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Dear Talented People,

We love you because you stopped mailing us unsolicited cds and decided to email us links to your stuff instead. Please keep doing that (bonus points if you’ve set up a mp3 page, a live stream or a secret youtube playlist where we can hear your whole creation). If we really need a cd we’ll let you know. And if we don’t respond to your email right away, please bear with us – we look at each and every one, we really do.

And that’s a problem: at this point in time our inbox is flooded beyond belief with stuff that just wouldn’t work here. If you’re thinking of contacting us, please take thirty seconds to read this – or even better, peek around here a little: you might find something new and exciting and you’ll get a picture of what Lucid Culture is about. The music index is here; posts on visual art are here. For theatre, film, literature, nonfiction, civil disobedience, etc., while we occasionally diverge into all these areas, please don’t send us unsolicited books or dvds: email us a link instead.

Musically speaking, Lucid Culture’s coverage has varied widely over the past five years. Currently it’s about 60% jazz and the rest classical and “indie classical.” If what you do, or what you’re pitching is rock, hip-hop, country music or something that might fall into the nebulous category of “world music,” you would have more luck getting coverage at our younger, crazier sister blog, New York Music Daily.

While we closely follow live music in New York, we welcome new sounds from around the globe. In choosing what to spread the word about, many criteria factor into our decision: will our audience find it interesting? Is it smart, different, unique, innovative, entertaining, important? Would it be fun to write about? If it is, we’ll probably do it.

Please be aware that we only publish public links, that is, URLs that anyone on the web can access without signing into a site or a VPN. And we only link to audio or video streams that are ad-free (it’s ok if the host site, i.e. youtube, vimeo, myspace, etc. has display ads, but no audio or visual advertising content in the stream or video itself, please).

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


The Lucid Culture crew

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