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Steve Kilbey’s Solo Albums Now Available As a Box Set

For fans who can’t get enough of legendary Australian rockers the Church, virtually all of frontman Steve Kilbey’s recordings as a solo artist are now available as an 8-cd box set from Second Motion Records. The label warns that this is a limited edition and copies are going fast. The set includes remastered digipack copies of Unearthed and Earthed, The Slow Crack, the massive triple album Remindlessness, the Narcosis ep, Dabble and Artifacts and Freaky Conclusions (the latter of which have never been officially released in the US). The only thing missing is Kilbey’s latest and best solo album, Painkiller, from last year, also available from Second Motion.

As a dedicated bandleader, Kilbey saves his best material for the band. But there are treasures everywhere throughout this collection: janglerock, piano miniatures, his trademark “space-rock,” neo T Rex folk/psych ballads, hypnotic soundscapes and at least an album’s worth of A-list songs that for one reason or another never made it into the Church catalog. Essential listening for fans of the band and a rewarding listen for those with the money and the inclination. Orders received before May 18, 2010 will also receive a bonus digital-only album of rare, previously unreleased demos.

Now it’s time for the Marty Willson-Piper and Peter Koppes box sets!

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