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Album of the Day 10/8/10

Every day our 1000 best albums of all time countdown continues all the way to #1. Friday’s album is #844:

The Shakers – Living in the Shadow of a Spirit

In 1988, an all-star crew of Nashville alt-country types – singer Rebecca Stout, guitarist Oscar Rice, mandolinist Robert Logue, drummer Ken Coomer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Garing – put out this concept album about the Bell Witch under the band name The Shakers. The Bell Witch is a legendary poltergeist incident, one of the few that apparently caused an actual death. Between 1818 and 1821, the Bell family of Red River, Tennessee was plagued by a mysterious being who reputedly spoke to them, sang hymns, quoted sermons, pushed people around, and depending on who you ask, supposedly stopped General Andrew Jackson’s wagon train dead in its tracks. The family patriarch, John Bell, developed palsy, no doubt affected in some way by the strange activity in his home and perished in 1821. This album, inspired by the events, doesn’t attempt to chronicle or reconcile them: rather, it seeks peace with whatever entity caused them. The four rustic, subtly haunting, sometimes gospel-influenced tracks – Living in the Shadow of a Spirit, Queen of the Haunted Dell, The Healing Hymn and Hymn to Kate – are all up on youtube, although torrents don’t seem to be available. Original vinyl copies of the ep (we have one in the archive) are prized on the collector market, but as recently as the mid-zeros, cassette copies were still available from the band.

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