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Song of the Day 2/7/10

The best 666 songs of alltime countdown continues every day, all the way to #1. Sunday’s song is #172:

The Clash – Gates of the West

English punk apprehensively sets out for America, knowing that it’s a long way, literally and figuratively, “from Camden Town Station to 44th and 8th…stealing cross the shadows, will I see you again?” Joe Strummer wants to know. The searing layers of Strummer and Jones’ guitars are exquisite. Originally issued as a bonus single packaged with the first American release of the Clash’s first album, it’s on a bunch of digital compilations as well.

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  1. Nice timing…we’re doing out best Clash songs of all time (Gates of the West) is seeded!

    Comment by Tim | February 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. If we weren’t trying to divide this list among so many great artists, about half of it would probably be the Clash. Wait til we get to the top 100! Already on the list: Clampdown (570), Magnificent Seven (569), Somebody Got Murdered (555), Garageland (357), Lost in the Supermarket (355), Sound of the Sinners (338), London’s Burning (257), London Calling (209)

    Comment by the boss here | February 8, 2010 | Reply

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