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Song of the Day 4/8/09

Every day, our top 666 songs of alltime countdown gets one step closer to #1. Wednesday’s song is #476:

Bruce Springsteen – Adam Raised a Cain

With the Walmart debacle, most of the blogosphere considers this guy a complete hypocrite, no better than the Eagles or AC/DC. Still, we should always distinguish the art from the artist. To his credit, Da Boss has a long and distinguished career of anti-fascist activism and charity work that predates that one offhand decision to give Walmart an exclusive on a cheap greatest-hits compilation. Here’s a number completely in touch with his working-class roots, from his raging late 70s peak, Darkness on the Edge of Town, 1977, a study in violence getting passed down through the generations: “You’re born into this life paying for the sins of somebody else’s past.” The best version out there is actually the ferocious live take from the multi-lp set, 1985. Good luck finding it online – there’s probably as much Bruce as Dead floating around limewire. The link above is a decent live take from Boston, 1999.

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