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Song of the Day 1/14/09

Every day, our top 666 songs of alltime countdown gets one step closer to #1. Wednesday’s song is #560:

The Skatalites – You’re Wondering Now

Iconic ska ballad from the early days, 1964, Doreen Shaffer’s stoic, subtly haunting vocals over a sweetly bitter oldschool R&B melody. Covered by everybody but the original is the best, available wherever files are shared. Amy Winehouse, eat your heart out (might do you some good: you could stand a little extra weight).  

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Song of the Day 12/7/08

If you’re going out this weekend and wonder where our constantly updated NYC live music calendar went, it’s here. In the meantime our top 666 songs of alltime countdown continues, one day at a time all the way to #1.Sunday’s is #597:

Amy Allison – Turn Out the Lights

Lucid Culture’s pick for best song of 2007 is one of cult artist Allison’s finest – and she has many – a stark and eerily glistening (if totally misproduced) suicide anthem:


In my room

Far from the crowd

My bed’s a tomb

My quilt’s a shroud

I’ve had my fill

Of restless nights

I’d just as soon

Turn out the lights.


From the cd Everything and Nothing Too. Allison also has a hysterically funny, brand-new song about Amy Winehouse smoking crack up on her myspace too.

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