensive noirish ballads than the blaring anthems that stop just this short of emo.

Also Sun July 26 the Be Lee Festival at Joe’s Pub, 7 PM: some of this era’s finest songwriters Amy Allison, Jim Allen, Dan Bryk, Kevin Corrigan, Pete Galub, Greta Gertler, Henry Hample, Carol Lipnik, Chris Moore, Alon Nechushtan and others play songs by the brilliant, subtle, multistylistic composer/songwriter/pianist and birthday boy Lee Feldman, adv tix $12 recommended. Visit Lee’s website and watch the Infomerical! Make a donation and you can actually become Lee. You’ll get a nice certificate, a copy of Lee’s latest album I’ve Forgotten Everything, and you will be encouraged to perform a song of Lee’s and post it online. It’s quick, it’s easy, and most important of all . . . it’s safe.

Also Sun July 26, 8:30 PM an excellent country night at Banjo Jim’s with Reckon So, Carolyn Sills, Drina & The Deep Blue Sea and Monica “L’il Mo” Passin followed at 10:30ish by the excellent bluegrass band the NYCity Slickers

Also Sun July 26 bellydance goddess Nourhan Sharif presents a night of classic Middle Eastern music and dance with Mohamed El Hossein & Karim Nagi at Lafayette Grill & Bar, 8ish.

Also Sun July 26 uncompromising, eardrum-shattering, Radio Birdman-inspired garage punks the Mess Around at Cake Shop 8ish

Also Sun July 26 fiery, brilliantly lyrical banjo rocker Curtis Eller opens for first-wave oldtimey revivalists the Squirrel Nut Zippers at Highline Ballroom 8 PM $25 adv tix

Also Sun July 26, 9 PM “The Escape Artist” at the Dixon Place Theatre, 161 Chrystie Street (between Delancey and Rivington) – one performance only of original songs by John Kelly & Carol Lipnik collide with video dramatizations of the paintings of Caravaggio in an hour-long performance/concert. Paintings come to life and identities blur: expect to see some blissful video shot in Rome, and hear some seriously beautiful original music written in collaboration with Carol Lipnik.   John DiPinto is Music Director.

Mon July 27 the deliriously fun Afro/Latin/Caribbean dance stylings of la Sovietika, 3 PM at Sudaca/Bronx at Haven Arts Gallery, 50 Bruckner Blvd, Building A, 6 Train to 138th St.

Also Mon July 27, 8:30 PM  Botanica keyboardist Paul Wallfisch followed by excellent noir art-rocker Martin Bisi at 9ish, then at 10 Cherie Lily – who looks like she could kick your ass – and then the jangly, smartly lyrical Roman Games at 11 or so upstairs at Small Beast at the Delancey.

Also Mon July 27, 8 PM the Searchlights play smart original country songs at trash, 8 PM for open bar.

Also Mon July 27, 8 PM Rush Kress and the Ukemen, Rick Bruner of the Suaverinos at 8:30 and then the reliably charming, wickedly smart Bliss Blood of the Moonlighters solo at 9 at Life Cafe, 343 E. 10th Street, corner of Avenue B

Also Mon July 27, 8:30 PM powerpopmeister George Usher at Banjo Jim’s

Tues July 28 Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co at Rodeo Bar 10:30 PM

Weds July 29, 7 PM Cuban son jazz jams with Químbombó at Wagner Park.

Also Weds July 29 at the Jazz Standard exceptionally imaginative piano jazz with the Gerald Clayton Trio, sets 7:30/9:30

Also Weds July 29 at Drom, 8ish, tango night with Tango Fiaka, the Haffner Tango Trust and others, $12 adv tix rec.

Also Weds July 29, 9 PM haunting, brooding, soul-inflected noir art rockers the French Exit at Local 269 on Houston (the old Meow Mix space).

Thurs July 30, half past noon Australian blueswoman Fiona Boyes on the World Financial Center Plaza, 220 Vesey Street, also at One New York Plaza, corner of Whitehall and Water Streets, same time the next day.

Also Thurs July 30, 7 PM Arlo Guthrie at Castle Clinton, tix available 2 per person, outside Castle Clinton, first-come, first-served starting 5 PM day of show.

Also Thurs July 30 Naomi Shelton &  the Gospel Queens and roots reggae legend Burning Spear at Prospect Park Bandshell, 7:30 PM, early arrival advised.

Also Thurs July 30 – 8/2 at the Jazz Standard the Freddy Cole Quartet with special guest Harry Allen (7/31-8/2). Freddy Cole – piano and vocals; Harry Allen – tenor saxophone; Randy Napoleon – guitar; Elias Bailey – bass; Curtis Boyd -drums, sts 7:30/9:30 PM.

Also Thurs July 30 a trio of first-rate female-fronted acts at Spikehill starting at 8 PM with artsy all-female trio Rescue Bird – autoharp, keys and guitar – followed at 9 by dark oldtimey siren Carrie Clark and then eventually at 11 by smart, frequently funny, lyrical, Greta Gertler-esque keyboardist/singer Andrea Wittgens.

Also Thurs July 30 8:30ish The Builders and the Butchers play mostly acoustic Nashville gothic at the Bell House, adv tix $10

Also Thurs July 30 former Pulp frontman/misanthrope Jarvis Cocker at Terminal 5, 9ish, adv tix $35 at the Mercury.

Also Thurs July 30 counterintuitive, brilliantly melodic and lyrical cello-playing siren Serena Jost and her band play two alternately hypnotic, catchy and starkly beautiful sets at Barbes at 10 PM.

Also Thurs July 30 a killer oldtimey-flavored night at Banjo Jim’s with the Moonlighters’ reliably brilliant and alluring Bliss Blood doing a rare solo show at 9 followed by the ferociously lyrical, banjo-flailing Curtis Eller at 10 and then the similarly smart, lyrical Craig Robertson at 11.

Also Thurs July 30 Ansambl Mastika at Mehanata, 9 PM, $10. Ferocious, exhilarating, somewhat devious band who play fiery dance numbers with Balkan, Arab and klezmer influences, have a slinky rhythm section, innovative guitarist and the most powerful clarinet player this side of the Aegean. One of the best bands in NYC.

Also Thurs July 30 9:30ish PM at the Nokia Theatre vintage 90s hiphop with Method Man & Redman and the Wu’s Ghostface Killah, $35 adv tix at the box office

Fri July 31 legendary noise-rockers Polvo at South St. Seaport, with the original, intriguing Obits and their garage/psychedelic stuff opening the night around 7.

Also Fri July 31, 8 PM an excellent doublebill at Caffe Vivaldi with dramatic, intense chanteuse Sophie Auster followed by delta blues/Americana guitar genius Myles Turney at Caffe Vivaldi at 9.

Also Fri July 31 compellingly jangly garage/shoegaze/surf rockers the Vivian Girls at the Whitney, 8 PM

Also Fri July 31 8 PM the Six Bach Suites for Solo Cello and Beyond, Part 1 – Bach Suite No. 1 for Unaccompanied Cello in G Major, BWV 1007; Suite No. 3 for Unaccompanied Cello in C Major, BWV 1009; Suite No. 5 for Unaccompanied Cello in c minor, BWV 1011; Yoed Nir – Improvisation for Electric Solo Cello (A fusion of Middle Eastern and Jewish flavors and influences combining classical and world music) – Yoed Nir, Cello and Electric Cello at Bargemusic, $35, part 2 continues on 8/7

Also Fri July 31, 8:30ish the Mekons mostly acoustic at the Bell House gen adm $15

Also Fri July 31,the Erotics at Trash, 9 PM  – perfect venue, perfect glam punk band – fearlessly tasteless, un-PC as you can get. They’re great!

Also Fri July 31, Rev Vince Anderson and band at 55 Bar 10 PM

Also Fri  July 31 Band of Outsiders and Certain General at the Parkside, 10 PM  – no, they’re not actually the same band as we somewhat snarkily suggested here earlier, though both veteran LES bands mine the same kind of hypnotic yet intense post-Velvets vibe.  Opening at 9 is Jahn Xavier, ormerly of the Nitecaps and Richard Hell’s Voidoids, currently in Sugartime, playing solo.

8/1 WFUV will broadcast live performances from Tift Merritt, Billy Bragg, the Avett Brothers, Gillian Welch, headliner Pete Seeger and others on Saturday, August 1 from 12:00-5:00 PM at this year’s Newport Folk Festival.  In addition, WFUV and NPR will webcast all the weekend’s performances.

8/1 Hawke & Owl and the Flanks playing oldtime country and Americana, 4 PM  at the F train station at Riverwalk Commons, Roosevelt Island.

8/1, 7 PM Brazz Tree play fiery acoustic soul/funk at Joe’s Pub $15

8/1, 7 PM ubiquitous Americana guitarmeister Homeboy Steve plays solo at Banjo Jim’s.

8/1 Jennifer O’Connor 7:30 PM at Union Hall $12 She’ also there again on 8/22 at 8 for the same price

8/1 funk band the Rozatones at Bowery Poetry Club, time TBA. Charismatic frontwoman with a powerful soul wail, an ornate art-rock sensibility and occasional Balkan overtones. Good stuff.

8/1, 8 PM Urban Sun play funk on the Rocks Off Concert Cruise, boarding at 7 at 23rd and the FDR, adv tix $20 highly recommended.

8/1, 10 PM, $10,  fiery blues guitarist John D’Amato followed by New Orleans style soul belter Jordan Valentine & her band the Sunday Saints at midnight at the Cornelia St. Cafe.

8/1, 11 PM tight, fun funksters Baby Daddy at the Parkside followed by at midnight by a supposedly good blues cover band, Speedo & The Boys

8/2 brilliantly artsy keydoardist/composer/pop purist Greta Gertler plays Bunker Fest at Union Hall around 5:30 PM, also sitting in with other acts on the bill. This is the inaugural festival of rock musicians who write, rehearse and record at mysterious Bunker  studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Also performances by headliners the Exotic Profiles (featuring Peter Langland-Hassan, guitarist Clint Newman, drummer Adam D Gold and bass player, Bob Van Pelt), along with Chris Moore, Tom Gavin, (Fiery Furnaces), Mike Goodman, powerpop guitar genius Pete Galub, Vitamin-D and others.

8/3, 7:30 PM, Toumani Diabate (Malian kora virtuoso) at Central Park Summerstage, free.

8/3, 8:30 PM Botanica noir keyboard mastermind Paul Wallfisch, equally noir and charismatic siren Vera Beren & Vovete and psychedelic atmospheric rocker Thomas Simon at Small Beast at the Delancey.


8/4 Brazilian jazz guitarist Paul Meyers with Donny McCaslin, Helio Alves, Leo Traversa, Vanderlei Pereira at Zinc Bar 9:30 PM

8/5-9 Asphalt Orchestra – a Bang on a Can spinoff doing artsy instrumental covers from a playfully diverse number of genres, marching-band style,  7 PM at Lincoln Center Plaza, free

8/5 7:30 PM Amir ElSaffar’s Two Rivers Large Ensemble and the Dave Brubeck Quartet with special guest soloist Simon Shaheen at Damrosch Park

8/5 Julia Haltigan & the Hooligans at Lakeside 10 PM

8/5 10 PM the Noah Preminger Quartet with Rudy Royston on drums at 55 Bar

8/6 Malian desert blues guitar goddess Rokia Traore at Metrotech Park at noon

8/6 8:30ish Nicole Atkins & the Sea at the Bell House $15 gen adm

8/6 the Boss Tweed Band at Union Hall 8 PM $10 adv tix available

8/6 Tandy at Lakeside 10 PM

8/7 The Plumbers play “Tex-Mex-Calypso-billy” at Sinatra Park, Sinatra Dr. btwn 4th & 5th Sts.,  Hoboken, 7 PM, free

8/7 7:30 PM Raul Midon and Rokia Traore at Damrosch Park

8/7 best show of the year – the Brooklyn What at Trash Bar w/Escarioka, Palmyra Delran, Warm Hats and This Blue Heaven. Very cool, succinct Brooklyn What interview here.

8/8, 7 PM at Prospect Park Bandshell Big Daddy Kane (with special guests TBA), plus a screening of the documentary BDK: The Big Daddy Kane Story

8/9, 7 PM Romashka at Pier One on the upper west

8/9, 8 PM the Electric Prunes and a Love cover band at B.B. King’s, adv tix $30

8/11 the Budos Band in the parking lot at Spring and Varick, 5 PM

8/11-16 the JD Allen Trio with Rudy Royston on drums and Gregg August on bass  at the Vanguard, sets at 9 and 11. There is no composer so on top of his game – in any style of music – as this unassuming tenor sax guy is right now. The show will be broadcast live on 8/12 on NPR’s  Live at the Village Vanguard. You can also catch them live on 8/12 at 12:40 PM on Lenny Lopate on WNYC

8/12, 7 PM  golden age hip-hop with Black Moon and Smif n Wessun with a live band at Brower Park, Brooklyn Ave. & Park Pl. between Kingston & Brooklyn Aves., Bed-Stuy, 3 train to Kingston Ave.

8/12 7 PM Red Baraat Festival at Lincoln Center Plaza

8/12, 7 PM the Wu-tang’s’s Raekwon on his Shaolin home turf at Mahoney Playground, Beechwood Ave., Crescent Ave., Cleveland St. & Jersey St.

8/12 8 PM what’s left of the Wailers at BB King’s $25 adv tix, note that Family Man Barrett is not on bass, but they still have Al Anderson on guitar.

8/12 9 PM Stumblebum Brass Band at Coco 66 in Greenpoint

8/13 the Donnas, Pat Benatar and Blondie at Asser Levy Park, Coney Island, 7:30 PM

8/13 Robert Gordon + Chris Spedding + Slim Jim Phantom + Glen Matlock 8 PM at B.B.King’s adv tix $25

8/14 7 PM Slavic Soul Party at Lincoln Center North Plaza

8/14 at Ace of Clubs a country/cowpunk night starting at 8 with Jason Wilder Evans, Sterling Peirce, the Dirt Luck Outlaws and I’ll Be John Brown around 11.

8/14 country siren Drina & the Deep Blue Sea 8 PM at Banjo Jim’s

8/14 9 PM Pearl & the Beard at Union Pool

8/15 surf bands on the Coney Island Boardwalk including Reverb Galaxy at 4 PM; amusingly theatrical horror-rock supergroup Witches in Bikinis play later at  7 PM. WIB are also here on 8/22 at 7.

8/15 8 PM at Bargemusic the Amernet String Quartet play the Haydn String Quartet No. 14 in E-Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2, Mendelssohn String Quartet No. 4 in e minor, Op. 44, No. 2. Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 1 in D Major, Op. 11, $35

8/15, 9 PM fiery, tuneful, artsy rock en Espanol and English too with New Madrid at the Cameo Gallery out back of the Loving Cup Cafe in Williamsburg.

8/15 11:30 PM dark brilliantly lyrical rocker Daniel Bernstein at Sidewalk

8/16 haunting, atmospheric chanteuse Larkin Grimm at Sidewalk 10 PM

8/17 Tim Eriksen, pioneering string player blending of oldtimey Americana with the avante-garde plays Massachusetts murder ballads at the Blue Note, sets 8 and 10:30 PM, tix only $10 or $5 at the bar. “Northern roots is New England music of life and death, not bed and breakfast. It’s half way between Irish and Appalachian with a Yankee twist.”

8/17 Paul Wallfisch, Bliss Blood and Curtis Eller at Small Beast at the Delancey, 8:30 PM

8/18 Chico Hamilton’s Euphoria at Dizzy’s Club, 7:30/9:30 PM. $30, adv tix highly recommended.

8/18 the Breeders at Bowery Ballroom 9ish adv tix $25

8/18 Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson at Joe’s Pub – shows 9:30/11:30 $25

8/19, 7 PM Naughty by Nature on Shaolin at Mahoney Playground, Beechwood Ave., Crescent Ave., Cleveland St. & Jersey St

8/20 intriguingly psychedelic funksters Buzz Universe aboard the Rocks Off Concert Cruise, boarding at 8 at 23rd and the FDR, adv tix $20 highly recommended.

8/20 8 PM the Moody Blues at the Beacon Theatre $39.50 no svce charge if purchased at the Beacon box office

8/20 Gregory Isaacs at BB King’s 8 PM adv tix $22.50

8/20 9 PM Bern & the Brights at Think Coffee, 248 Mercer St., Soho

8/20 the Silos at Lakeside 10 PM

8/21 Mystic Dub play hypnotic oldschool roots reggae/dub at Shrine, 10 PM. Theyr’e also at Sidewalk on midnight on 8/27!?!

8/22 Chicha Libre at the F train station at Riverwalk Commons, Roosevelt Island, 4 PM.

8/22 Jennifer O’Connor 8 PM at Union Hall

8/22 Burnt Sugar’s 10th anniversary show at Joe’s Pub 9:30 PM $15

8/22 Magges at Mehanata 10 PM  free before 10:30

8/22 the New Collisions at the Bitter End 11 PM

8/23 los Straitjackets at Maxwell’s $13 adv tix

8/24 Paul Wallfisch, Alice Texas and We Intersect at Small Beast at the Delancey, 8:30 PM

8/25-30 widely sampled 70s jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers at the Blue Note, bar seating $20, tables $30, sets at 8/10:30 PM

8/27 Jessica Valiente’s excellent latin jazz band las Mas Valientes play outdoors at 24 State St just east of the Shaolin Ferry terminal, half past noon.

8/27 pianist Simone Dinnerstein and cellist Zuill Bailey play the cd release show for their new collaboration Beethoven’s Complete Works for Piano and Cello playing Sonatas Nos. 3, 4, and 5, time tba, adv tix $20

8/27 surf rock legend Dick Dale and his 17-year-old kid Jimmy do an acoustic/electric duo show at City Winery, bar seats $20, tables $30, 9 PM

8/28-29 a killer two day soul summit at the Bell House starting around 8 PM , $25 2-day passes available otherwise $15 adv tix per night. 8/28 is the more retro with Barbara Lynn (”The Soul Queen of the Gulf Coast”); Roscoe Robinson (”The Baron Of Birmingham, Alabama”); Hermon Hitson (”The Georgia Grinder”).  All acts backed by Eli Paperboy Reed’s band. Reed also is supposedly on the bill at some point. 8/29 features Chicago blues crooner Otis Clay, Maxine Brown (”The Lovely Lady of New York Uptown Soul”) and NYC’s own retro soul harmony sirens the Sweet Divines

8/28, midnight the Live Ones at Union Pool

8/31 Anguila roots reggae/rock star Bankie Banx plays a free show at BB King’s 8 PM

9/1 Michael Franti & Spearhead at Terminal 5, 8 PM adv tix $35 at the Mercury

9/4 9 PM at Southpaw $10 the Sweetback Sisters and Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

9/9 Bill Frisell at City Winery

9/11 John Brown’s Body at Bowery Ballroom 9ish gen adm $15

9/13 the Dirty Three 9ish at Bowery Ballroom adv tix $15

9/15 8 PM Deerhoof at le Poisson Rouge, $15

9/17 Son Volt at Irving Plaza adv tix $22.50

9/18 Groundation play roots reggae at BB King’s 11:30 PM adv tix $16

9/19 And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead 10 PM at the Music Hall of Williamsburg $20 adv tix available at the Mercury

9/23 8:30ish at Bowery Ballroom the Minus 5, the Baseball Project, and the Steve Wynn IV feat. Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon, adv tix onsale 7/10 at noon at the Mercury box office

9/30 Shemekia Copeland at BB King’s 8 PM adv tix $25

10/9 hilarious hip-hop party animals Chronikill at Bowery Poetry Club 10 PM

10/16-18 at the Jazz Standard the Ben Allison Band: Jenny Scheinman – violin; Shane Endsley – trumpet; Steve Cardenas – guitar; Ben Allison – bass; Rudy Royston – drums

10/21-23 Richard Thompson plays all-request shows at City Winery $35 standing room tix available – this will sell out fast

10/29-11/1 at the Jazz Standard: Go Home featuring Charlie Hunter – guitar; Curtis Fowlkes – trombone; Ben Goldberg – clarinet; Scott Amendola – drums

11/6-8 the Extremely Hungary Samizdat Music Festival at le Poisson Rouge and La Mama

11/21  Black 47 at Connolly’s, also 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, and New Years Eve

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Song of the Day 7/2/09

Every day, our top 666 songs of alltime countdown gets one step closer to #1. Thursday’s song is #391:

The Cure – M

Spookiest thing they ever did, and it’s the sheer nonchalance that makes it that way. “Ready, for the next attack,” Robert Smith says, evoking Peter Lorre’s character in the unforgettable Fritz Lang film. Swooping, ominous organ, gunshot drum machine and killer Laurence Tolhurst bassline with all those chords. From the band’s best album, Seventeen Seconds, 1983; mp3s are everywhere. The link above is an intriguing live clip from Mexico City, 2005.

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