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Album of the Day 8/1/10

Every day, we count down the best albums of all time all the way to #1. Sunday’s album is #912:

The Mofos – Supercharged on Alcohol

Guitarist Gary Siperko (now with the Whiskey Daredevils) fronted this snarling, amphetamine noir surf band circa 2002. Their lone cd is simply one of the most exhilarating albums ever made, a blend of reverb-drenched horror surf, noir soundtrack and Link Wray-style stomps. Siperko is a master of vicious, macabre chromatic surf guitar, all reverb-drenched intensity. The textures here are to die for – layers and layers and layers of distortion and twang and blazing fury – and the tunes are worthy of Big Lazy or Friends of Dean Martinez. Adrenaline usually gets the upper hand here, as on the aptly titled Satan A-Go-Go or the surprisingly poignant, funereal Drag City. The offhandedly titled Dune Buggy War at Pismo Beach is a masterpiece of wild guitar fury; there’s also a punk spaghetti western number, a punk flamenco song and the vicious, chromatically-charged Fuck Art, Let’s Make Money. No song has ever been more ironically titled. And 2 Minutes to Live is one of the few songs we blinked on when we did our Best 666 songs of All Time list – it’s a virtual line of cocaine, one that won’t kill you. These guys probably never made a dime from this but their brilliance will last forever. The album is still available at cdbaby.


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MotherMoon Turns Down the Lights

Don’t let MotherMoon frontwoman Ashley Selett’s vocal resemblance to Norah Jones scare you off – their new album Writing in the Sky is hardly elevator music. Selett’s torchy yet nuanced, soul-infused delivery understates the dark intensity of her songwriting. The songs here are remarkably intelligently and counterintuitively assembled: dynamics rise and fall, tempos shift in a split second, go doublespeed and then back again. Selett’s a terrific wordsmith as well. Pensive, brooding and metaphorically charged, her lyrics don’t shy away from the dark side.

The album opens with a pleasant, accessible, guitar-and-organ rock tune with clever psychedelic touches that contrast with the beaten-down anguish of the lyrics:

Although we fall down to the ground
Maybe it’s not what we wanted
Maybe the sun maybe the time
Was too unwarranted
…I guess just bring the hearse
In the heat of the night

The album’s second cut (essentially its title track) is a fragmentary, brooding Cat Power-ish minimalist number with a catchy chorus: “Why’s everybody looking at me like sadness is faux pas?” Selett wants to know. A simple soul guitar riff carries the captivating Quicker Quitter – it’s hard to tell if Selett is being cynical, or offering a warning to get out before everything falls apart.

Spilt Blood couples a 1920s-style hot swing tune to a fast swaying rock arrangement – here Selett reaches back for a post-Billie Holiday delivery more than she does anywhere else, delivering her vivid, imagistic, wounded lyric with a depleted, affectless weariness. The album winds up with a new wave rock tune with woozy, oscillating Dr. Dre synth. It’s an auspicious debut that leaves you wanting more. Selett’s current band includes brilliant Americana guitarist Myles Turney along with Joseph Colmenero on bass and Joel Arnow on percussion. MotherMoon play the cd release show for this one at Spike Hill on August 6 at 11 PM.

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Album of the Day 7/31/10

Every day, we count down the 1000 best albums of all time, all the way to #1. Saturday’s is #913:

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

We should have included this on the obvious picks page to begin with – this is a real iconic one. Originally recorded for RCA in 1978, the band and label had a falling out, the band finally forced to delay releasing it for a year until they (with some help from future Factory Records impresario Tony Wilson) could afford to buy back their master tapes. It was worth it. The prototypical goth band mix it up here: the majestic anthem New Dawn Fades, the fiery dirge Day of the Lords, the skittish punk fury of Interzone and the manic depressive stomp of Shadowplay mingle amongst eerie minimalist sketches like Candidate, Wilderness and Insight. The 2007 cd reissue includes a bonus cd with a surprisingly good quality recording of the famous Russell Club concert from July of 1979 featuring especially choice live takes of Dead Souls and Shadowplay. All of this is very easy to find and download; vinyl copies, on the other hand, tend to be expensive, especially on the Factory label.

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NYC Live Music Calendar for August and September 2010 Plus Other Events

Hey – this isn’t the most recent, updated concert calendar here. This link will take you there

Most of these shows are free; most everything that costs money is less than $12 unless otherwise indicated. If you don’t recognize the place where a particular act is playing, check our venues page. If you didn’t see anything that tickled you this time around, you can always check back later because this page is always being updated.

 A few things you should know about this calendar: acts are listed here in order of appearance, NOT headliner first and supporting acts after; showtimes listed here are actual set times, not the time doors open. If a listing here says something like ”9 PM-ish,” chances are it’ll run late. Cover charges are those listed on bands’ and venues’ sites: always best to click on the band link provided or go to the venues page for confirmation since we get much of this info weeks in advance. As always, weekly events first followed by the daily listings:

Sundays there’s a klezmer brunch at City Winery, show starts round 11:30 AM – 2 PM, $10 cover, no minimum, lots of good bands.

Sundays from half past noon to 3:30 PM, bluegrass cats Freshly Baked (f.k.a. Graveyard Shift), featuring excellent, incisive fiddle player Diane Stockwell play Nolita House (upstairs over Botanica at 47 E Houston). Free drink with your entree.

Sundays starting September 21 the series of free organ concerts at 5:15 PM begins at St. Thomas Church, 53rd St. and 5th Ave

Stephane Wrembel plays Sundays at Barbes at 9. He’s something of an institution here, plan on arriving EARLY, 45 minutes early isn’t too soon since the whole bar gets packed fast. The guitarist has few if any equals as an interpreter of Django Reinhardt, but it’s where he takes the gypsy jazz influence in his own remarkably original, psychedelic writing – and what he brings to the Django stuff – that makes all the difference. One of the most interesting players in any style of music, anywhere in the world.

Every Sunday the Ear-Regulars, led by trumpeter Jon Kellso and (frequently) guitarist Matt Munisteri play NYC’s only weekly hot jazz session starting around 8 PM at the Ear Inn on Spring St.  Hard to believe, in the city that springboarded the careers of thousands of jazz legends, but true. This is by far the best value in town for marquee-caliber jazz: for the price of a drink and a tip for the band, you can see world-famous players (and brilliant obscure ones) you’d usually have to drop $100 for at some big-ticket room. The material is mostly old-time stuff from the 30s and 40s, but the players (especially Kellso and Munisteri, who have a chemistry that goes back several years) push it into some deliciously unexpected places.

Sundays in August Matty Charles plays Pete’s at 9:30 PM. For those who missed his years playing  here back in the zeros, he writes a classy acoustic melody and a wryly understated lyric to go with it, in a John Prine sort of way.

Every Sunday, hip-hop MC Big Zoo hosts the long-running End of the Weak rap showcase at the Pyramid, 9 PM, admission $5 before 10, $7 afterward. This is one of the best places to discover some of the hottest under-the-radar hip-hop talent, both short cameos as well as longer sets from both newcomers and established vets.

Add Sundays in August pianist Arturo O’Farrill’s Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra at Birdland, sets 9/11 PM, $30 tix avail.

Mondays at the Fat Cat the Choi Fairbanks String Quartet play a wide repertoire of chamber music from Bach to Shostakovich starting at 7

Mondays at the Jazz Standard it’s all Mingus, whether with the Mingus Orchestra, Big Band or Mingus Dynasty: you know the material and the players are all first rate. Sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25 and worth it.

Mondays at the Delancey on the main floor, 8:30 PMish it’s Small Beast, NYC’s edgiest and most vital rock and rock-oriented scene, founded by Botanica frontman and master of menace Paul Wallfisch. It’s an international mix of some of the most intelligent (and frequently darkest) performers passing through town. It’s free and there’s always some kind of drink special or freebee. If you wish Tonic was still open, the Beast is keeping the flame alive. August artists include devious bass-and-vocal duo Flutterbox, charismatic noir gypsy punk siren Vera Beren, avant blues/jazz slide guitarist Richard Bonnet and crazy German hardcore punk band Low Society.

Mondays in September Alec Stephen plays Pete’s at 9:30 PM. He got his start playing noisy, distantly bluesy guitar in Railroad Jerk, went deep into lush, bucolic Nick Drake-ish acoustic stuff and has lately reinvented himself as a fiery, terse garage/blues rocker. He’ll probably be playing all this and more along with some intriguing new stuff.

Also Monday nights Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, a boisterous horn-driven 11-piece 1920s/early 30’s band play Sofia’s Restaurant, downstairs at the Edison Hotel, 221 West 46th Street between Broadway & 8th Ave., 3 sets from 8 to 11, surprisingly cheap $15 cover plus $15 minimum considering what you’re getting. Even before the Flying Neutrinos or the Moonlighters, multi-instrumentalist Giordano was pioneering the oldtimey sound in New York; his long-running residency at the old Cajun on lower 8th Ave. is legendary. He also gets a ton of film work (Giordano wrote the satirical number that Willie Nelson famously sang in Wag the Dog).

Mondays at the Vanguard the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra – composer Jim McNeely’s reliably good big band vehicle – plays 9/11 PM, $30 per set plus drink minimum.

Mondays in August Spanglish Fly – sly, danceable Brooklyn bugalu revivalists, who put a new spin on classic latin soul from the 60s – are at Barbes at 10 PM while Chicha Libre is on tour. They’re also at Camaradas El Barrio, 2241 1st Ave (at 115th) at 10 PM on 8/6.

Also Mondays in September the Barbes house band, Chicha Libre plays there starting around 9:30. They’ve singlehandedly resurrected an amazing subgenre, chicha, which was popular in the Peruvian Amazon in the late 60s and early 70s. With electric accordion, cuatro, surf guitar and a slinky but boisterous rhythm section, their mix of obscure classics and originals is one of the funnest, most danceable things you’ll witness this year.

Also Mondays in August Rev. Vince Anderson and his band play Union Pool in Williamsburg, two sets starting around 11 PM. The Rev. is one of the great keyboardists around, equally thrilling on organ or electric piano, an expert at Billy Preston style funk, honkytonk, gospel and blues. He writes very funny, very politically astute, frequently salacious original gospel songs and is one of the most charismatic, intense live performers of our time. Paula Henderson from Burnt Sugar is the lead soloist on baritone sax.

Every Tuesday the Birdhive Boys play classic and original bluegrass upstairs at the National Underground, 8 PM.

Tuesdays in September 7 PM jazz/Americana violin star Jenny Scheinman at Barbes followed by Balkan brass maniacs Slavic Soul Party  at 9. Get here as soon as you can as both acts are popular.

Tuesdays Julia Haltigan plays 11th St. Bar at 10 “for the rest of her life.” A nuanced, cleverly lyrical country/Americana chanteuse with a terrific band behind her and a growing catalog of first-class original songs. See her now before it costs you big bucks at the Beacon.

Tuesdays in August the Dred Scott Trio play astonishingly smart, dark piano jazz at the smaller room at the Rockwood at midnight.

Wednesdays at 9 PM Feral Foster’s Roots & Ruckus takes over the Jalopy, a reliably excellent weekly mix of oldtimey acts: blues, bluegrass, country and swing.

Wednesdays in August Damien Quinones y Su Nuevo Conjunto play the Loving Cup Cafe (the bar/restaurant you have to go through to get to the Cameo Gallery) on N 6th St. in Williamsburg, 10 PM. They’ve got a completely original sound – psychedelic pop with a 60s flavor (think the Zombies) with a latin soul tinge and an impressive catalog of good songs.

Wednesdays in September, 8 PM, 8-string guitarist Charlie Hunter with Eric Kalb on drums and Mike Williams on trumpet at the Cameo Gallery

Every Thursday the Michael Arenella Quartet play 1920s hot jazz 8-11 PM at Nios, 130 W 46th St.

Every Friday in August (except August 6) at 9 PM at the Fat Cat Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens bring an authentic here-and-now Brooklyn church vibe, no slick theatrics, just soul.

Fridays at Mehanata it’s Balkan sax powerhouse Yuri Yukanov and the Grand Masters of Gypsy Music, 10 PM, $10

Fridays there’s live Mediterranean music – Greek- Arabic, Turkish Armenian, Israeli fusion with Mike Stoupakis, Christos Zavolas, Sofia on on vocals, Elias Sarkar-oud/vocals, Kostas Konstantinou – drums,  plus bellydancers at Lafayette Grill & Bar, 54 Franklin St., downtown,$20 cover, 10ish, free after 1 AM.

7/31 on the plaza at Lincoln Center a murderously good Detroit music afternoon starting with Eddie Kirkland acoustic at 2 PM, the Motor City Soul Revue: Eddie Kirkland, Spyder Turner, Melvin Davis, Dennis Coffey & The Velvelettes with The Party Stompers at 2:30. At 5 PM out back in Damrosch Park it’s pioneering black punk rockers Death followed by the Gories at 6, ? and the Mysterians at 7:15 and Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels at 8:30. Niger desert blues band Etran Finatawa plays the plaza while Death takes over out back.

7/31, 2 PM Moona Luna plays the Queens Theatre in the Park, 7 train to Shea Stadium. Free but reservations required to 718-760-0064. The world’s only bilingual Spanish/English children’s music band is actually really cool – they’re a spinoff of the fun, jangly Pistolera (the Mexican Go Go’s). Now’s the time to get your kids listening to rock en Espanol!

7/31-8/1 if you can’t make it to the Newport Folk Festival you can still listen on WFUV. Highlights of Saturday’s bill: Nneka, Calexico, Andrew Bird and John Prine; Sunday the middle-of-the-day artists, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings and the Avett Brothers are always good for a listen.

7/31 sharp-dressed, ferociously literate NYC noir rock legend LJ Murphy at Banjo Jim’s, 7 PM

7/31, 9 PM fiery, psychedelic, soul/punk/art-rock siren Katie Elevitch plays a rare duo show at Cin-M-Art Space, 432 6th Ave. (9th & 10th Sts).

7/31, 9:30 PM wild intense gypsy punk band Bad Buka at Mehanata. They’re also here on 8/7

7/31 haunting yet charming Balkan vocal quartet Black Sea Hotel at the Jalopy at 9 followed by the ferociously blazing Veveritse Brass Band at 10:30

7/31, 9ish Sonic Youth free at Prospect Park Bandshell – this is one you’ll have to hear from behind the fence out back because no matter what time you show up it’ll be a mobscene.

7/31 fiery guitar-and-horns Balkan rockers Ansambl Mastika at Shrine, 9 PM followed at 10 by FLC Afro Cuban Band playing reggae/funk .

7/31 Australian sensation the Cat Empire – quirky, ska-inflected and great fun – at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9 PM, adv tix $22 rec. Their new album is very cool.

7/31, 9 PM Brazilian percussion master and bandleader Nanny Assis plays the 92YTribeca, $15, a rare and considerably less expensive way to see him away from his home turf at SOB’s.

7/31 the Jack Grace Band – whose new retro honkytonk album Drinking Songs for Lovers is a classic – at Hill Country, 9:30 PM.

7/31, 10 PM the Hard Nips play Spike Hill. Imagine if Shonen Knife had been born 20 years later and were better musicians. Their new album is titled I Shit U Not.

7/31, 10:30ish the alternately haunting and ecstatic Balkan/Middle Eastern Cafe Antarsia Ensemble at Zebulon

7/31 captivatingly brooding Americana/avant trio Rescue Bird play Pete’s, 11 PM. They’re also in the small space at the Rockwood on 8/5 at 10.

7/31, midnight-ish at Rose Bar, Super Hi Fi playing a mix of dub and Afrobeat feat. members of Aphrodesia, Slavic Soul Party, the Superpowers and Blue Man Group (!?!)

8/1 indie pop girls: the fairly reliable Basia Bulat followed by some trendoid followed by the sometimes precious, sometimes captivating St. Vincent at Central Park Summerstage.

8/1 the unstoppable oldtimey Dead Kennedys of oldtimey music, the Asylum Street Spankers (with Christina Marrs but no Wammo), 2 PM on the plaza at Lincoln Center followed by masked surf music banditos Los Straitjackets. The Spankers move to Joe’s Pub at 7 the same night for an indoor show.

8/1, 6:30 PM Hector Del Curto’s Eternal Tango Orchestra at Pier 54 on the river in Chelsea

8/1 great lineup starting at 8: new wave punk/pop with the Pleasure Kills, the Above, the blisteringly intense garage rock of the Mess Around and the Anabolics – whose Hipster Demolition Night show last month was killer – at Bruar Falls.

8/1, 9 PM St. Croix reggae band Midnite play SOB’s, $27 adv tix highly rec.

8/2, 6:30 PM pianists Marilyn Nonken and Sarah Rothenberg play Messiaen’s Visions de l’Amen at le Poisson Rouge, $15.

8/2, 9 PM Nneka at Highline Ballroom, adv tix $15 highly rec.

8/2, 9:30 PM Lichtman’s Brain Cloud – a Cangelosi Cards spinoff – play western swing at Banjo Jim’s, 9:30 PM

8/2-3 Dr. John & the Lower 9/11 at City Winery, 8:30 PM, $35 standing room tix avail.

8/2, 10 PM female-fronted new wave/punk-pop throwbacks the Pleasure Kills followed by hilarious fake French garage rockers les Sans Culottes at Cake Shop

8/3, 7 PM “indie classical” stars the Knights at the Naumburg Bandshell at Central Park – how they’re going to fit the entire orchestra into that space is the question – playing Beethoven, Rossini, Shostakovich (arr. – Zhurbin), Debussy and Haydn

8/3, 7 PM Elvis Martinez plays his bachata hits at Highbridge Park.

8/3, 7:30 PM janglerockers Elk City play their cd release show at Joe’s Pub, $12

8/3-8 legendary jazz bassist Ron Carter with Russell Malone, Mulgrew Miller at the Blue Note, sets 8/10:30 PM, $20 bar seating avail.

8/3, 8 PM bachata guitar genius Aquiles Baez at Barbes followed by Slavic Soul Party

8/3, 8 PM the Yoshido Bros. – who do Hendrix-style psych/metal on the tsugaru-shamisen – at Highline Ballroom, adv tix $25 highly rec.

8/3, 8 PM at the Stone Sarah Cahill—New Music for Piano: Sarah premieres a new work by Carl Stone and performs the NYC premieres of Annie Gosfield’s “Five Characters Walk Into a Bar” and Eve Beglarian’s “Night Psalm”, along with recent compositions by Terry Riley, Guy Klucevsek, Larry Polansky, and Mamoru Fujieda.

8/3 Peter Lemongello at B.B. King’s, 8 PM – THE Peter Lemongello? The guy with the K-tel style ballads album that sold a gazillion copies back in the 70s? The guy whose near-no-hitter Houston Astros pitcher cousin once kidnapped him? Yup.

8/3, 9 PM Talib Kweli with a live band at the Brooklyn Bowl $5 (five bucks, wow).

8/3 the Pride of the Subway Ceili Band, a “celtic wall of sound,” play Banjo Jim’s, 9 PM

8/3 the haunting, gorgeous-voiced mistress of jangly minor-key rock and 6/8 time, Elisa Flynn at Pete’s, 10 PM

8/3, midnight at Smalls, Ken Fowser on tenor sax and Behn Gillece on vibes – whose new album Little Echo is a period-perfect late 50s style masterpiece – lead a jazz jam with a rotating cast of quality players.

8/4, 1 (one) PM chamber-pop group Cloud Chamber at Trinity Church

8/4-8, 7 PM outdoors behind Lincoln Center, Asphalt Orchestra (a Bang on a Can project) marches and plays world premieres byYoko Ono and David Byrne/Annie Clark

8/4, 7 PM sax player James Carter’s Organ Trio at Madison Square Park

8/4, 7 PM Conjunto Imagen at Wagner Park downtown.

8/4 los Chantas Tango Quartet 8 PM at the Queens Theatre in the Park, 8 PM, free, res req to 718-760-0064

8/4, 9 PM fiery female-fronted psychedelic rockers Devi at Bowery Electric

8/4 Middle Eastern siren Natacha Atlas – whose 2009 album Ana Hina was one of the year’s best – at SOB’s, 9 PM $20

8/5 Michael Rose of Black Uhuru at noon at Metrotech Park in downtown Brooklyn, F to Jay St.

8/5, 7 PM the godfather of hip-hop, Gil Scott-Heron at Marcus Garvey Park.

8/5, 8 PM the Tarras Band at Barbes, “dedicated to the repertoire of Yiddish-American clarinetist and composer Dave Tarras. Michael Winograd (cl), Ben Holmes (tpt), Jim Guttman (bs), Richie Barshay (drums), and featuring Klezmer legend and long-time Tarras accompanist Pete Sokolow (piano),” followed at 10 by Romanian gypsy chanteuse Sanda Weigl.

8/5, 8 PM at the Stone avant piano titan Kathleen Supové playsWorks of Jacob TV and Alvin Curran including the premiere of “Love Means” by Jacob TV in Supové’s version for piano and soundtrack; “The Body Of Your Dreams” by Jacob TV; selections from “Inner Cities” and “For Cornelius” by Curran.

8/5, 9 PM fiery Balkan madness with Raya Brass Band at Radegast Hall in Williamsburg

8/5, 9 PM psychedelic tropical/Middle Eastern/acid jazz instrumental group El Topo at Coco 66 in Greenpoint.

8/5, 9 PM Khaled (not the rai guy) plays gritty flamenco/gypsy rock at Shrine

8/5 the Dixons, who are a real trip, a time warp back to classic Bakersfield country circa 1962, right down to their outfits, at Maxwell’s, 10 PM, $8. They kicked ass at a tough gig at the Brooklyn County Fair this month.

8/5 a cool latin and rock en Espanol bill at Southpaw starting at 9 with guitarist Rafael Gomez (formerly with psychedelic Venezuelan bands Bacalao Men and Lapamariposa), psychedelic dub reggae crew El Pueblo (whose excellent new album Isla is just out) at 10 and and Dominican-nuyorqueno rockers La Ruta. They call the night the “Latin Alternative Hangover” – nice to see a bill like this, dirt cheap at $8.

8/5 original bluegrass behemoth Frankenpine at Lakeside 9:15ish

8/5 the Brooklyn What at Union Hall, 9:30 PM. Brooklyn’s finest, most ferociously funny rockers make a stop in Park Slope, let’s see if the yuppie puppies can recover after these guys blast through.

8/5 multistylistic Brazilian/C&W/New Orleans dance band Nation Beat at Rodeo Bar 10:30 PM.

8/5 tight Dire Straits/Dylanesque root rockers Whisperado at Hank’s, 11 PM.

8/6, 6 PM at 55 Bar groove jazz organist Adam Klipple’s Sneak with trumpeter/chanteuse Natalie John out in front of the band.

8/6, 6 PM ferocious Chicago-style blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff at P&G Bar on the upper west, he’s also at Lucille’s 8 PM on 8/20

8/6 witty, effortlessly virtuosic alto sax player Jon Irabagon at the Bar Next Door, 7:30, 9:30 & 11:30

8/6-8 up-and-coming Cuban jazz pianoist Alfredo Rodriguez leads a trio at the Jazz Standard, sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $30/$25 Sun.

8/6, 8 PM luminary Cuban songwriter Carlos Varela at the Queens Theatre in the Park, $25 adv tix rec.

8/6, 8:30 PM fiery, atmospheric, swirling cello metal/soundtrack rockers Blues in Space at le Poisson Rouge, $10. They absolutely slayed at this club earlier this year.

8/6, 9 PM, sophisticated Americana chanteuse Julia Haltigan plays the small room at the Rockwood.

8/6 a Mississippi hill country blues night starting at 9 with Will Scott followed by Pork Chop Willie and then Kent Burnside (RL’s kid) at Banjo Jim’s

8/6, 9 PM edgy female-fronted punk/funk/dancerock band Deluka at Union Hall, $10

8/6 Thunda Vida play roots reggae at Shrine, 10 PM

8/6 noise-rock band Woman create a murky vortex of delicious stomping reverb-driven oldschool LES-style riffs and feedback at Union Pool, 10ish

8/6, 11 PM MotherMoon play their cd release show at Spike Hill. Smart, tuneful, sometimes haunting soul-influenced female-fronted band. Like Cat Power but less precious, or Katie Elevitch in a less amped moment.

8/7, 2 (two) PM, the 8th annual NYC Musical Saw Festival, Hellenic Cultural Center, 27-09 Crescent Street (corner of Newtown Avenue), Astoria, $10. ”Concert & art exhibit revolving around the 300 year old art of playing music on a carpenter’s handsaw. Musical saw solos & ensembles, performing many music styles (jazz, classical, pop, folk, showtunes, etc.) performed by musical saw players from all over the world. Also – ‘Ameriklectic’ – a 10 piece band featuring the musical saw as the lead instrument.”

8/7 surf music in front of the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island starting at 3 PM with Annapolis, Maryland’s the Atom Bums, 4 PM the Link Wrays and Smiling Bigsbys (gotta love that name), 5 PM the North Shore Troubadours, 6 PM Bongo Surf, and headlining at 7 the Alien Surfer Babes (a Witches in Bikinis spinoff). The bands get louder and more original as the day goes on.

8/7, 7 PM the Budos Band and Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings at Prospect Park Bandshell.

8/7, 7 PM Mucca Pazza and Balkan Beat Box at Damrosch Park out back of Lincoln Center.

8/7 smart dark jangly garage rocker Lorraine Leckie at Banjo Jim’s, 7 PM

8/7 at Otto’s, 8 PM it’s Unsteady Freddie’s monthly surf music extravaganza starting with Maryland band the Atom Bumz, 9 PM the frequently ferocious Strange But Surf, 10 PM the more reserved but still tasty Clams, 11 PM the ever-more-diverse and original TarantinosNYC and sometime after midnight the absolutely off-the-hook Mister Neutron. This is one is Freddy’s best and most energetic bill in awhile.

8/7 another cool ska/rocksteady bill at the Knitting Factory starting at 8 with (in reverse order) the Bluebeats, Top Shottaz, The Forthrights, Hey, Stranger, The Cool and Deadly, adv tix $10 highly rec.

8/7, eclectic accordion star Alex Meixner at 8 followed at 10 PM by fiery, smartly intense gypsy/jazz/avant guitarist Jai Vilnai’s Vampire Suit at Barbes.

8/7, 8 PM quirky, provocative female-fronted indie band Glass Lamborghini at Matchless.

8/7, 9 PM richly melodic, multistylistic, edgy art-rockers Changing Modes – whose new album is one of the year’s best – at Fontana’s.

8/7 at Sidewalk three first-rate songwriters: 9:30 PM haunting lefty guitarist/indie rock siren Randi Russo, 10 PM brilliantly eclectic Americana guitar god Lenny Molotov, 11 PM brooding, bitter (and sometimes jaunty and hilarious) acoustic songwriter Erin Regan and then pensive, smart lyricist Timothy Dark at midnight .

8/7, 10 PM at the Stone the Jasper String Quartet play “a late work by the father of the string quartet (Haydn Op. 77 No. 1); Alban Berg’s monumental yet cryptic Lyric Suite; and the NYC premiere of maverick Annie Gosfield’s latest quartet.”

8/7, 11ish, Senegalese-style conscious roots reggaewith Meta & the Cornerstones at the 92YTribeca 11ish $12 adv tix avail.

8/7 one of the smartest and most stylistically interesting original roots reggae artists around, Taj Weekes & Adowa at Joe’s Pub, 11:30 PM, $14

8/8, 2 PM haunting Greek rebetika band the Maeandros Ensemble, the lushly slinky vintage Egyptian film music revivalists Zikrayat and Yuri Yunakov on the plaza at Lincoln Center.

8/8, 7 PM at Littlefield soulful Americana pianist/songwriter Matt Kanelos followed eventually at 11 by atmospheric jazz juggernaut Burnt Sugar, $15

8/8, 7 PM Slavic Soul Party bring Balkan brass madness to Pier One on the upper west.

8/8, 7:30 PM chanteuse Susana Baca at the Queens Theatre in the Park, $25 adv tix rec.

8/8, 8 PM in reverse order at the Knitting Factory: fiery indie rock guitar legend and longtime Steve Wynn collaborator Chris Brokaw, UnFact (bassist David Wm. Sims of Jesus Lizard’s solo project and Reid Paley’s band) and noir chanteuse Peg Simone, $10 adv tix very highly rec.

8/8, 9ish the self-explanatory Skampeda followed by Colombian roots reggae crew Alerta Kamarada at SOB’s, $15 adv tix rec

8/8 fado siren Ramana Vieira at City Winery, 9 PM, $22 adv tix avail.

8/8 twangy growling intelligent Americana songwriting with Mark McKay at Lakeside 9ish, playing stuff from his reputedly excellent forthcoming one Dakota Dust; he’s also here on 8/27 at 11.

8/8 Pierre de Gaillande of the Snow and Melomane sings his English language translations of hilarious, profane, often poignant Georges Brassens songs from his killer new album Bad Reputation at Joe’s Pub, 9:30 PM, $15

8/9 the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin’s shows at Wingate Field in Crown Heights and on 8/12 at Asser Levy Park in Coney Island are CANCELLED due to injury. She says she’ll be fine; maybe she’ll reschedule.

8/9 darkly glimmering Eastern European-tinged piano jazz with the Amina Figarova Sextet at Dizzy’s Club, 7:30/9:30 PM, $20.

8/9 coy avant bass/vocal duo Flutterbox, downtempo cello rockers Nihla, adventurous avant blues/jazz slide guitarist Richard Bonnet, German hardcore punk band Low Society and charismatic noir siren Vera Beren’s Gothic Chamber Blues Ensemble at Small Beast at the Delancey, 9 PM

8/9 JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys feat. Chrissie Hynde and J. P. Jones at the big room at the Rockwood, 8:30 PM, not sold out yet but tix going quickly.

8/9, 9/11 PM chanteuse/pianist Hilary Kole at Birdland – her new album features Dave Brubeck, Hank Jones, Monty Alexander and a whole slew of killer 88s guys.

8/9 saxist Logan Richardson leads a quartet with Nasheet Waits, Tarus Mateen, and Jason Moran ,10 PM at le Poisson Rouge, $15

8/10, 7 PM bossa nova chanteuse Hiromi Suda at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City.

8/10, 7 PM Bachata Heightz at Highbridge Park uptown.

8/10-12 ever-more-diverse jazz drummer Tyshawn Sorey leads his band at Roulette, 8 PM, $15/$10stud/under 30/srs.

8/10 the John Ellis Group “Doublewide”: John Ellis – tenor sax , Alan Ferber – trombone , Brian Coogan – piano , Derrek Phillips – drums at Smalls, 9:30 PM

8/10, 10 PM our favorite dark improvisational female-fronted art-song demolition crew Dollshot play Korzo, 667 5th Avenue (19th + 20th Sts.), Park Slope, Brooklyn.

8/11, 7 PM charismatic retro singers April Smith & the Great Picture Show and Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the True Loves at le Poisson Rouge, $15

8/11, 7 PM boricua guitarist Nino Segarra and His Orchestra at Wagner Park downtown.

8/11, 8ish at B.B. King’s Funkmaster Flex’ birthday throwdown with Ja Rule, Cam’Ron, Shaggy, DJ Premier, Group Home and the King Pin himself on the wheels of steel

8/11, 8 PM the reliably effervescent, wickedly smart Hawaiian swing/oldtimey Moonlighters at LIC Bar. They’re also playing 8/21 at 8ish at a fundraiser onboard the ship Lilac at the right side of Pier 40 at the end of W. Houston St., the Marx Bros.’ Duck Soup will also be screened.

8/11, 9 PM moody, groove-driven shoegaze/downtempo rock trio El Jezel at Bruar Falls.

8/11 catchy, jangly indie/garage rockers Aloud, with their X-ish guy/girl vocals, at Lit, 9 PM

8/12, 9 PM scorching Radio Birdman-style garage punks the Mess Around at Union Hall, $8

8/12, 8:30 PM amazing multistylistic Russian/tango/jazz string band Ljova & the Kontraband at the Atrium at Lincoln Center, free, get there at least a half hour early

8/12 the creepy, artsy, extraordinarily popular Deerhunter at Pier 54 at 14th St., gates at 6, show starts at 7 with the richkid eunuch rock of Real Estate which you will have to stand through in order to see the headliners.

8/12-15 the 8/12 – 8/15 the Jeff “Tain” Watts Quartet at the Jazz Standard, sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25/$30 weekend: Steve Wilson – alto & soprano saxophones; David Kikoski – piano; James Genus – bass; Jeff “Tain” Watts – drums.

8/12 the Newton Gang – one part dark outlaw country, one part fearless careening psychedelic Americana rock monster – at Lakeside, 9 PM.

8/12 at Maxwell’s the Baseball Project feat. Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey, Linda Pitmon and Mike Mills (also doing Dream Syndicate and Minus 5 songs) 9 PM, $13 adv. tix. rec.

8/12, 10 PM Satabdi Express at Barbes opening for the reliably amazing Balkan juggernaut Ansambl Mastika – Dave Cipriani on 20-string Indian slide guitar, Melissa Hullman on violin, Jake Leckie on bass, Alan Munshower on drums & percussion.

8/13 a memorial concert for the Brooklyn What’s Billy Cohen – a tremendously talented composer and player, as adept at eerie stream-of-consciousness rock as he was at cinematic soundscapes – at Bowery Poetry Club, show starts at 7 with several projects he was affiliated with over the years followed by the Brooklyn What at around 8:30

8/13 the “vanilla queen of soul,” Joy Ryder and her excellent funky band, 7 PM at at P&G Bar on the upper west

8/13, 7ish Evan Ziporyn’s amazing Gamelan Galak Tika – stars of this year’s Bang on a Can Marathon – march their way around the plaza at Lincoln Center. At 7:30 PM out back in Damrosch Park the Kronos Quartet with special guest Gamelan Galak Tika perform the world premiere of Christine Southworth’s Super Collider plus works by Steve Reich, Café Tacuba and others.

8/13 alto saxist/composer Jacam Manricks leads a trio – a great way to hear his melodies cut through – at the Bar Next Door ,7:30, 9:30 & 11:30

8/13 the Gypsy Tabor Festival is free this year, at Floyd Bennett Field out in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, kicking off at 6:30 PM with the gritty LES glamrock of Porfirio, NeverMoon at 7, Kolom-bur at 7:45, ecstatic bluegrass jamband Thy Burden at 8:30, Moscow Gypsy Army at 9:30, Mexican punk-folk songwriter Rana Santacruz at 9:45 and ferocious gypsy punks Bad Buka at 10:30

8/13, 8 PM recently reunited early zeros NYC indie janglerock legends Scout at the big room at the Rockwood

8/13 and 8/27 terse, tasteful Chicago expat blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin at Lucille’s, 8 PM

8/13, 8 PM at Barbes Banda Sinaloense de los Muertos: “A 14 piece brass band with more power than Metallica, more sousaphone than a second line parade and more tequila than Malcom Lowry.” Actually, didn’t Lowry drink wine? But these guys will put you on top of the volcano – it’s banda music with a global vibe.

8/13 popular British indie vets the Wedding Present at South St. Seaport, 8:30 PM-ish – if you show up too early you’ll have to suffer through the stupefyingly self-absorbed New Order ripoff who’re opening for them.

8/13, 9 PM a wildly eclectic hip-hop bill feat. Dead Prez, Pharoahe Monch, Cody Chestnutt, Homeboy Sandman, Sadat X , Divine of the Dey, ADM, Hasan Salaam, Hakim Green, Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew , Akir, Kalae All Day, La Bruja, Lah Tere, at Highline Ballroom ,$15 adv tix rec

8/13, 9 PM impressively multistylistic klezmer/bluegrass/classical woodwind ensemble the Sixth Floor Trio followed by the Union St. Preservation Society playing their rustic soulful oldschool bluegrass at the National Underground.

8/13 possibly the best live band in NYC, raucous, careening gypsy/ska/punk/reggaeton monster Escarioka – who are huge in Latin America – at Fat Baby, 10 PM.

8/13 ska-punks the Void Union at Two Boots Brooklyn, 10 PM

8/13 purist, bluesy, tongue-in-cheek New Orleans pianist/songwriter (and former Jack Grace sideman) Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars at Rodeo Bar 10:30 PM

8/14, 3 PM Bachata Fest at Central Park Summerstage with Andy Andy, Luis Miguel de la Amargue, Elvis Martinez and Alexandria.

8/14 oldschool Americana duo the Manhattan Valley Ramblers at the original room at the Rockwood, 4 (four) PM

8/14 the second night of the Gypsy Tabor Festival  is free this year, at Floyd Bennett Field out in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn starting at 5 with Anatoly Kurlat, Ellina Graypel at 5:30, DeLeon at 6, Middle Eastern-tinged world-music duo Sistermonk ats 6:30, the phenomenal gypsy punk band Kreptatka Bar Band at 7:30, Kagero following in a similar vein at 8:30 and then the ecstatic latin/Balkan intensity of Escarioka at 9:30, Skampida at 10:30, trumpeter Frank London’s Powermetal Kleztet at 11:30 and the fiery, politically aware rock en Espanol outfit Outernational at half past midnight. Best bill of the year, hands down.

8/14, 7 PM inventive, clever woodwind ensemble the Sixth Floor Trio at Caffe Vivaldi

8/14, 7:30 PM at Damrosch Park out back of Lincoln Center a major moment in nuyorican music history: Larry Harlow’s La Raza Latina, A Salsa Suite makes its New York premiere, conducted by Larry Harlow with Rubén Blades, Adonis Puentes plus Orchestra and Chorus and the Bobby Sanabria Big Band.

8/14, 8 PM mesmerizing Mississippi hill country bluesman Will Scott with Miller’s Farm frontman Brian Miller at 68 Jay St Bar.

8/14, 8/10 PM Bahian percussion/dance behemeoth Dende & Hahahaes at SOB’s, free w/dinner res. before 7 PM otherwise $15 w/o

8/14 ecstatically fun Greek party band Magges – with electric bouzouki and the incomparable Susan Mitchell on electric viola – at Mehanata, 10 PM, free before 10:30.

8/14 LES punk/rockabilly/surf legends Simon & the Bar Sinisters at Lakeside 10:15ish

8/14 funky danceable bliss with Chin Chin and then Turkuaz at midnight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $15.

8/15, 3 PM Blitz the Ambassador, 7th Octave and Public Enemy at Central Park Summerstage.

8/15 oldschool retro soul/funk man Lee Fields plays at around 4 PM at the Williamsburg Waterfront AKA East River State Park, free.

8/15 the closing night of this year’s free Gypsy Tabor Festival  at Floyd Bennett Field out in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn starts at 5 with Bobby Bouzouki, Ghostriders at 6, Cookie & Madman at 6:30, JazzEktro at 7, Evgenia Gavrilets and Pisces at 7:30 and Radio Armada at 8.

8/15, 7 PM Q2 streams Highlights from the 2010 Bang on a Can Marathon – hopefully that will include Evan Ziporyn’s amazing gamelan piece.

8/15 ominous baritone Nashville gothic crooner Mark Sinnis at Sidewalk, 8 PM

8/15, 8:30 PM Tanya Kalmanovitch, violin, viola; Ted Reichman, accordion; Anthony Coleman, piano play edgy Middle Eastern inflected jazz at the Cornelia St Café

8/15, 9 PM a rare solo show by Moonlighters ukelele goddess Bliss Blood solo at Rose Bar in Williamsburg.

8/15, 11 PM the Greg Garing All Stars – the virtuosic Nashville guitarist/pianist and whoever else he’s managed to rustle up – at the small room at the Rockwood.

8/16 talented, noir multi-instrumentalist Black Fortress of Opium frontwoman Ajda the Turkish Queen, powerpop guitar god Pete Galub and ominously cinematic guitar soundscaper Thomas Simon at Small Beast at the Delancey, 9 PM

8/17, 7 PM psychedelic raga fusion with Mission on Mars: Kristin Hoffmann on vocals, Vin Scialla on drums, sitar player Neel Murgai, electric guitarist David Ullmann, bass player, and keyboardist Jason Lindner working the effects at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City.

8/17 effortlessly charismatic, subtly hilarious avant garde piano titan Kathy Supove plays the cd release show for her new one at 7:30 PM at le Poisson Rouge, including “the amazing video that Joshue Ott made to go with Anna Clyne’s piece On Track, the NEW video that Jennifer Stock will be creating live, on the spot, for Isabelle Eberhardt Dreams of Pianos by Missy Mazzoli, media/video artist Peter Schmideg “performing” a work he created and revised for this event, based on the performance artist Marge Cameron, and inspired by Sutra Sutra by Randall Woolf…Revolution by Dan Becker will have a video specially designed for it by Safy Etiel (V.J. name: Sniper), an Israeli artist living in Berlin! Rounding out the show will be A Shaking of the Pumpkin [great piece, by the way] by Michael Gatonska, which features his custom-designed accessories and is a video in itself! Plus a “fake fashion show” and an auction!

8/17, 9 PM dub reggae inventor Lee Scratch Perry at Highline Ballroom, $25 adv tix a must, this will sell out. He’s crazy but he can be an awful lot of fun

8/17, 10 PM death-obsesssed artsy pop songwriter Jeremy Messersmith – who can really write a tune, in an Elliott Smith kind of way, without seeming derivative – at Joe’s Pub, $14.

8/18, 8 PM deliciously creepy noir psychedelic soundtrack instrumentals with Mojo Mancini (feat. John Leventhal from Rosanne Cash’s band plus Brian Mitchell from Dylan’s touring band) at the Canal Room.

8/19 6-8 PM fascinating, slinky Egyptian film music revivalists Zikrayat play an eclectic show: the launch of their lead dancer Robin Dameshe Shuymays’ new fashion line, and opening reception for artist Paris Jeru at Midoma, 545 8th Ave. #750

8/19, 9 PM sharp it’s Hipster Demolition Night III at Public Assembly. The first one was a sellout, the second was delirously fun and this promises to be the best ever. The lineup is Jay Banerjee & the Heartthrobs, who mine a gorgeously jangly Byrds/Hollies vein, powerpop/punkpop trio True Love at 10, soul/garage rockers Mighty Fine at 11 and crampsy trio Love Struck (with Stu Spasm of Nightcall on bass and Rich Hutchins (ex-Live Skull) on drums at midnight. Free admission with the lice-infested, bedheaded scalp of a trendoid (just kidding). Dirt cheap at $7.

8/19, 8 PM the B-52′s at Asser Levy Park in Coney Island, F to W 8th St. or any train to Stillwell. Belinda Carlisle – performing her schlocky solo songs, one assumes – opens the show at 7:30.

8/19 a rare, unamplified, really old school West Village show for debonair noir rocker LJ Murphy at 9 PM at Panino Mucho Giusto, 551 Hudson St. (at Perry)

8/19, 9:30 PM at Smalls latin piano jazz with the Jason Lindner Trio.

8/19, 9:30 PM Clinic at Joe’s Pub doing their chamberpop thing, $15 this will sell out. They’re also at Maxwell’s on 8/21 at 10:30, $13 adv tix rec.

8/19 conscious hip-hop/funk band Thousands of One at Nublu, 10 PM

8/19 twangy psychedelic electric bluegrass/country/rock crew Demolition String Band at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM.

8/19-22 the Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio at the Jazz Standard, sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25/$30 wknd.

8/19, midnight the retro soul/R&B Brilliant Mistakes play the small room at the Rockwood.

8/20 the Detroit Cobras play the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Half Moon, boarding at 7, departing at 8 from the FDR and 23rd St., adv tix $20 at the Highline box office highly rec.

8/20 imaginative, anthemic, tuneful retro country band Yarn – with a horn section! – play two sets 8 and 10 PM at the Jalopy, $10 adv tix rec.

8/20 the Brooklyn What – NNYC’s most politically aware, funniest, most powerful anti-gentrification punk/soul rockers at Arlene’s, 9 PM

8/20, 9 PM bassist John Hébert’s Rambling Confessions with Bennie Wallace – tenor saxophone, Jen Shyu – vocals, Andy Milne – piano, Billy Drummond – drums at the Jazz Gallery

8/20 at Smalls, 9:30 PM Mingus Big Band pianist David Kikoski with Ed Howard – bass , Gary Novak – drums.

8/20, Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra play sizzling obscure 1920s and 1930s hot jazz at 10 PM at Barbes.

8/20 Chronikill bring their herbal hip-hop essence to Bowery Poetry Club, 10:30 PM feat. Broke MC, Bubble Geese, Doble Flo, Iron Lyon, dirt cheap, $8

8/20 the Boss Guitars play vintage surf classics and obscurities at Lakeside, 11 PM

8/21 a killer afternoon of surf music in front of the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island starting at 2 PM with Reverb Galaxy, the rockabilly/honkytonk Sean Kershaw & the Terrible Twos at 3, Strange But Surf at 4, the Octomen at 5, Superbug at 6 and at 7 the Alien Surfer Babes (a Witches in Bikinis spinoff).

8/21 a great triplebill at Caffe Vivaldi starting early at 6 PM with incorrigible extrovert and blue-eyed soul siren Meg Braun followed by intense, brilliant multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Carolann Solebello (from Red Molly) and then the hypnotic cello/vibraphone duo Goli at 9:30

8/21 Iris DeMent at B.B. King’s

8/21 fiery, politically charged, lyrically brilliant banjo rocker Curtis Eller at 68 Jay St. Bar, 8 PM.

8/21 southwestern gothic siren Kerry Kennedy and her amazingly haunting, psychedelic band at the Knit, 9 PM

8/21, 9:30 PM, Japanese gypsy punks Kagero at Mehanata.

8/21, 10 PM at the Stone Ashley Bathgate (cello) Annie Gosfield (sampler, Four Roses only): “Ashley Bathgate mixes Heroin, Four Roses, and other mind-altering substances. Bang on a Can’s cellist injects her lively spirit in David Lang’s “Heroin”, takes a swig of Annie Gosfield’s “Four Roses*” (in a duet with the composer for cello and detuned piano), asks “What is the price of Iron?” in a piece for cello and electronics by Roger Kleier, and gets industrious with Michael Gordon’s “Industry” and “Light is Calling”. *Four Roses is not only the name of the piece, but is also the name of a cheap whiskey”

8/21 midnight Homeboy Steve Antonakos – lead guitarist extraordinaire from Love Camp 7, Magges, Ellen Foley’s band and others – at Banjo Jim’s

8/22, 2 PM Cued Up on Q2 presents Elizabeth and the Catapult from New Sounds Live at Merkin Concert Hall

8/22 the Specials at Central Park Summerstage, 5ish, doors at 3.

8/22, 6:30 PM new music pianist Taka Kigawa plays Xenakis, Boulez, Webern, Pintscher and Eckardt at le Poisson Rouge, $20

8/23 edgy new jazz with the Brandon Wright Quintet with the equally edgy Orrin Evans on piano at Dizzy’s Club, 7:30/9:30 PM, $20.

8/23, 9 PM Poor Baby Bree sings obscure vaudeville songs, Carol Lipnik and Spookarama show off her 4-octave range and playfully creepy phantasmagorical songs and then Geo Wyeth and Jive Grave connect with the dead via their macabre songs at around 11 at Small Beast at the Delancey.

8/23 Eyal Maoz’s Edom play ominously Middle Eastern surf-flavored rock instrumentals at Local 269, 9 PM

8/23, 9 PM roots reggae crew Jah Levi & the Higher Reasoning at SOB’s $20 adv tix rec.

8/24 southwestern gothic chanteuse Marianne Dissard – whose new album Paris One Takes is one of our favorites – at Joe’s Pub, 7 PM, $17. Also on the bill: delightful janglerock en Espanol band Cordero. Dissard is also at MOMA on 8/26 at 5:30/7 PM and at Barbes on 8/27 with her guitarist Brian Lopez.

8/24 classic-style roots reggae with Groundation on the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Jewel, boarding at 7 at the FDR and 23rd St., adv tix $30 at the Highline box office highly rec.

8/24 Cape Breton fiddler Natalie McMaster at City Winery, 8 PM, $30 standing room tix avail.

8/24 the new Mogwai concert film, Burning screens at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

8/24 the Second Fiddles play fun, upbeat, virtuosic hokum blues and oldtime hillbilly music at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM.

8/25, 6 PM xylophone arrangements of 20s hot jazz, satirical Jewish rock and wild Jewish/gypsy punk with the Xylopholks, Yiddish Princess, and the Breslov Bar Band at the Knit, $10 adv tix rec.

8/25, 8 PM western swing with Sean Kershaw and the New Jack Ramblers at 68 Jay St Bar

8/25, 10 PM ethereal, sweepingly psychedelic, socially aware art-rockers My Pet Dragon play the small room at the Rockwood. Their Saturday residency at the Cameo Gallery last winter was absolutely killer.

8/25 Balkan brass punk rockers Stumblebum Brass Band play Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. Huh?!? This will be fun!

8/26, 8 PM goth/glamrock siren Kristeen Young followed eventually at 10 by nuevo keyboard art-pop band the Secret History at the Knit, $8 adv tix rec.

8/26, 8:30 PM haunting ecstatic Middle Eastern jazz with Taksim feat. Souren Baronian: reeds, percussion; Haig Manoukian , oud; Lee Baronian , dumbek; Mal Stein , drums; Sprocket Royer, bass at th Cornelia St Café, $10

8/26-27 the Fumes (the hypnotic, intense Australian band who play RL Burnside-style Mississippi hill country blues, not the fiery ska-rock band from Queens) play the big room at the Rockwood, 10 PM.

8/26-29 fiery, imaginative, fascinatingly good up-and-coming pianist Gerald Clayton leads his Quintet at the Jazz Standard sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25/$30 wknd. Logan Richardson – alto saxophone; Ambrose Akinmusire – trumpet; Gerald Clayton – piano; Joe Sanders – bass; Justin Brown – drums.

8/26, 9 PM the noir-tinged improvisationally inclined Mike Baggetta Quartet – Mike Baggetta – guitar; Jason Rigby – saxophone; Eivind Opsvik – bass; George Schuller – drums – at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

8/27 at Smalls 7:30 PM the Jacam Manricks Group with Jacam Manricks – alto sax, Gary Versace – piano, Chris Tordini – bass, Obed Calvaire – drums followed at 9:30 PM by “Jazz Incorporated” featuring Jeremy Pelt & Louis Hayes: Jeremy Pelt – trumpet, Louis Hayes – drums, Anthony Wonsey – piano, Dezron Douglas – bass. Pelt and group are here on the 28th as well.

8/27 reliably tuneful sax composer John Ellis at the Bar Next Door, 7:30, 9:30 & 11:30 PM.

8/27 tuneful powerpop siren Patti Rothberg – whose upcoming album is reportedly her best – at Arlene’s, solo acoustic, 9 PM

8/27, 9 PM, melodically ornate, goth-inflected pianist/songwriter Kristin Hoffmann at Caffe Vivaldi

8/27 ghoulabilly stars the Memphis Morticians play their cd release show at Public Assembly, 11ish, $TBA.

8/28, 3 PM the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival at Marcus Garvey Park  featuring McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Scott, Jason Moran and the Bandwagon and Revive da Live: Charlie Parker Revisited.

8/28 sharp-dressed, ferociously literate NYC noir rock legend LJ Murphy with his band at Banjo Jim’s, 7 PM

8/28 Irish-American literate punk/janglerock legends Black 47 play the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Half Moon departing 23rd St. & FDR at 7 PM, $25 adv tix at the highline box ofc highly rec. This is a band you really ought to see at least once in your life.

8/28 powerpop guitar maven Pete Galub solo electric at Pete’s, 8 PM

8/28, 9 PM trippy Afrobeat/latin band (and Antibalas offshoot) Ocote Soul Sounds at the Brooklyn Bowl, $5

8/28, 9:30 PM Afrobeat band Elikeh at Joe’s Pub $14.

8/28 Johnny Allen, who’s a double threat on searing yet terse electric blues guitar and soulful vox, at Terra Blues, 10 PM.

8/29, 2 PM Cued Up on Q2 presents Missy Mazzoli and Victoire recorded live at le Poisson Rouge

8/29, 3 PM the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival at Tompkins Square Park with James Moody, Catherine Russell, Vijay Iyer and the JD Allen Trio.

8/29 original bluegrass with the Union St. Preservation Society at the National Underground, 7 PM

8/29, 8 PM Nellie McKay at Highline Ballroom $20 adv tix highly rec., this will probably sell out. She’s playing her Doris Day set.

8/29, 8:30 PM Americana songwriter Matty Charles at Pete’s followed at 9:30 by former Railroad Jerk lead guitarist Alec Stephen who’s been doing a terse, propulsive garage/blues thing lately.

8/29 the Bobby Sanabria New School Afro-Cuban Big Band, 9 PM, $10 at the Nuyorican.

8/29 fiery, noiserock-inclined Ben Syversen’s Cracked Vessel – whose amazing new album is sort of like DNA playing Balkan art rock – at Local 269, 10 PM

8/29, 10 PM quirky, edgy, indelibly New York indie rockers the Sprinkle Genies (with Erika Simonian on guitar) at Hank’s.

8/30 Bryan & the Haggards play sick satirical jazz covers of Merle Haggard songs at Bar 4 in Brooklyn, 7 PM.

8/30, 7-9 PM Bill Frisell conducts a guitar workshop at the Stone, $20, bring your axe

8/30, 7:30 PM Marty Stuart – mining a rich acoustic Americana roots vein – at Joe’s Pub $30.

8/30 Dan Pritzker’s silent film Louis, a homage to Louis Armstrong with live accompaniment by the Wynton Marsalis Ensemble and pianist Cecile Licad, 8 PM at the Apollo Theatre, $35 tix avail. at the box ofc.

8/30 charming, harmony driven Americana sirens the Maybelles at 68 Jay St. Bar, 8 PM.

8/30 this week’s Small Beast upstairs at the Delancey starts at 9:30 PM with haunting, atmospheric, psychedelic guitar soundscapes from Thomas Simon followed eventually at 11 by the gleefully ghoulish noir rock of the Dead Sextons.

8/31, indie songwriter DB Reilly at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, 7 PM.

8/31, 8 PM Hannibal Montana play trippy Mogai-ish atmospheric grooves 8 at Spike Hill.

8/31 haunting female-fronted acoustic Nashville gothic crew the Whispering Tree at R Bar, 9 PM

8/31 at Smalls, 9:30 PM the Jon Erik-Kellso Quartet: Jon-Erik Kellso – trumpet, John Allred – trombone, Matt Munisteri – guitar, Joel Forbes – bass followed at midnight by the afterhours jam hosted by Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece.

8/31, 10 PM first-class jazz bassist Linda Oh leads a trio with Avishai Cohen on trumpet and Obed Calvaire on drums at 55 Bar.

9/1 the John Farnsworth Quartet outdoors at Bryant Park, 6 PM, free.

9/1-2 the Cecil McBee Band: Noah Preminger – tenor saxophone; Eddie Henderson – trumpet; George Cables – piano; Cecil McBee – bass; Victor Lewis – drums at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM.

9/1, two great bands for free at Bruar Falls starting at 8 PM with NYC’s best blues band, Bliss Blood’s barrelhouse crew Delta Dreambox and followed eventually at 10ish by dramatic noir cabaret/steampunk goths Not Waving But Drowning.

9/1, 9 PM Americana/blues band Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds at the Brooklyn Bowl, free

9/1, 9:30 PM charismatic, female-fronted gypsy rock/latin/tango rockers Rupa & the April Fishes play Joe’s Pub, $15. They’re also at Barbes on 9/3 for $10, early arrival a must, they sold out the Bell House so they’ll sell this out in minutes.

9/1 the Fumes – the Australian hill country blues band, not the Queens ska-rockers – at Death By Audio, 11 PM.

9/1 the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra at the Cameo Gallery, 11 PM.

9/2 dark baritone Ninth House frontman Mark Sinnis plays his solo acoustic cemetery & western songs at Bar on A, 8 PM

9/2, 8 PM dark Middle Eastern .rock chanteuse Yula Beeri with her band at Highline Ballroom, $10 adv tix rec.

9/2, 8:30 PM the Sometime Boys, a nifty little acoustic band who happen to have the most powerful singer in town (Sarah Mucho) and also one of the most captivatingly eclectic guitarists at Bar East, 1733 1st Ave. at 90th St. They play blues, bluegrass, Aimee Mann and Bowie and who knows what else. Lots of fun.

9/2 at Matchless, 9 PM Russian-American ska/reggae crew Karikatura, 10 PM ska-punks Radio Armada, and then at 11, Escarioka, the latin Gogol Bordello.

9/2, 9 PM wickedly smart avant/folk/chamberpop songwriter Larkin Grimm at the Knit, $10.

9/2, 9 PM the reliably charming but stiletto-sharp Bliss Blood of the Moonlighters plays blues at a rare duo show followed at 10:30ish by ferociously literate, politically aware banjo rocker Curtis Eller at Rest Au Rant, 30-01 35th Ave. at 30th St., Long Island City, 2 blocks from N/W at 36th Ave.

9/2 adventurous original bluegrass band Frankenpine at Lakeside, 9:15ish.

9/2, ferocious Balkan dances and dirges at 10 PM with Raya Brass Band at Barbes.

9/2 eclectic Brazilian/New Orleans/ska dance baned Nation Beat at Rodeo Bar 10:30 PM

9/3 B3 organist Adam Klipple’s Sneak at 55 Bar, 6 PM, feat. Natalie John on vox

9/3-5 ageless saloon jazz legend Mose Allison at the Jazz Standard, his home away from home, 7:30/9:30 PM

9/3-4, 8 PM politically spot-on punk rock anthem legends New Model Army at the Bell House, $24 adv tix avail. or two-night passes for cheaper if you’re a diehard fan.

9/3 terse expat Chicago blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin at Lucille’s 8 PM. He’s also here on 9/24

9/3 fun, sassy female-fronted ska band Across the Aisle 8:45 PM at Trash

9/3, 9ish fiery, smart, funky Stephanie White & the Philth Harmonic at the Bitter End.

9/3-5, 9:30 PM Frank Black solo acoustic at Joe’s Pub, $25

9/3 the ten year anniversary of the state-of-the-art weekly End of the Weak hip-hop throwdown at Highline Ballroom, 10 PM $12 adv tix highly rec.

9/3, 10 PM powerpop songwriter Mikal Evans at the smaller room at the Rockwood

9/3 western swing and rockabilly with the clever, lyrical Sean Kershaw & the New Jack Ramblers at Rodeo Bar 10:30 PM

9/3, snarling punk/garage rockers Des Roar at 10:30 opening for the Greenhornes, free at the Mercury w/rsvp.

9/4 dark Americana/janglerock/garage rocker Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons at Banjo Jim’s, 7 PM.

9/4, 8 PM the monthly ska/punk show at the Knitting Factory is a characteristically good one with (in reverse order of appearance) the King Django Septet, Hub City Stompers, Unlikely Alibi, Uzimon & the Dons and Manut Bol, all ages, $10 adv tix rec.

9/4, 8 PM Jolie Holland, Grey Gersten, Shahzad Ismaily and Sam Amidon play songs by Michael Hurley at the Jalopy, $15

9/4, 8 PM at Barbes mandolinist Snehasish Mozumder plays Hindustani music with a stellar band – Nick Gianni – flute/saxes; Vin Scialla – drums;  Bopa King Carre – percussion;l Jason Hogue – bass;  Jason Lindner – keys, Sameer Gupta – tabla; Rick Bottari – keys, followed at 10 by the Jug Addicts.

9/4, 9 PM at Otto’s Unsteady Freddie’s monthly surf rock shindig starts with Tsunami of Sound, the Spytones at 10, the Reefriders at 11 and the Octomen hitting at sometime around one on Sunday morning.

9/4 the Big Takeover play ska at Shrine, 10 PM.

9/4, 11ish roots reggae with Under the Rasta Influence at Sullivan Hall, $10

9/5, 7 PM sultry Europop chanteuse Lulla followed by amazingly diverse, psychedelic Middle Eastern/Asian/blues behemoth Tribecastan at 8 at Coco 66, $10.

9/5 long-running improvisational jazz/rockers 101 Crustaceans at Littlefield, 8 PM, $8

9/5, 9 PM la Pompe Manouche play gypsy jazz at Zebulon.

9/5 oldschool style Israeli roots reggae crew Moshav Band at Highline Ballroom, 9 PM, adv tix $15 rec.

9/6, 4 PM Raya Brass Band perform an “impromptu, off the cuff, free form circus, vaudeville show and musical performance” on the boardwalk at Coney Island in front of the Wonder Wheel (just listen – you’ll hear them)

9/6 the Jeff Fairbanks Jazz Orchestra at 9 PM – blending an original mix of modern jazz and traditional Asian folk music – at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

9/6 El Pueblo play psychedelic roots reggae and dub en Espanol at Rose Bar in Williamsburg, 9 PM.

9/7, 7:30 PM ferocious yet intricate and often atmospheric cello-metal rockers Blues in Space at the Tank, $10

9/7-11, 8:30/11 PM, Dave Liebman at Birdland: Dave Liebman (sax), Steve Kuhn (piano), Steve Swallow (bass), Billy Drummond (drums), $30 seating avail.

9/7, 9 PM delta blues guitarist/songwriter Ernie Vega at the Jalopy, $5

9/8 pianist Frank Kimbrough plays with his trio at the Jazz Standard 7:30/9:30 PM

9/8-10, 8:30 PM free jazz trombonist titan Steve Swell’s Nation Of We (aka NOW Ensemble) at Roulette, $15/$10 members.

9/8, 9 PM Pierre de Gaillande of the Snow’s hilarious, haunting English-language Georges Brassens cover band Bad Reputation at the smaller room at the Rockwood.

9/8, 9ish a killer country doublebill with the Rosy Nolan band followed at 10 by the period-perfect early 60s Bakersfield-style Dixons at Union Pool

9/8 hilarious, spot-on, sometimes satirical early 50s hillbilly band Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM

9/9, 1 PM Amy Gustafson performs piano works by Soler, Chopin, Albeniz, Scriabin, and Ginastera at Trinity Church, free.

9/9, 8 PM this month’s Hipster Demolition Night at Public Assembly features Byrds/Big Star inspired janglemeister Jay Banerjee & the Heartthrobs plus other first-class bands TBA

9/9, 8 PM cellist to the stars Dave Eggar leads his trio at the small room at the Rockwood

9/9, 8 PM at Barbes “String Wizards: an Evening of Rare Films and Live Performance celebrating the Great String Instrumentalists of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. The Oscar-nominated Wizard of the Strings, a short biopic about Roy Smeck (1900-1994), a star of 1920s vaudeville and master of the guitar, banjo, Hawaiian steel guitar, and ukulele, introduced by its writer/producer, Alan Edelstein, with vintage jazz/pop/blues film clips to follow plus live music TBA.”

9/9, 9 PM ferocious Balkan stomps with Veveritse Brass Band at the Jalopy, $10

9/9 careening intense psychedelic art-rockers Norden Bombsight 9 PM at Matchless, $10 – way cheaper than the Roger Waters Wall tour and better too.

9/9 Khaled (the American Middle Eastern/world fusion player, not the rai icon) plays 9ish at Northern Soul 557 1st St. (Madison/Monroe), Hoboken

9/10, Piazzolla tango classics played by pianist Octavio Brunetti, cellist Christine Walevska and former Metropolitan Opera concertmaster Elmira Darvarova, 5 PM at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix rec.

9/10 horn-driven Brooklyn country band Yarn plays the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Half Moon boarding at 23rd St. and the FDR at 6, leaving an hour later, adv tix $20 highly rec.

9/10, 6:30 PM expansive, smart jazz pianist Vijay Iyer’s solo piano cd release show at le Poisson Rouge, $20

9/10, 7:30 PM innovative Canadian composer/performer Kyle Bobby Dunn and swirling, psychedelic avant-garde electric guitar quartet Dither at First Presbyterian Church, 124 Henry St., downtown Brooklyn, $10.

9/10, 8 PM retro girlgroup/garage punk band the Nouvellas, Boston retro pop band Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents and then former Crystals singer Lala Brooks at the Bell House, $15

9/10, 8 PM at Barbes it’s House of Stride: Allison Leyton-Brown – piano; Russ Meissner – drums; Jim Whitney – upright bass and special guest Daria Grace plays oldtimey piano blues songs followed by accordionist Rob Curto’s forro dance party at 10.

9/10 a killer dark Americana doublebill with lyrical, intense chanteuse Abbie Barrett at 9 at Pete’s followed at 10 by the eerily atmospheric Rescue Bird.

9/10-12 it’s the Brooklyn Country Music Festival at Southpaw. Best deal is the $30 three-day ticket, otherwise each concert is $15. 9/10 it’s Banjorama, Julia Haltigan, then one of those lame, sarcastic, richkid indie bands pretending to be “country”, then excellent, oldtimey headliners the Woes.

9/10-11 the Claudia Quintet at the Cornelia St. Cafe: Chris Speed , clarinet, tenor saxophone; Matt Moran , vibraphone; Ted Reichman, accordian; Drew Gress, acoustic bass ; John Hollenbeck, drums; Matt Mitchell, piano, 9 PM, $15

9/10, 9 PM the recently reconfigurated Golden Palominos with guests the Jim Campilongo Electric Trio and the Tony Scherr Trio at City Winery, $22 adv tix avail

9/10, 9:30ish Ice-T does his oldschool hip-hop thing at the Knitting Factory $20 adv tix highly rec.

9/10, 10 PM, deliriously danceable latin soul/bugalu revivalists Spanglish Fly at Rose Bar

9/10, 10:30 PM wild funk jams with Buzz Universe at the Mercury, $10

9/11 Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars at the Knitting Factory, 7 PM, $25 adv tix highly rec. Their show at the Highline back in May was ecstatically fun.

9/11 Shellac at the Bell House is sold out.

9/11, 8 PM at Bargemusic a free 9/11 memorial concert featuring Bach, Beethoven, Bottoms, Brahms, Chopin, and Schubert including David Bottoms’ Variations on a Theme in Memory of 9/11/2001

9/11 the Brooklyn Country Music Festival at Southpaw continues at 8 with the Roulette Sisters, Spirit Family Reunion, the Jack Grace Band, Jessica Rose & the High Life and Uncle Leon & The Alibis.

9/11 NYC ska/rocksteady/blues/soul legends the Slackers play the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Temptress departing 41st St. & the Hudson River at 8 PM, $25 adv tix at the Highline box ofc highly rec.

9/11 slinky, haunting Middle Eastern-inflected 1920s African dance music with Sounds of Taraab at Barbes 8 PM.

9/11, 9 PM dark, hypnotically jazzy southwestern gothic songwriter James Apollo at Pete’s

9/11 9ish wickedly lyrical Americana rocker Marcellus Hall (ex-Railroad Jerk and White Hassle) at Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club. He’s also at Union Pool at 9 on 9/15.

9/11, 9 PM NYC’s most exciting original blues guitarist, Will Scott at 68 Jay St Bar.

9/11, 9 PM eclectic Senegalese-flavored roots reggae with Meta & the Cornerstones at the 92YTribeca, $12

9/11, 9 PM oldschool soul/funk with the Dynamites featuring Charles Walker at the Brooklyn Bowl, $5.

9/11 Greek party music monsters Magges – with electric bouzouki and the amazing Susan Mitchell on viola – at Mehanata 9:30 PM.

9/11 blues crooner and kick-ass Chicago-style lead guitarist Johnny Allen at 10 at Terra Blues.

9/11, 10:30 PM, multistylistic country juggernaut M Shanghai String Band at the Jalopy, $10

9/11 psychedelic “funk orchestra” Turkuaz at the Mercury, 10:30 PM, $10.

9/11 Ice-T doing his golden age hip-hop act at midnight-ish at the Knitting Factory, $20 adv tix rec

9/12, 4 PM organist Kent Tritle plays a characteristically intense program incl. works by Buxtehude, J.S. Bach, Mendelssohn, and the Reger Fantasy on “Hallelujah! Gott zu loben”at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola on the upper east.

9/12, 4-7 PM at the Bell House, the Salsa Slam cookoff feat. 20 different recipes of free hot stuff, $4 Tecate tall cans, a mariachi band, $12 adv tix at the box ofc. rec

9/12, 7 PM toy piano specialist/composer Phyllis Chen at Barbes

9/12 roots reggae legends Israel Vibration – now a duo – at B.B. King’s, 8 PM, $20 adv tix. rec.

9/12 the final night of the Brooklyn Country Music Festival at Southpaw starting at 8 has the Roulette Sisters, Brooklyn Jugs, Kristin Andreassen, Dock Oscar, Alex Battles and the Flanks.

9/12, 3 PM Pianist Ludmil Angelov plays Chopin at Symphony Space, $20

9/12, 3 PM, the Queen’s Chamber Band with harpsichord play Farnaby, Frescobaldi, Bach and Scarlatti at St. Mark’s Church (2nd Ave./10th St.) $25, a cheap season series subscription for $65 is also available which comes out to about $13 a show.

9/12, 6:30 PM new music by composers Dylan Glatthorn, Eric Lemmon, Conrad Winslow, Pedro da Silva, Noam Faingold, Angélica Négron, Lucía Caruso at le Poisson Rouge, $10

9/13, half past noon, Samuel Barber’s String Quartet, Op. 11 performed by the Voxare String Quartet at Philosophy Hall, Columbia Univ., on the east edge of campus, north of 116th St./College Walk, east of Low Library and Buell Hall.

9/13, 4:45 PM Steven Hamilton plays an organ recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

9/13, 8 PM ex-Bowie guitarist Gerry Leonard does his ambient, dark Spooky Ghost project at the big room at the Rockwood.

9/13, 8 PM pianists Pascal Roge and Ami Hakuno Rogé play Ravel, Debussy, Saint-Saëns and Poulenc at Symphony Space, $30.

9/13, 8/10:30 PM Dave Liebman with drummer Michael Stephans’ Om/Shalom Project also featuring Marty Ehrlich, Uri Caine, and Scott the Blue Note.

9/13, 9 PM the Javier Arau Jazz Orchestra at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

9/13, 10 PM sizzling, intense Mostly Other People Do the Killing trumpeter Peter Evans leads a quintet at le Poisson Rouge, $10

9/14, 6:30 PM innovative, haunting Iranian-Jewish siren Galeet Dardashti plays the cd release show for her new one The Naming at le Poisson Rouge, $12 adv tix rec.

9/14-15 the Marc Cary Focus Trio at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM. The pianist has a big buzz going among the cognoscenti, highly recommended.

9/14, 8:30/10 PM alto sax monster Jon Irabagon plays the cd release show for his new one Foxy at Cornelia St. Cafe with Barry Altschul on drums Peter Brendler on bass, $10.

9/14, 11 PM wild, funny western swing/honkytonk guitarist Wayne Hancock at Maxwell’s

9/15, half past noon Samuel Barber’s Cello Sonata, Op. 6 performed by Adrian Daurov, cello at Philosophy Hall, Columbia Univ., on the east edge of campus, north of 116th St./College Walk and east of Low Library and Buell Hall.

9/15, 7:30 PM saxophonist Paul Carlon leads his soaring, Brazilian-inflected Octet at Miles Cafe, $10

9/15, 8 PM the Newton Gang – part outlaw country, part careening paisley underground rockers – at 68 Jay St Bar.

9/15, 8 PM the New York Piano Quartet play Erich Korngold and other Austrian composers at Symphony Space, $30.

9/15, 9 PM the world’s funniest and arguably most ferocious free jazz combo, Mostly Other People do the Killing at Zebulon

9/15, 9:30 PM Dollshot at Caffe Vivaldi. They take classical art songs from throughout the 20th century, jam them out and give them an absolutely eerie edge. One of NYC’s most entertaining and unique bands.

9/16, 7:30 PM violinist Gil Morgenstern and pianist Jonathan Feldman play works by Bach, Ysaÿe, Carter, Bright Sheng, Gershwin, Kreisler and Prokofiev with Laurie Anderson reading selections by iconic Russian poet Anna Akhmatova., at WMP Concert Hall, 31 E 28th St., $25.

9/16, 10 PM edgy Americana-inflected songwriter Jessi Robertson plays her single release party at Bar 4 with her electric band.

9/16, 10 PM Steven Bernstein’s long-running, clever funk/jazz crew Sex Mob at 55 Bar.

9/16 eerie bluespunk band the Five Points Band at Rodeo Bar 10:30 PM.

9/16, 11 PM, charming country/oldtimey harmony stars Those Darlins at Bowery Ballroom, $13 adv tix rec.

9/16, 11 PM clever, funny acoustic Americana jam band Tall Tall Trees at the big room at the Rockwood.

9/17, 6 PM adventurous avant vocal jazz with the Becca Stevens Band at 55 Bar

9/17, 7 PM a killer Americana doublebill with the Maybelles and the Sweetback Sisters at Joe’s Pub, $15.

9/17, 8 PM imaginative darkwave improvisers Metalux plus the MV Carbon/Aki Onda duo, free, at Issue Project Room

9/17, 9 PM all-girl family band the Midriffs play oldtimey harmony tunes at the Jalopy, $10

9/17, 9 PM goth-tinged, artsy pianist/chanteuse Kristin Hoffmann at Caffe Vivaldi, 9 PM

9/17, 9:30 PM arguably the best Ethiopian band in the US, Debo Band play Joe’s Pub, $15 adv tix rec.

9/17, 10 PM reliably romantic, charming oldtimey swing/Hawaiian band the Moonlighters at Barbes

9/17, 10 PM ex-Cramps and Gun Club punk legend Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds at the Brooklyn Bowl, $5.

9/17 jazz sax luminary Dave Liebman plays the cd release show for his new small combo cd Dave Liebman Group “Live at 55” –  Dave Liebman, Vic Juris, Tony Marino & Marko Marcinko, 10 PM/midnight, $12.

9/17, 11 PM if you like loud party music, this is your night: the ferocious Radio Birdman-inspired garage/punk Mess Around followed by the sick, hilarious X-rated faux-girlgroup punk of Cudzoo & the Fagettes at Trash

9/17 the Boss Guitars play classic and obscure surf music covers at Lakeside, 11 PM.

9/17, midnight, Emefe play psychedelic Afrobeat dance grooves at Sullivan Hall, $10

9/18, 6 PM a fundraiser for the feminist activist documentary film Walk With Me at the Shop, 290 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg with adventurous jazz/avant chanteuse Becca Stevens, alt-country rocker Jeremy Joyce and Ralph E. White (ex-Bad Livers).

9/18, 7 PM funny, entertaining Erin & Her Cello at the big room at the Rockwood

9/18 a killer triple bill at Caffe Vivaldi – tenor sax player Melissa Aklana and her band at 7, eclectic clarinet tango specialist Thomas Piercy at 8 and then cello/vibraphone duo Goli at 9:30

9/18, 8 PM Microscopic Septet pianist (and Fresh Air theme composer) Joel Forrester & the Truth at Barbes

9/18, 8 PM at Merkin Concert Hall Ensemble 212 plays Beethoven: Coriolan Overture; Mohammed Fairouz: Symphony No. 2 (New York premiere); Double Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra, “States of Fantasy” (world premiere) plus members of the Borromeo Quartet (Nicholas Kitchen, violin & Yeesun Kim, violoncello) performing Beethoven:The Creatures of Prometheus Finale; Mohammed Fairouz: Symphony No. 1 “Symphonic Aphorisms,” $35 tix avail.

9/18, 9 PM acclaimed Persian classical music group Ensemble Raah makes its North American debut at Alwan for the Arts, $20 adv tix. very highly rec.

9/18, 9 PM the reliably psychedelic Budos Band – who have a new album just out – at Southpaw, $14

9/18, 9 PM smart, literate noirish Aimee Mann-inspired pianist/singer Krista Detor at City Winery, $15.

9/18, 9 PM Stacy Dillard – saxophones, Orrin Evans – piano, Eric Revis – bass, Nasheet Waits – drums – good band, huh? – at the Jazz Gallery, $10

9/18, 10 PM popular ska punks King Django play Shrine.

9/18 fiery, funny, oldschool style female-fronted East Village punk/Americana rockers Spanking Charlene play Lakeside 11 PM

9/19 Strings of the Black Sea: a Celebration of Lutes and Fiddles from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Crimea and Turkey, 3 PM at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Auditorium, $30 at the museum ticket windows.

9/19, 5 (five) PM pensive, anthemic, vintage 70 style art/folk rocker Spottiswoode at the big room at the Rockwood

9/19 iconic new wave klezmer band the Klezmatics at Galapagos, 8 PM, $30.

9/19 adventurous Greek-American blues guitarist Spiros Soukis at Lucille’s, 8 PM

9/19, 9 PM cutting-edge trombonist/composer/conductor JC Sanford leads his Orchestra at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

9/20, 4:45 PM Louis Perazza plays an organ recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

9/20, 7 PM Balkan trumpet specialist Ben Holmes with his Trio at Barbes followed by Chicha Libre at 9:45ish.

9/20 the Brentano String Quartet plays Chou Wen-chung, 7 PM at the Greene Space, $10

9/20, 7:30 PM the Claremont Trio performs Beethoven, Op. 1, No. 3 in C minor; Faure, Opus 120 in D minor, and Brahms, Opus 8 (revised version) in B Major at the church at 2504 Broadway, NE corner of 93rd St.

9/20 the Wailers – what’s left of them, anyway – at B.B. King’s, 8 PM, $25 adv tix. rec.

9/20, 10 PM funeful, fun female-fronted garage-rock trio the Anabolics at Trash

9/21, 7 PM expat Argentinian clarinetist Gustavo Bulgach and his band Klezmer Juice at Barbes. If the Klezmatics at Galapagos is too rich for your blood, this will do the trick.

9/21 the most unique, compelling new voice in jazz singing, Sara Serpa with her Quintet incl. Andre Matos on guitar, Kris Davis on piano, Ben Street on bass at Cornelia St. Cafe, 8:30 PM, $10.

9/21 NYC powerpop legend George Usher at Lakeside 9ish

9/21 British folk-rock legends the Strawbs acoustic at BB King’s, 9:15 PM, $22.50 adv tix rec.

9/22, 8 PM fiery, virtuosic Chicago-style blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff at P&G Bar on the upper west

9/22 Anti-Flag at the Bell House, 8 PM, all ages, $15 adv tix highly rec. Gotta love their awareness (“Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime”), wish they didn’t sound sooooo Warped Tour these days…

9/22 creepy cinematic psychedelic soundscapes with Mojo Mancini – whose new album is one of the year’s best – at 9 PM at the big room at the Rockwood

9/22, 9 PM an excuse to stay in: Live From Lincoln Center’s PBS telecast of the New York Philharmonic’s Opening Night Gala, featuring the U.S. premiere of Wynton Marsalis’s Symphony No. 3, Swing Symphony. Music Director Alan Gilbert leads the New York Philharmonic, Wynton Marsalis, and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

9/22, 10 PM second-wave glamrock with Spacehog at Maxwell’s, $15

9/22, 10:30ish intense, powerful southwestern gothic rock with And the Wiremen at Zebulon.

9/23 Cesar Reyes performs Mexican classical works for solo piano by Jimenez, Moncayo, and others, 1 PM at Trinity Church, free

9/23 and 9/25, 8 PM at Bargemusic – organ music adapted for piano: Bach/Schumann – Sonata for Violin and Piano in G minor, BWV 1001; Bach/Reger – Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major, BWV 1015; Reger – Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Bach, Op. 81, $35, $30 srs/$15 stud.

9/23-26 the Taylor Eigsti Trio with chanteuse Becca Stevens plus special guests Julian Lage (9/23), Gretchen Parlato & Gerald Clayton (9/26) doing the cd release show for their new one Daylight at Midnight at the Jazz Standard 7:30/9:30 PM.

9/23, 9 PM, Brian Landrus’ cd release show for his excellent new one with the composer playing baritone sax, bass clarinet & bass flute, plus Jason Palmer – trumpet, Nir Felder – guitar, Frank Carlberg – piano, Matthew Parish – bass, Rudy Royston – Tea Lounge in Park Slope. Wow.

9/23 quirky psychedelic golden age hip-hop with Digable Planets at SOB’s, 9 PM, $17 adv tix highly rec.

9/23 Junius bring their searing Joy Division-esque goth-metal to Southpaw, 9:30 PM, $10 adv tix highly rec

9/23 moody indie pop chanteuse Basia Bulat at the Mercury, 9:30 PM $12; also at Littlefield at 9 PM for $12 on 9/24.

9/23 composer Ljova Zhurbin’s witty, often transcendent eclectic Russian/tango/jazz string band Ljova & the Kontraband at Barbes, 10 PM

9/23 LES surf/soul/punk rock guitar legend Simon & the Bar Sinisters at Lakeside 10ish

9/23, 11 PM bluegrass/Americana harmony sirens Those Darlins at Bowery Ballroom $13 adv tix highly rec.

9/23, midnight, retro 60s piano soul/R&B with the Brilliant Mistakes in the small room at the Rockwood.

9/24, 7 PM clawhammer banjo player/songwriter Abigail Washburn at Joe’s Pub, $15.

9/24 atmospheric, noirish Mexican rock siren Ely Guerra at le Poisson Rouge $25

9/24 acclaimed Persian classical ensemble Homay and Mastan Ensemble at Avery Fisher Hall.

9/24 the Bronx Horns – who have a ton of Tito Puente alums, and are unbelievable live – at SOB’s. $15 after 9; ladies free before; guys and girls free before 7. “Complimentary garlic tostones.”

9/24, 9 PM one of the most compelling voices in Americana music, Jan Bell at 68 Jay St Bar; her country harmony band the Maybelles are at Brooklyn Bridge Park down by the Tobacco Warehouse at 5 on 9/25.

9/24 soaring Americana chanteuse Rebecca Turner at 9 at the Jalopy followed at 10 by Brooklyn’s man in black, John Pinamonti, $10

9/24 the John McNeil/Bill McHenry Quartet play the cd release show for their new one at the Cornelia St. Cafe, 9 PM, $10

9/24 the Knights play a program that they excel at: Ives – The Unanswered Question; Saint-Saens – Cello Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Op. 33; Ljova Zhurbin – Garmoshka; Osvaldo Golijov – Night of the Flying Horses; Schubert – Symphony No. 3 in D major, D.200; Kayhan Kalhor (arr. C. Jacobsen) – Ascending Bird, at the College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Blvd.

9/24 Jah N I play roots reggae at Shrine, 11 PM

9/24, midnight, Nashville gothic rockers Ninth House play the cd release show for their new and possibly final album 11 Cemetery and Western Classics at UC 87 Lounge 87 Ludlow St. (Delancey/Broome).

9/25, 5 PM a new music extravaganza to end all extravaganzas: the Respect Sextet, avant piano powerhouse Kathleen Supové, Ethel violinist Todd Reynolds, Newspeak, Wet Ink, mesmerizing psychedelic guitar quartet DITHER (whose new album kicks ass), Mantra Percussion, Ensemble de Sade, Matthew Welch, MIVOS Quartet, and hypnotic acoustic guitarists Threefifty Duo at the Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, $15 cover includes 2 drinks. C to Lafayette Ave., or any train to Atlantic Ave.

9/25, 7 PM blue-eyed soul siren Meg Braun followed by her equally smart, even more eclectic Red Molly multi-instrumentalist pal Carolann Solebello at Caffe Vivaldi.

9/25, 8 PM this fall’s Brooklyn County Fair at the Jalopy starts with Sassy Jenkins at 8, the Buddy Hollers at 9, the ferocious paisley underground rock and outlaw country of the Newton Gang at 10,the Calamity Janes at 11 and the soaring bluegrass harmonies of the NYCity Slickers at midnight.

9/25, 8 PM pianist Matthew McCright plays works by Minnesota composers James Marentic, Justin Rubin, Adam Wernick, Paul Cantrell, Daniel Nass and Kirsten Broberg at Merkin Concert Hall, $20 tix highly rec.

9/25, 8 PM the Eels at Terminal 5, $27.50 adv tix rec.

9/25 NYC’s best blues guitarist, Mississipppi hill country-style Will Scott at 68 Jay St. Bar, 9 PM

9/25, 8 PM the NYC premiere of Pauline Oliveros’ Primordial/Lift at Issue Project Room, $20.

9/25 at Bowery Electric, 9ish, catchy retro 60s/70s Britpop maven Edward Rogers plays songs from his reputedly sensational new album Sparkle Lane. Also on the bill: wickedly lyrical retro 60s psychedelic pop band McGinty and White.

9/25 alt-country’s greatest female voice, Laura Cantrell at Barbes, 10 PM.

9/25 reliably imaginative, bracing trombonist/composer Josh Roseman’s Joshua 3 at the big room at the Rockwood, midnight feat. Peter Apfelbaum (sax, bass organ), Barney McAll (keys), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), and Ted Poor (drums) – what a great band!

9/26 the Atlantic Antic – bands all over Atlantic Ave. and thereabouts- watch this space or just take a walk starting at about 4th Ave

9/26, 3 PM at Central Park Summerstage: the Black Sea Roma Festival featuring Mahala Rai Banda, Tecsoi Banda, Selim Sesler & the NY Gypsy All-Stars and the Yuri Yunakov Ensemble.

9/26, 9:30 PM hilarious and haunting noir cabaret legend Little Annie at Joe’s Pub, $15 with Baby Dee on piano.

9/27, 9 PM the Jamie Begian Big Band – whose new album Big Fat Grin is a ton of fun – at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

9/27 charming oldtimey swing and hillbilly sounds with Daria Grace & the Prewar Ponies at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM.

9/27 Jack Grace – whose new album Drinking Songs for Lovers is a honkytonk classic – at the small room at the Rockwood, 11 PM

9/28, 8 PM Bryan & the Haggards play sick satirical jazz covers of Merle Haggard songs at Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt Ave, Ft. Greene, Brooklyn and at Rodeo Bar on 10/10 at 10:30.

9/28, 9 PM punky, fun Japanese girl-rockers the Hard Nips at the Knitting Factory followed at 10 by jangly, quirky legends Shonen Knife, $12

9/28, 9 PM vintage dancehall reggae with Capleton plus special guests at B.B. King’s – yeah mon! Adv tix $25 rec.

9/28 spiky, fun, virtuosic hokum blues with the Second Fiddles at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM.

9/29, 7 PM Malian duskcore chanteuse Khaira Arby at Joe’s Pub, $17.

9/29 the Jazz Passengers with Debbie Harry at the Jazz Standard 7:30/9:30 PM.

9/29, 8:30 PM jangly anthemic gothic Americana rock with Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons playing the cd release show for her new one in the big room at the Rockwood

9/29, 8:30 PM Cairo-born sax player/composer Alexandra Grimal and her Quartet: Alexandra Grimal, tenor/soprano saxophone; Thomas Morgan, bass; Todd Neufeld, guitar; Marcus Gilmore, drums at the Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

9/29, 9 PM a great country/Americana doublebill with the Lonely Samoans and then Alana Amram & the Rough Gems at Zebulon

9/29 rousing girl/guy bluegrass harmonies with the NYCity Slickers at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM.

9/30 Becky Lu performs the complete Études of Claude Debussy, 1 PM at Trinity Church, free.

9:30, 7 PM a phenomenally fun oldtimey doublebill: Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade play her ep release show followed eventually at 9:30 by Lake Street Dive doing theirs at the big room at the Rockwood

9/30-10/3 the Joshua Redman Trio at the Jazz Standard – whose trio shows at this venue have lived up to the hype, 200% – at 7:30/9:30 PM $35.

9/30, 8 PM noir chamber rock vets Elysian Fields at le Poisson Rouge, $15

9/30, 8 PM, eclectic latin songwriter Marta Topferova – who never met a style from south of the border that she couldn’t do with flair and imagination – at Barbes followed at 10 by advenurous jazz guitarist Mary Halvorson’s Quintet’s cd release show ($10 cover)

9/30, 8:30 PM Canta Libre – harp, flute and strings quintet with chamber music of late 19th and early-20th century Paris – at the Atrium at Lincoln Center, free, get there at least a half hour early.

9/30, 8:30 PM Marika Hughes plays solo cello at Roulette, $15/$10 stud.

9/30, 9 PM artsy lyrical pop songwriter Elaine Romanelli at Desmond’s – if there’s anybody in town who can sing her way over the PA at this dump, it’s her – woman vs. machine?

9/30 menacing, charismatic punk ghoulabilly and retro rock with the Reid Paley Trio at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM

10/2, 7 PM Missy Mazzoli’s intriguing, hypnotic art-rock band Victoire play the cd release show for their brilliant new one at Joe’s Pub, $14.

10/2, 7:30 PM Clare & the Reasons at the Bell House, $25.

10/2 soulful, spiritual roots reggae with Anguile & the High Steppers at 10 at Shrine followed by the Hard Times playing ska and reggae at 11.

10/2 Tammy Faye Starlite’s hilarious, spot-on, satirical Blondie cover band the Pretty Babies at Lakeside 11 PM

10/2, 11 PM first-generation British punk/pop with the Vibrators at the Bell House, $12.

10/3, 6:30 PM the music of Julia Wolfe played by JACK Quartet, Robert Black and the Hartt Bass Band and Matthew Welch at le Poisson Rouge, $15.

10/3, 8:30 PM sprawling, jangly, lyrical Americana-inflected rockers Balthrop Alabama at the big room at the Rockwood

10/4, 8 PM Norwegian shoegaze rockers Serena Maneesh at the Knitting Factory, $12 adv tix rec

10/5, 8 PM the Master Plan and the Hoodoo Gurus at the Bell House, $15 adv tix rec.

10/5 free jazz saxophonist John Tchicai’s Six Points at Roulette, 8:30 PM, $15/$10 stud.

10/6 the Dave Liebman Big Band at Iridium playing the cd release show for their bracingly atmospheric new one As Always.

10/7, 8 PM hip-hop predecessor/lyrical genius Gil Scott-Heron at B.B. King’s.

10/8, 11 PM Wanda Jackson at the Knitting Factory, $15 adv tix rec.

10/9, 10:30 PM Tall Tall Trees at the Postcrypt

10/10 Reverend Billy + The Life After Shopping Gospel Choir do their hilarious, intensely apt, politically relevant punk-flavored gospel reunion show at Highline Ballroom

10/10 deviously multistylistic, virtuosic all-female klezmer band Isle of Klezbos at the Eldridge St. Synagogue, 4 PM, $20/$15 stud/srs.

10/11 UB40 at B.B. King’s

10/12 Indian jazz group Namaskar play the cd release show for their new one at Aaron Davis  Hall uptown.

10/13, 8 PM west coast Americana chanteuse (and Neko Case pal) Carolyn Mark at 68 Jay St Bar.

10/14-16, 7:30 PM Evan Ziporyn’s new gamelan opera A House in Bali feat. 16-piece Balinese Gamelan Salukat and New York’s iconoclastic electric chamber ensemble Bang on a Can BAM, $30 tix. avail.

10/14-17: the Apex (Rudresh Mahathappa and Bunky Green) cd release show: Rudresh Mahathappa – alto saxophone; Bunky Green – alto saxophone; Jason Moran – piano; Francois Moutin – bass; Damion Reid – drums at the Jazz Standard 7:30/9:30 PM

10/14 Metropolitan Klezmer, the world’s most stylistically diverse klezmer band – ecstatic experts in film music, latin music, dirges, freilachs, you name it – 8:30 PM at the Atrium at Lincoln Center, free, get there at least a half hour early or get shut out.

10/15 the DKs at Irving Plaza is not the original band – no Jello, which is like the Beatles w/o Lennon.

10/15 King Kahn & the Shrines play garage rock at Santos Party House, 8 PM, $15. They’re also at the Bell House on 10/16 for the same price.

10/15 free jazz luminaries Secret Orchestra: Yuko Fujiyama, Clif Jackson, David Gould – at Roulette, 8:30 PM, $15/$10 stud.

10/16, 8 PM hypnotic Persian classical and folk tunes with the Shanbehzadeh Trio at Symphony Space, $32.

10/16 a killer reggae triplebill at Shrine starting at 9 with Finotee, followed by Zion Judah at 10 and then East Village Pharmacy’s hypnotic dub/reggaetone sounds at 11.

10/16, 11 PM Rasputina at the Knitting Factory, $15 adv tix rec.

10/18 powerhouse pianist Tamir Hendelman and his Trio at Dizzy’s Club, 8 PM, $20/10 stud.

10/19-20 the Tia Fuller Quartet: Tia Fuller – saxophone; Shamie Royston – piano; Mimi Jones – bass; Rudy Royston – drums at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM.

10/21, 8 PM percussionist Jerome Cooper and pipa adventurer Min Xiao-Fen at Roulette, $15/$10 stud.

10/23, 10 PM hypnotic hip-hop/funk/downtempo grooves with Thousands of One at Shrine.

10/24, 8:30 PM Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York at Roulette, $15/$10 stud.

10/25, 7:30 PM subversive comedienne/chanteuse Tammy Faye Starlite’s latest sick cover night: Chelsea Madchen – Ein Deutscher Evening Mit Nico, at Joe’s Pub, $15

10/28 the Dresden Staatskapelle and the Westminster Choir sing Brahms’ German Requiem at the Atrium at Lincoln Center, free, get there an hour early (7 PM) if you’re going

10/28 Michael Franti & Spearhead, 9 PM at Terminal 5, $35 adv tix avail.

10/29 third-wave ska with the Pietasters & Toasters at B.B. King’s

10/30, 8 PM Cypress Hill at the Nokia Theatre, $36.50 – almost as expensive as a bag of weed

10/30, midnight, up-and-coming roots reggae star Taj Weekes & Adowa at Joe’s Pub, $14

10/31 at Bargemusic, 3 PM Jesse Mills, violin; Chris Gross, cello; Steven Beck, piano play CPE Bach Sonata in F# minor for Violin and Keyboard, Wq. 80 “Empfindungen”; Mauricio Kagel Piano Trio No. 2; Rachmaninoff 6 Études-tableaux, Op. 33; Beethoven Piano Trio No. 5 in D major, Op. 70 No. 1 “Ghost.”

10/31, 9 PM songwriter Adam Stevens followed by the Felice Bros. at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $20

11/2 Clinic do their newfound chamber pop thing at Bowery Ballroom, $15. They’re at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on 11/3 for the same price. Adv tix available at the Mercury.

11/4 bluegrass band Hot Rize play their first NYC show in ten years at B.B. King’s.

11/5, 8 PM at Dave Liebman and Randy Brecker with the Manhattan School of Music Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra performing John Coltrane’s “Meditations Suite” arranged by Gunnar Mossblad at Manhattan School of Music, 120 Claremont Avenue (Broadway and 122nd St).$10 adults; $5 srs/stud.

11/5, 9 PM the Dandy Warhols at the Bell House, $27 adv tix avail. starting 7/23 at the box office.

11/6 Ameranouche play gypsy jazz at 68 Jay St. Bar, 8 PM

11/8 Natacha Atlas – who’s reinvented herself as a Fairouz-class chanteuse – at le Poisson Rouge

11/11 dark, gritty rock legend Ian Hunter at Highline Ballroom

11/11, 8:30 PM and 11/13-14 8 PM the Cypress String Quartet in their NYC debut at the Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A W 13th St., releasing their last cd of the late Beethoven quartets in 2011

11/12 oldtimey stars the Asylum Street Spankers play their farewell NYC show – for real – at Highline Ballroom.

11/12 Man or Astroman – the original band – at Bowery Ballroom, 9 PM, $15. They’re also at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on 11/13 for the same price. Adv tix available at the Mercury.

11/14, 8 PM Nick Cave’s noisy power trio Grinderman at the Nokia Theatre, $37.50

11/17 Red Molly at City Winery 8 PM

11/18, 7:30 PM, “The second concert of this season’s Reflections Series takes us inside the celebrated Parisian salon of famed salonière Winnaretta Singer, heiress to the Singer Sewing Machine fortune. Music to be performed includes works commissioned by her, dedicated to her, or premiered at her salon by Ravel, Fauré, Stravinsky, Debussy, de Falla, Satie and Percy Grainger. Soprano Deborah Selig and pianist Donald Berman will join violinist Gil Morgenstern for this performance,” at WMP Concert Hall, 31 E 28th St., $25.

11/20, 9 PM Charles Bradley & the Menahan Street Band followed by Lee Fields & the Expressions at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $17 adv tix rec.

11/21 the JC Hopkins Big Band open for Mose Allison at City Winery, 8 PM, $30 tix avail.

11/21 pianist Bobby Avey’s cd release show for his brilliant new one A New Face at the Cornelia St. Cafe, shows 8:45/10 PM, $10.

11/23-28 the Maria Schneider Orchestra at the Jazz Standard.

11/30, 9 PM the original steampunk songwriter, Dan Hicks at City Winery, $28 tix avail.

12/16, 8:30 PM Balthrop Alabama play a Xmas show at the Atrium at Lincoln Center, free, get there at least a half hour early or get shut out. Just letting you know a little ahead of time.

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