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Concert Review: The Disclaimers at Spikehill, Brooklyn NY 2/6/09

Supposedly it’s a big blogosphere faux pas to review too many shows by one band because it smacks of fandom. Well, dammit, we ARE fans of the Disclaimers. They’re one of those killer bands whose songs are so catchy and so intelligent, and who put on such an intense live show that everybody wonders why they’re not famous. Woops, that’s 80s thinking: it’s been a long time since a major label signed a good band (last time we said that about a band, their independently produced cd got a great distribution deal – here’s hoping lightning strikes twice). This band has everything: tunes, tight musicianship and two charismatic frontwomen in Naa Koshie Mills and Kate Thomason. Thomason set the place on fire last time out; last night was Mills’ turn to steal the spotlight, immaculate in a two-tone black-and-white pencil dress and coordinated stockings (black on the left, white on the right), in addition to a real flower hair accessory to match her co-lead singer and also a big ostrich feather. She also sang and played violin, trombone and keyboards, a pretty good average for somebody who was so under the weather that she had to go off mic and clear her throat when she wasn’t crooning in that effortlessly breathy style of hers.


The rest of the band kicked ass too. Keyboardist/guitarist Dan Sullivan didn’t have his Leslie pedal with him, but he still wailed when it came time for his solo in the best song of the night, the scorching, sarcastic janglerock anthem Tiptoe. They’ve rearranged a lot of their songs lately:  Below the Belly of the 7 Train, their opener, now has a macabre organ intro from Sullivan, and a lot of dynamics – they don’t just barrel through it anymore. They did another one that had a beautiful Elvis Costello keyboard pop ballad feel, another equally gorgeous new jangly garage rock song called The Damage Is Done and even a Springsteen cover, a stunningly successful version of No Surrender. When Thomason sang “No retreat, baby, no surrender,” it was as much cajolement as defiance: disbelief was simply not an option. They closed with a typically fiery, snidely powerful version of their usual closer, Get Out of My Nightmares, fueled by Mills’ usual frenetic staccato violin crescendo at the beginning and then at the end. The place wasn’t as jampacked as it was last time they played here but there was a decent crowd, the sound was pristine as always and the crowd was into it. And maybe because of the depression or the cold night, Bedford Avenue was pretty much clear of trendoids and tourists. A sign of things to come? Let’s hope so.

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New York City Live Music Calendar Plus Other Events Mid-September – October 2008

Hey – there’s a more updated calendar for October and November here.  If you don’t recognize the place where a show is happening, click our Venues page. And by the way, if you see a listing here like this: Smelly Polyester/The Mandals, that means that Smelly Polyester is opening for the Mandals, not the other way around.


First the weekly stuff, then the daily calendar.


Sundays from half past noon to 3:30 PM, bluegrass cats Freshly Baked (f.k.a. Graveyard Shift), featuring excellent, incisive fiddle player Diane Stockwell play Nolita House (upstairs over Botanica at 47 E Houston).


Every Sunday, Michael Arenella & the Dreamland Dance Band play sly yet boisterous oldtimey hot jazz during a brunch set at Bar Tabac on Smith St. in Brooklyn Heights from about half past noon to 4 PM.


Sundays Sean Kershaw & the Terrible Two (that’s the New Jack Ramblers minus a couple fingers & toes) play the upstairs roof deck at Rocky Sullivan’s, 34 Van Dyke St at Dwight St in Red Hook, 1-4 PM. Free ferry from Manhattan (pier 11,Wall St.) and free shuttle buses from the F&G trains at Smith-9th St, the F,M,R at 4th Ave, and the 2,3,4,5,M,N,R at Borough Hall.


The 2008-09 series of organ concerts at St. Thomas Church kicks off on September 14 and continues most every Sunday (certain holidays excepted) at 5:15 sharp, featuring a whole slew of world-renowned performers. Concerts continue through May 17 of next year.


Every Sunday the Ear-Regulars, led by trumpeter Jon Kellso and (frequently) guitarist Matt Munisteri play NYC’s only weekly hot jazz session starting around 8 PM at the Ear Inn on Spring St.  Hard to believe, in the city that springboarded the careers of thousands of jazz legends, but true. This is by far the best value in town for marquee-caliber jazz: for the price of a drink and a tip for the band, you can see world-famous players (and brilliant obscure ones) you’d usually have to drop $100 for at some big-ticket room. The material is mostly old-time stuff from the 30s and 40s, but the players (especially Kellso and Munisteri, who have a chemistry that goes back several years) push it into some deliciously unexpected places.


Sundays at 8:30 PM Sasha Dobson plays Pete’s Candy Store. Jazz chanteuse on the serious Brazilian tip: musically, she’s where Snorah Jones should hope to be in five years.


Every Sunday, hip-hop MC Big Zoo hosts the long-running End of the Weak rap showcase at the Pyramid, 9 PM, admission $5 before 10, $7 afterward. This is one of the best places to discover some of the hottest under-the-radar hip-hop talent, both short cameos as well as longer sets from both newcomers and established vets.


Monday nights Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, a boisterous horn-driven 11-piece 1920s/early 30’s band play Sofia’s Restaurant, downstairs at the Edison Hotel, 221 West 46th Street between Broadway & 8th Ave., 3 sets from 8 to 11, surprisingly cheap $15 cover plus $15 minimum considering whaat you’re getting. Even before the Flying Neutrinos or the Moonlighters, multi-instrumentalist Giordano was pioneering the oldtimey sound in New York; his long-running residency at the old Cajun on lower 8th Ave. is legendary. He also gets a ton of film work (Giordano wrote the satirical number that Willie Nelson famously sang in Wag the Dog). 



Also Mondays the Barbes house band, Chicha Libre plays there starting around 9:45. Note that the 9/29 show has a $25 cover, all proceeds to benefit the Obama campaign. Chicha Libre are the sole American practitioners of chicha, a style popular in the Peruvian Amazon ghettos in the late 60s and early 70s. With electric accordion, cuatro, surf guitar and a boisterous rhythm section, their hypnotic, reverb-drenched mix of obscure psychedelic surf/cumbia/rock classics and originals is one of the funnest, most danceable things you’ll witness this year. Lately they’ve been expanding their repertoire to include not only their often hilarious, hypnotic originals but also covers of period pieces as well as chichafied rock songs. If you get lucky they’ll play their amped-up version of the Clash classic Guns of Brixton.


Mondays in September (and pretty much every month, when he’s not on tour), Rev. Vince Anderson and his band play Black Betty in Williamsburg, two sets starting around 10:30 PM. The Rev. is one of the great keyboardists around, equally thrilling on organ or electric piano, an expert at Billy Preston style funk, honkytonk, gospel and blues. He writes very funny, very politically astute, frequently salacious original gospel songs and is one of the great live performers of our time. Moist Paula from Moisturizer is the lead soloist on baritone sax.


Tuesdays El Ritmo Southside plays Rose Bar in Williamsburg, 11 PM. Instrumental covers of classic, Fania-era salsa, mambo, cha-cha, rhumba etc.: Palmieri, Puente, Barretto, et al. featuring superb vibraphonist Tommy Mattioli and a rotating rhythm section.


Also every Tues in Sept., the boisterous and very popular brass-heavy gypsy jazz band Slavic Soul Party plays Barbes at 9. Get here as soon as you can as the opening act is usually popular as well.


Every Wednesday, Will Scott and drummer Wylie Wirth play mesmerizing, hypnotic, completely authentic Mississippi hill country blues along with Scott’s own melodic, tuneful blues originals at 68 Jay St. Bar in Dumbo, starting around 8:30 PM. Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside and Asie Payton are sadly gone but Scott continues their tradition of music that is as danceable as it is trance-inducing, and does his influences justice.


Also every Wednesday, the Nat Lucas Organ Trio plays jazz at Lenox Lounge uptown, sets from 8 PM to midnight.


Also Wednesdays in September, the Doc Marshalls – equally good at rousing Texas honkytonk and Louisiana Cajun – are at Hill Country,  9 PM.


Fridays in September baritone Brooklyn country crooner Sean Kershaw – who’s been off on a really good Western swing tangent lately – plays Hill Country, 5 PM for happy hour.


The first major JMW Turner exhibit in the US in many moons is up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through 9/21. Now might be a good time to check it out – get there early in the day if you can.  


Sat Sept 13 an allday outdoor festival at Riverside Park: Bill Popp & the Tapes – who have been around since 1977, and whom you are destined to see at least once in your life kick things off at 2 PM followed by Amanda Thorpe and Ed Rogers’ gorgeously harmony-driven Britfolk/Britpop revivalists the Bedsit Poets at 3, Irish songwriter Enda Keegan (an acquired taste) at 4, legendary Clash collaborator Ellen Foley – who has never sounded better than she does right now –at 5 and the somewhat legendary, Stones/Pogues hybrid Joe Hurley and Rogue’s March (with James Mastro on guitar!) at 6:30. The show runs till 9; 1 train to 103rd and walk toward the Hudson.


Sat-Sun Sept 13-14 Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra bring their brilliant, obscure 20s hot swing jazz to Governor’s Island, sets on 9/13 at a quarter to one, 2:30 and 4 PM (with free pie at 3:30!); 9/14 the Boilmaker Jazz Band plays sets at 11:30 AM and 12:45 PM followed by the Dreamland Orchestra at 2, 3:15 and 4:15, the free ferry leaves from the old Shaolin ferry terminal, right next to the new one at the Battery. Be aware that alcohol is strictly prohibited and that you may be searched rigorously prior to boarding the ferry (bring a thermos, that’s how we did it).


Also Sat Sept 13, 4:30 PM a really good, free all-ages punk show at Passout Records, 131 Grand St. in Williamsburg featuring fearlessly funny, kick-ass rockers the Blame, the equally kick-ass, equally funny, somewhat metalish East Coast Scammers, 80s-style throwbacks Sexual Suicide, and others TBA.


Also Sat Sept 13 the haunting, psychedelic, danceable Arab/African band Sounds of Taraab play Bush Baby, 1197 Fulton St at Bedford Ave in Bed-Stuy, 8 PM.


Also Sat Sept 13, Mark Sinnis plays Spikehill, 8 PM. The Ninth House frontman has invented his own, beguiling, absolutely haunting genre: gothic country lounge. Good to see him playing here where the sound is excellent and you can hear all the nuances in the vocals. He’s also playing the Slipper Room on Sept 21 at 10 for goth night. Oooh! Spooky!


Also Sat Sept 13, 9 PM C.W. Stoneking, the hilarious and strikingly authentic Australian king of oldtimey American hokum blues and minstrel music, continues the Dives of New York Tour in support of his new album Jungle Blues – which is reputedly amazing – at Pete’s Candy Store with Brownbird Rudy Relic. 9/14 at 9 PM he’s at Barbes with the always excellent Mamie Minch and winds up his NYC shows on 9/17 at 9:30 PM at the Jalopy Theater with the equally sensational, retro Al Duvall


Also Sat Sept 13, 9ish intoxicatingly good organ-and-guitar-driven gypsy/reggae/groove band Escarioka play Banbalotto, 160 N4th St. in Williamsburg, $10. Wow, what a discovery. Real fun stuff. They’re also playing Otto’s on 9/27 at 10:30.


Also Sat Sept 13 intriguing and imaginative Mexican acid jazz band los Musicos de Jose play Joe’s Pub, 9:30 PM, adv tix $12 recommended.


Also Sat Sept 13 twangy, rustic Americana rockers the Felice Bros. and impressively terse, zeros-generation delta bluesman AA Bondy play Maxwell’s, 9:30 PM, $15.


Also Sat Sept 13, 10ish at Rodeo Bar it’s a Loretta Lynn Tribute featuring The Lonesome Prairie Dogs and the incomparable comedienne/chanteuse/troublemaker Tammy Faye Starlite – the missing link between Lenny Bruce and Jello Biafra, except that she’s way better looking.


Also Sat Sept 13, 10 PM Baby Daddy play Parkside. These are the bluesy rockers responsible for the classic party anthem 700 Beers.


Also Sat Sept 13 Simon & the Bar Sinisters play Lakeside, 10:15ish (early by Lakeside standards, but Simon likes to play long sets). A true original: raised on punk, addicted to surf, steeped in rockabilly, honest as the day he was born and very funny. And damn, what a guitarist.


Sun Sept 14, an afternoon of free music at Union Square featuring darkly slinky shoegaze/groove trio El Jezel at 1, others TBA – if anybody knows anything about what else might be happening, please share the intelligence. 


Also Sun Sept 14, early, 6 PM guitarist Jim Campilongo – spooky composer equally adept at western swing, surf and eerie soundtrack-style instrumentals – plays with his trio at 55 Bar.


Also Sun Sept 14, 8 PM  Paul Shapiro’s Ribs and Brisket Review plays the cd release for their new one Essen at the Cornelia St. Café. Exuberant, over-the-top Yiddish jazz featuring Cab Calloway and Slim Gaillard covers plus similar originals. Obviously this is not a dairy band, although it’s a good one: Paul Shapiro, sax, clarinet, vocal; Babi Floyd, vocals; Cilla Owens, vocals; Brian Mitchell, piano; Booker King, bass; Tony Lewis, drums.. 


Also Sun Sept 14 somewhat legendary Mexican ska rockers Maldita Vecindad play the Gramercy Theatre, 9ish, adv tix $37.50 available at the Irving Plaza box office. They’ve got one of the world’s greatest sax players and a vast back catalog of haunting, somewhat Dead Kennedys-inflected songs.


Also Sun Sept 14, 11 PM the Flanks play Spikehill, 11 PM. Excellent, mostly acoustic, oldtime-flavored traditionalist country band with a sense of humor. They’re also at Southpaw on 9/19.  


Mon Sept 15 Ani Cordero’s relatively new, beautifully rustic, driving rock in Espanol band Pistolera opens for popular, jazzy Mexican ranchera singer Lila Downs – playing with both her band and with the Mariachi Academy of NY at the Town Hall, 8 PM, adv tix $25 at the box office.


Also Mon Sept 15 fast-fingerered Rhode Island swing jazz axemeister Duke Robillard opens for petite but potent blues vocal powerhouse Shemekia Copeland at B.B. King’s, 8 PM, adv tix $25 available at the box office.


Also Mon Sept 15 long-running Brooklyn faux-French garage rockers les Sans Culottes – featuring the sensational Francoise Hardly (AKA Moist Gina from Moisturizer) on bass, play the Mercury, 9:30, a $15 benefit for Planned Parenthood.


Also Mon Sept 15 The 80s Go South play satirical country covers of schlocky 80s hits – Tears for Fears, etc. – at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. Has country become the new punk? Apparently so. 


Tues Sept 16, early, 7:30 PM the world’s only (mostly) all-female, (somewhat) lesbian klezmer group Isle of Klezbos play a free show in the community garden at 346 East Houston St, btw Avenues B & C. This wild, ecstatic crew play a dazzling and danceable mix of alternately rousing and haunting originals and classic, sometimes very obscure cover.


Also Tues Sept 16 the Tim Kuhl Group play Lakeside, 10 PM. Melodic, catchy, smart jazz songs without words. At Lakeside, of all places: somebody must have cancelled. Their loss is your gain.


Also Tues Sept 16 the Actual Facts play Southpaw, 9ish. Catchy, rocking, funny, guitar-driven new wave throwbacks.


Also Tues Sept 16 blue/roots music guitar genius Lenny Molotov plays the Rockwood with his band, 9 PM. Lots of delta blues, some ragtime, many originals, great lyrics and a brutal, sardonic sense of humor.


Also Tues Sept 16, 9 PM at Barbes the rousing, intense gypsy band Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar with “special musical guests,” no doubt from half a dozen other equally good New York gypsy acts. 


Also Tues Sept 16, 10ish, Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson play the Highline Ballroom, adv tix $25 at the box office. This Australian couple look like trendoids but their stock in trade is gorgeously retro 60s American country music.  One of Steve Earle’s kids opens, earnestly.


Weds Sept 17 at Kenny’s Castaways of all places an intriguing triple bill: wickedly smart, funny janglerock songwriter Ward White opens the show, early, 7 PM playing songs from his new cd Pulling Out which is one of the year’s best; at 8, another jangle guy, Dave Foster of Bubble and at 9, the irrepressible, guitarishly brilliant Pete Galub who’s made everybody from Amy Allison to Greta Gertler sound amazing. With some sort of jam afterward. Good sound at this joint; nice to see some good people playing there.


Also Weds Sept 17, 9 PM, Ansambl Mastika plays Rose Bar. Amazing band with sax, trumpet, guitar and a killer rhythm section who play just about anything that can be played in the Arab scale. Gypsy music is their stepping-off point, but they go deep into klezmer, Levantine dance and Gogol Bordello-land.


Also Weds Sept 17 the Seckou Keita Quintet, led by the noted Senegalese kora (African harp) player plays the cd release for their new one The Silimba Passage at Drom, 9 PM, adv tix $15 very highly recommended at the box office. Keita plays a doublenecked kora in the same vein as Jimmy Page albeit with, um, somewhat more taste and subtlety. The result is sublimely hypnotic, venturing all over the map and often deep into jazz.


Also Weds Sept 17 popular, somewhat noir 90s melodic janglepop band the Dandy Warhols play Terminal 5, 10 PM, adv tix $27 available at the Mercury box office.


Thurs Sept 18 Greek oud virtuoso/composer Mavrothi Kontanis plays Mehanata, 9 PM with his astonishingly good band. Dark, haunting rebetika anthems, sly, tongue-in-cheek drinking songs and a lot of impressively diverse originals. Kontanis – who has two brilliant new albums out – is a hell of a soloist, but it’s his sax player who’s his secret weapon, equal parts Coltrane and refugee from Smyrna. 


Thurs-Fri Sept 18-19 the Hangdogs reunite to play a benefit for Iowa flood survivors at Rodeo Bar, 10ish. Five years ago, they were arguably the best band in New York, the missing link between the Bodeans and the Dead Kennedys, a scorchingly hot twangy rock outfit with a spot-on, politically-fueled sense of humor. Their most recent (one hopes not final) cd Wallace ’48 remains one of the decade’s very best.


Also Thurs Sept 18 Bogs Visionary Orchestra plays Banjo Jim’s, 10 PM  Deliriously good, sprawling bluegrass band, as good M Shanghai String Band and with even more energy. Superbly retro, funny ragtime banjoist Curtis Eller opens the night at 8.


Also Fri Sept 19 Matt Keating plays Housing Works Bookstore on Crosby just south of Houston, 8 PM. Fiery, cynical, often devastatingly literate janglerock songwriter riding the wave of his new, best-ever album, a double cd of the kind of tuneful broadsides Elvis Costello used to write before he decided to be a jazz guy.


Also Fri Sept 19, 8 PM Witches in Bikinis play Kenny’s Castaways. In their matching colored wigs and bikinis, the witches – all eight of them – make fun of anything conceivably “sinister” that you might find in pop culture. Funny, absolutely original and with a solid band behind them. While they put on a tightly choreographed show, this is a concert rather than a theatrical performance. They’re also here at 9 on 10/9.


Also Fri Sept 19 Musette Explosion featuring killer accordionist Will Holshouser and reliably excellent guitarist Matt Munisteri (who also plays banjo in this unit)plays Barbes, 8 PM. Musette is dark, gypsyish, blue-collar barroom music from France and Belgium from the 20s and 30s.


Also Fri Sept 19, Squeeze plays Radio City, 8ish, adv tix. very expensive ($39.50 at the box office). No idea how much they have left as a unit, but guitarist Glenn Tilbrook still wails and his co-writer Chris Difford can still write. One of the best of the British new wave bands, they have a massive back catalog of classics: Pulling Mussels, Another Nail in My Heart, Slightly Drunk, and, oh yeah, that wretched hit single that they didn’t write.


Also Fri Sept 19 the first night of two country nights at Southpaw starting at 8 PM featuring the excellent guy/girl vocal and steel guitar-driven Newton Gang, the hyperkinetic hollering of oldtimey ragtime/hokum guitarist Brownbird Rudy Relic and the excellent, oldtimey Flanks.


Also Fri Sept 19, 8ish Coleman Hawkins-influenced ska sax legend Dave Hillyard & the Rocksteady 7 play Two Boots Pizza in Park Slope, Brooklyn. As close to the Skatalites as you’ll ever get these days.


Also Fri Sept 19, 9 PM Ververitse, an anarchically fun, improvisationally dazzling Balkan brass band featuring members of Ansambl Mastika, Hungry March Band and Romashka play the Jalopy Café.


Also Fri Sept 19, 9:30ish, purist, wickedly smart and amusing punk rockers the Brooklyn What play Don Pedro’s. Their show last month at the Brooklyn Lyceum was the single best rock show we’ve seen all year…and we’ve seen over a hundred so far. See what you missed right here! Headlining are the bizarre but funny, slightly Devo-esque Australian garage/surf band the Ooga Boogas


Also Fri Sept 19 retro 60s garage psychedelic throwbacks the Brian Jonestown Massacre plays the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 10ish, tix $25 available at the Mercury box office.


Also Fri Sept 19 twangy, growling, somewhat Steve Earle-inflected former Backslider Chip Robinson plays Lakeside with the Roscoe Trio, 10ish – expect a long set.


Also Fri Sept 19 the actually good, psychedelic, horn-driven, female-fronted self-explanatory NY Funk Exchange plays Sullivan Hall, 10 PM.


Sat Sept 20 Senegalese bandleader Claude Gomis – son of Orchestra Baobab co-founder Rudy Gomis – brings his danceable funk/ska/dancehall stuff to the Brooklyn Public Library main branch at Grand Army Plaza, outdoors, free, at 3ish. There’s a real fun, Moisturizer-ish feel to them, with that baritone sax. Steel band CASYM opens at 2


Also Sept 20, early, 6 PM the second all-country night of the weekend at Southpaw featuring upbeat vintage 60s style cats Alex Battles & The Whiskey Rebellion, the alternately hilarious and haunting Jack Grace Band, the fiery, spirited Jessica Rose & The High Life, western swing/rockabilly guys Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers, the sprawling and impressively diverse M Shanghai String Band and Dock Oscar & The Ambassadors Of Love.


Also Sat Sept 20 excellent DC retro 60s Britpop/rockers Bellman Barker play the Mercury, early, 7 PM. They’re also at Union Pool on Sun Sept 21 at 9.


Also Sat Sept 20 a retro extravaganza with a ton of surf and garage bands at Otto’s. Dramatis personae: percussive, originally inclined Hang Daddy at 6 PM; the diverse and always improving Tarantinos NYC at 8; NJ surf/garage rockers the Chillers at 9; decently guitarish, punky Staten Island garage band the Recruders at 10; legendary, original NYC surf innovators the Supertones (possibly featuring the great Simon Chardiet on eight-string bass!) at 11; slightly jazzy, jam-oriented twangsters Venice Beach Muscle Club at midnight and the actually excellent, primitive, darkly intense Sexual Healing 666 sometime in the wee hours after that. 


Also Sat Sept 20, 8 PM at Symphony Space, Rupayan plays North Indian desert music featuring percussion, Sufi songs, sarangi (bowed lute) and algoza (double flute), tix $30 available at the World Music Institute box office.


Also Sat Sept 20, 8 PM at Barbes: “Paris-based Balval ((”the wind” in Romanes,) blends East and West, Latin, and Oriental music with traditional Roma songs and puts their own musical compositions to the words of contemporary Roma poets. Featuring Awena Burgess – vocals; Rosalie Hartog – violin; Daniel Mizrahi – guitar; Benjamin Body – bass and Bachar Khalife, percussion” Followed by ex-Johnny Cash sideman Smokey Hormel’s Roundup, an excellent cast of characters playing western swing, including Charley Burnham – fiddle; Tim Luntzel – string bass; Konrad Meisner  – drums.


Also Sept 20 the gorgeously violin-and-guitar-driven Sadies (who frequently back Neko Case, and have Douce Gimlet’s old drummer) play the Highline Ballroom (looks like that place is getting all of the best acts that used to play Luna), 8 PM, adv tix $17 at the box office. Headliners Blue Rodeo were the first of the 80s alt-junkie Velvets wannabes.


Also Sat Sept 20, 8 PM the Ureuk Symphony plays Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony Op.8., the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor Op.64 and Beethoven’s Triple Concerto in C Major Op.56 at Merkin Concert Hall, tix $30.


Also Sat Sept 20 a good doublebill at – of all places – Zebulon, with Balkan/klezmer hellraisers Mames Babaganoush at 9 followed at 11ish by roots reggae revivalists Meta & the Cornerstones.


Also Sat Sept 20 darkly lo-fi Americana/soul duo the French Exit play Freddy’s, 9 PM. Imagine Cat Power fronting the Dirty Three – all those haunting, spiky atmospherics, excellent tunes and vastly fewer vocal affectations than Ms. Marshall. Good stuff. Followed by multistylistic, somewhat soundtrackish Americana/jazz instrumental unit Hunter Gatherer at 10.


Also Sat Sept 20 Motorhead plays Roseland, 9:30ish, adv tix expensive ($37) at the Irving Plaza box office. OK, raise your fist, up with the forefinger and pinky. Either you’re in the Motorhead camp or not, but if you’re in, you know that Lemmy is one of the greatest bassists of alltime. Love those four-string chords! And he’s still coherent, at least as much as he ever was.


Also Sat Sept 20 Spanking Charlene play Lakeside, 11 PM. NYC’s answer to X: guy/girl vocals, dirty Americana-punk songs along with some strikingly pretty country stuff. Frontwoman Charlene McPherson has one hell of a voice.


Also Sat Sept 20 wild, hard-rocking, uncommonly good Irish band Finn’s Fury play Connolly’s, 9:30 PM. Equal parts punk and virtuoso violin-driven celtic dance band, should be a real fun night.


Also Sat Sept 20 Burnt Sugar plays the Blue Note at midnight, no doubt for a vastly reduced cover charge. Greg Tate’s sprawling, psychedelic drone-jazz megaplex is always good if you’re in a thoughtful mood. Moist Paula from Moisturizer on baritone sax!


Sun Sept 21, early afternoon, 3 PM an astonishingly good, introspective bill with solo jazz trumpet at the Eldridge St. Synagogue, 12 Eldridge just north of Division, F train to East Broadway, walk west, right on Allen St., left on Division, right on Eldridge. Performers are klezmer genius Frank London; “the human crescendo,” composer and Hazmat Modine star Pam Fleming, Rev. Dr. Mark Harvey of the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra, Japanese adventurer Natsuki Tamura and cool jazzcat Nate Wooley.


Also Sun Sept 21, an afternoon concert at Symphony Space, 4 PM, Leon Botstein & the American Symphony Orchestra play Richard Strauss’ Four Last Songs (he didn’t plan them to be, but these saturnine, often haunting works are among his finest), tix $25.


Also Sun Sept 21 6-10PM a dance party at the Gatehouse at Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Ave at W 135th St featuring a performance by Burnt Sugar, The Arkestra Chamber conducted by Greg Tate around 8ish with special guests (one assumes for slow dancing, general Tickets: $15 (includes 2 drinks!!!), for Harlem Residents (walk up only) and HS member $12.


Also Sun Sept 21 Julie Fowlis, the “first Gaelic crossover artist” sings beguiling, tasteful traditional Scottish songs from across the centuries at Joe’s Pub, 9:30 PM, adv tix $20 and highly recommended at the box office.


Also Sun Sept 21 Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade play the Jalopy Café, 9 PM. Contralto chanteuse/guitarist fronting an oldtimey band playing everything from ragtime to rockabilly. Historically aware, funny and fun: she’ll take you back for a brisk ride through several decades that were better than this one.


Also Sun Sept 21 one of the original haunting Southwestern gothic units, Giant Sand play the Gramercy Theatre, 9ish, adv tix relatively cheap, $15 at the Irving Plaza box office.


Mon Sept 22 reliably provocative, politically spot-on multi-instrumentalist hip-hop/rock songwriter Stephan Said plays a benefit for Iraq war refugees at Joe’s Pub, 7 PM sharp, adv tix $20 and worth it (this will sell out) at the box office. Said, FKA Stephan Smith, is using this show to reclaim his original Arabic name, and also taping the night for the video of his cover of the 1937 Mohammed Abdel Wahab classic Aheb Aisht Al Huriya (I Love the Life of Freedom).


Also Mon Sept 22 the Lascivious Biddies play the Zipper Theatre, 7:30 PM, tix $15. Satirical all-female faux-cabaret band with chops even better than their jokes – great bassist and guitarist!.


Also Mon Sept 22 Kal (Roma for black) plays Drom, 8 PM. Fiery, haunting, politically and historically aware gypsy band from the suburbs of Belgrade. Keenly aware that they’re keeping a great tradition alive in the face of the encroachment of computerized disco and prejudice on all sorts of levels, fired by righteous anger. Could be very intense and just as fun.


Also Mon Sept 22 Toots & the Maytals play B.B. King’s, 8 PM, adv tix $26.50 at the box office. Toots Hibbert was there when ska morphed into rocksteady and then into reggae: story is that his off-the-cuff hit Do the Reggay gave the style its name. Still a vital and intense performer in his sixties, with a huge back catalog of classics (Pressure Drop, Get Up Stand Up, 54-46 Was My Number) and a good band who will vamp on them for fifteen minutes at a clip.


Also Mon Sept 22 Tidawt, an excellent, hypnotic yet upbeat Tuareg desert blues/rock band from Niger plays the Highline Ballroom, 9 PM. More melodically varied, driven by dynamic shifts and less outright haunting than Tinariwen or Toumast. They can undoubtedly reaffirm that there was no uranium destined for Saddam Hussein in their native land.


Also Mon Sept 22 lush, atmospheric female-fronted dreampop group This Reporter plays Lakeside of all places, 10 PM.


Also Mon Sept 22 the Silos play Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM, probably gearing up for a tour. Indie rock legends with a new bass player in place of the late, much missed Drew Glackin but missing none of their usual Americana-inflected guitar fire and snarling melodicism.


Tues Sept 23 – just so you know – My Bloody Valentine’s overpriced shows at Roseland are all sold out. Don’t worry. They’ll probably be back, and for less money.


Also Tues Sept 23, 7 PM at Barbes it’s Bob Hoffnar’s Mood Illusion: “deconstructed lounge music, sub-standards from the pre-rock era and Bee Gees tunes.” Ron Caswell – Tuba; Andrew Borger – Drums; Samoa – vocals; Bob Hoffnar – pedal steel.


Also Tues Sept 23, 8 PM Katie Elevitch plays Rose Bar in Williamsburg with her band. Darkly slinky, slowly crescendoing rock/soul equally imbued with riveting intensity and sly humor. She belts, she wails, has a great band behind her and writes great songs. If you miss the days of Alice Lee playing Pete’s on the random Saturday night, or when Randi Russo had a loud band behind her, check her out. What a discovery.


Also Tues Sept 23 fiery, funny, smartly lyrical outlaw country throwbacks Maynard & the Musties play Spikehill, 10 PM. Check out their latest myspace addition, the version of Elvis Museum featuring Ryan Adams.



Also Tues Sept 23 scorching punk/garage rockers 18 play Public Assembly (the old Galapagos) in the back room, 10:30 PM. Retro 70s minimalist art-punk band Full Tank open the show at 9ish.


Weds Sept 24, 6:30 PM at Cooper Union (Seventh St. and Third Ave.), free, early arrival suggested, Dr. Oliver Sacks, noted neurologist and author of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and now Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, discusses the interaction between music and the human brain — how music moves us, heals and haunts us. Perhaps he can explain the painkilling properties of Stars of Warburton by Midnight Oil and how Chicha Libre induces the same euphoria as cocaine but without the side effects.


Also Weds Sept 24-30 it’s the Droma Gypsy Festival at Drom featuring a whole caravan of good bands, highlights below.


Weds Sept 24 Turkish gypsy dub band Baba Zula – how’s that for cross-cultural psychedelia? – who’ve recorded with Mad Professor and others, play Drom at 9 PM, adv tix $20 very highly recommended at the box ofc 


Also Weds Sept 24 the reliably romantic, musically sensational Hawaiian/swing/blues/all things retro stars Moonlighters play at 9 at Fort Greene strip club Barrette, 601 Vanderbilt Avenue at Bergen St., 2/3 to Bergen or C to Clinton/Washington.


Also Weds Sept 24 tuneful, politically aware Atlanta Americana rock songwriter Kirk McMillan and his band play a benefit for Tuesday’s Children (charity which mentors kids who lost relatives on 9/11) at Spikehill, 9 PM.  Check out his song Corporate Cross on his myspace. Here’s what you get with a donation: $10 kirk4kids GROUPIE – Cover Charge for Event; $25 kirk4kids ROADIE – CD and kirk4kids t-shirt; $50 kirk4kids TOUR MANAGER – CD, kirk4kids t-shirt, 2 FREE drinks; $100 kirk4kids BAND MEMBER – CD, kirk4kids t-shirt, FREE drinks and food.


Also Weds Sept 24 Japanese gypsy band Kagero plays the Rockwood, 11 PM. Not to be confused with the awful metal band of the same name who used to play the Continental: this crew is a little more acoustic and laid-back than Gogol Bordello et al., but the guitars and accordion are still gorgeous.


Thurs Sept 25 the haunting, Middle Eastern-inflected yet extremely danceable oldtime Zanzibar revivalists Sounds of Taraab play a harbor cruise on the good ship Star of Palm Beach, leaving from Pier 40, Houston St. & the highway; boarding from 6:30-7:30, then cruise till 10 PM rain or shine. Adv tix insanely cheap, $10, get ‘em from the band.


Also Thurs Sept 25 Botanica plays Europa, 8 PM, insanely cheap at $8. Menacing, urbane, noir rockers with a fiery, charismatic keyboardist/frontman and eerie reverb guitar, who offer some of the most beautifully anguished moments of transcendent, epic grandeur you will ever experience at a rock show.


Also Thurs Sept 25 hilariously retro pre-rockabilly Americana trio Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. – whose musical jokes are far more subtle than they get credit for – play their monthly residency show at Otto’s followed by intoxicatingly good organ-and-guitar-driven gypsy/reggae/groove band Escarioka at 10:30. They’re also opening for Amy Rigby & Wreckless Eric at Southpaw at 9 on the 27th.


Also Thurs Sept 25 the Gypsy Nomads play the Slipper Room, 8 PM. This guy/girl duo play alternately hypnotic and fiery acoustic songs and instrumentals whose spirit spans the centuries: ornate Renaissance-inflected jams, wailing gypsy songs and trancey, atmospheric instrumentals. Good stuff.


Also Thurs Sept 25 the NY Gypsy All-Stars under the leadership of the wildly jazzy Macedonian/Turkish clarinet virtuoso Ismail Lumanovski play Drom,  9 PM, $13 adv tix at the box office very highly recommended.


Also Thurs Sept 25 at Barbes, 10 PM: Jay Vilnai’s Vampire Suit – “Combining elements from jazz, world music, classical and other musical traditions Vampire Suit creates a musical blend of that takes you from the tribal dances of Northern Africa to the marshes of the Balkans to the cotton fields of the Delta.” Wild, intense stuff. With Jay Vilnai – guitars ; Skye Steele – violin; Gary Pickard – reeds; Greg Heffernan – cello and Rich Stein– percussion.


Also Thurs Sept 25  the Mercenaries play Lakeside, 10 PM. Some of their stuff is pretty standard Stonesy meat-and-potatoes rock, sometimes they venture toward the more melodic side of Guided by Voices. Either way, the guitars are cranked up.


Also Thurs Sept 25 at Sidewalk the rousing guitar-and-keyboard-driven country crew Basement Band plays at 11.


Fri Sept 26 as part of the weekend-long, waterlogged Dumbo arts festival, country siren Jan Bell is at 68 Jay St. Bar, 8 PM.


Also Fri Sept 26 Junior Brown plays Maxwell’s, 7:30 PM, adv tix available at Other Music. One of the great guitarists of our time, he plays his own custom-made “guit-steel” on which he proves equally astounding doing country, western swing, surf and Texas blues. Plus he’s one hell of a singer and not without a sense of humor either. He’s also at the Highline Ballroom on Sat Sept 27, 8 PM, adv tix $25, an all-ages show.


Also Fri Sept 26, 8 PM brilliantly melodic, psychedelic powerpop trio Devi play a free show at Shrine, 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (134/135), B train or 2/3 to 135th St free. The new cd is almost done; frontwoman Debra DeSalvo is simply one of the great guitarists of our time: you never know where this band’s adventurous jams will take you.


Also Fri Sept 26 Prasanna plays classical South Indian music on electric guitar plus Hendrix covers, accompanied by a percussion ensemble at Symphony Space, 8 PM, tix $28 avail at the World Music Institute box ofc.


Also Fri and Sun Sept 26 and 28 adventurous, technically dazzling organist Cameron Carpenter will perform three concerts at Middle Collegiate Church, 50 East 7th St at Second Avenue. General admission tix $30 at the church office; open rehearsal free to members of the public 9/24 and 9/25, 8-midnight! Friday’s program features pieces by Bach, Messiaen, Shostakovich and a John Williams piece from a Harry Potter movie…and three improvisations by the organist! The Sunday 3 PM show features lots of Bach and Liszt; the 8 PM Sunday recital features more Liszt, Reger, Demessieux, Jongen and Carpenter’s own original work from his new cd Revolutionary. Concerts will also be webcast live here.


Also Fri Sept 26 (semi) classic hip-hop album night with Black Moon performing Enta Da Stage and Smif N Wessun doing Da Shinin at the Knit, 9 PM, adv tix. $15 at the box office.


Also Fri Sept 26 Eastern Bloc FKA the Goran Ivanovic Group play their haunting electric gypsy guitar jazz along with Serbian-influenced klezmer group Mames Babaganoush at Drom, 9 PM, adv tix $13 very highly recommended at the box office. Dunno who’s playing first, but it really doesn’t matter since they’re both good.


Also Fri Sept 26 the hilarious cover band from hell, Rawles Balls play Arlene’s, 9 PM.


Also Fri Sept 26,  9:30 PM bassist Bruce Foxton & drummer Rick Buckler of the Jam are at the Gramercy Theatre, adv tix $29.50 at the Irving Plaza box office. Admittedly this is something akin to the Dead Kennedys without Jello, but Paul Weller hasn’t written a good song in 25 years and didn’t want to tour. And this is one of the alltime great rhythm sections, playing all the classics: That’s Entertainment, Private Hell, Down in the Tube Station at Midnight…the list goes on and on.


Also Fri Sept 26 Will Scott plays his hypnotic, guitarishly excellent Mississippi hill country blues at Two Boots Pizzeria in Park Slope, Brooklyn, 10 PM. He’s also at 68 Jay St. Bar in Dumbo at 8 the following night 9/27.


Also Fri Sept 26 Sister Anne plays Fontana’s, 10:30 PM . Cleverly amusing metal/punk/garage band from Brooklyn with two bass players. No joke. They sound like they’re a lot of fun live.


Sat Sept 27 there’s another free punk show at Tompkins Square Park in the afternoon starting around 3…depending on rain?


Also Sat Sept 27 at Banjo Jim’s an uncommonly good female-fronted country night starting with the traditionalist Jessica Star at 7:30, the raucous Shithouse Lillies at 8:15 (who do a song about eminent domain abuse!),  the equally raucous Jamie Lyn & the Red Tail Hawk Band at 9, the much quieter, more pensive Kara Suzanne and the Gojo Hearts at 10, Serena Jean and the Whisky Trippers and then the gorgeously retro 60s style Carin Gorrell and the Newton Gang at midnight


Also Sat Sept 27 Pierce Turner plays Joe’s Pub, early, 7 PM, adv tix pricy ($23) available at the box office. Irish singer/songwriter who’s something of the missing link between the Pogues and the Moody Blues, a tremendously good singer and high-voltage live performer.


Also Sat Sept 27, charming, slyly innuendo-driven French chanson revivalists Les Chauds Lapins at le Poisson Rouge, 7:30 PM, $25.


Also Sat Sept 27 Savina Yannatou plays Symphony Space, 8 PM, tix $25 available at the World Music Institute box office. Purist Greek chanteuse with an insatiable sense of adventure, a jazzy playfulness and an addiction to haunting minor keys. If it’s Mediterranean, or Arab, or Sephardic, she can sing it and has a band who can play it.


Also Sat Sept 27 a typical Moonwork mix of cutting edge comedy and comedic tunes featuring Tom Shillue, Baron Vaughn, the fearlessly satirical Shayna Ferm, the often scathingly funny Erik Frandsen, Craig Baldo and Mike Birbiglia at the auditorium at the Children’s Aid Society, 219 Sullivan St (Bleecker & W 3rd), 8 PM, $20.


Also Sat Sept 27, 9 PM 12-piece Balkan brass band Zlatne Uste plays Drom, the club says 9 PM but it may be later, adv tix $13 available cheap at the club box office. 


Also Sat Sept 27 punk/new wave legend Wreckless Eric – who has a million great stories  – plays with the brilliantly dark and funny Amy Rigby – who is now his better half – at Southpaw, 10ish PM. The wonderfully funny, smart hillbilly throwback trio Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. open the show at 9.


Also Sat Sept 27 an excellent doublebill at Union Pool, 9ish with the totally punk, frequently very funny Headless Hookers along with brilliant country band Jerry Teel & the Big City Stompers (featuring Jerome O’Brien from the Dog Show on bass),not sure who’s playing first but they make a good, fun segue.


Also Sat Sept 27 sensationally good, shapeshifting retro 60s psychedelic rock throwbacks Love Camp 7 play the Parkside, 10 PM followed by the always enjoyably sinister, noir Reid Paley Trio with special guest chanteuse Peg Simone.


Sun Sept 28, an intriguing afternoon recital, 3 PM at Merkin Concert Hall with former Victor Borge collaborator Sahan Arzruni playing Armenian piano music.


Aso Sun Sept 28 at the Sixth St. stage on Washington St. in Hoboken, outdoors, 5 PM Frankie Morales (former singer with Tito Puente) and the Mambo of the Times Orquesta. For free. Pretty cool, huh?


Also Sun Sept 28 the frequently scorching, diversely musical Metropolitan Klezmer spinoff Isle of Klezbos – equally good at fiery wedding dances, haunting klezmer dirges and smart multstylistic originals play the YM-YWHA of Brighton Beach, 3300 Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn, early, 6 PM, tix $12 at the door, B/Q train to Brighton Beach.


Also Sun Sept 28, 7 PM at Barbes: the Tarras Band, who dedicate themselves to the repertoire of the legendary Yiddish-American clarinetist and composer Dave Tarras. Michael Winograd (cl), Ben Holmes (tpt), Jim Guttman (bs), Richie Barshay (drums), and featuring klezmer legend and long-time Tarras accompanist Pete Sokolow (piano).


Also Sun Sept 28 Ljova & the Kontraband play the cd release for their new one Mnemosyne at Joe’s Pub, 7:30 PM, adv tix $18 a must (this will sell out). Frontman/violist Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin is an astonishingly diverse, talented composer who does a ton of film work and has arranged for lots of people including Kayhan Kalhor. This is his exuberant, classically inflected, ecstatically multistylistic string band with something of a cinematic feel, simply one of the very best bands in town.


Also Sun Sept 28, 8 PM classical Persian music by the ensemble Oumoumi at Symphony Space, balcony and rear orchestra seats $30 which will sell out fast, available at the box office Tues-Sun noon-7 PM. Especially well-timed considering the threat of a Bush regime hail-mary pass (or hundred) headed straight at the people of Iran.


Also Sun Sept 28, 8 PM an interesting doublebill at Drom with theatrical chanteuse Sandra Weigl and inventive guitarist/singer Dotschy Reinhardt, continuing the dynastic legacy of gypsy jazz.


Also Sun Sept 28 Kristen Gass plays the Rockwood, 8 PM. Whispery vocals. Smartly terse lyrics. Same with the way she fingerpicks the guitar. Her ghostly cover of the Larval Organs’ punk/metal song Ziploc Torso is to die for.


Also Sun Sept 28 at Banjo Jim’s, 8:30 PM a great show featuring smart, charming rockabilly singer Monica Passin from Lil Mo & the Monicats, fiery guitarslinger Tom Clark, western swing guitar genius Skip Krevens, the multistylistic Alana Amram (David’s kid) and the always brilliant, usually hilarious Amy Allison, who’s never sounded or written better than she’s doing right now. Note that there is a $10 cover for this show..


Also Sun Sept 28 Magges play Teneleven, 9 PM. If you consider yourself a party person and you’ve never danced to this intoxicating – in both the literal and figurative sense – Greek anthem and instrumental band, then you are only an imitation. We’re talking about Gogol Bordello-class energy and fun here.


Also Sun Sept 28 the Jack Grace Band and Five Points Band play Hank’s, 10 PM, no idea who’s first but it doesn’t really matter, they’re both good: smart, funny country purists with a little eerie Tom Waits-ish blues thrown in, and an equally eerie, sometimes bizarrely funny bluespunk band.


Mon Sept 29 a good jazz night at Spikehill starting at 8 with Italian expat guitarist Nico Sofiato and  his quartet followed by excellent drummer/composer/bandleader Tim Kuhl at 9; at 10, indie rock with the somewhat all-over-the-place Dave Treut; headlining at 11 are superb, imaginative guitarist Ila Cantor and piano player Sean Wayland.


Also Mon Sept 29 the Skye Steele Quintet plays rousing, bouncy, violin-driven Middle Eastern-tinged jazz at Sweet Rhythm, sets at 8 and 10, dirt cheap at $10 cover plus $10 minimum.


Also Mon Sept 29 Daria Grace & the Prewar Ponies play their beautifully lush, romantic, oldtime country/ragtime/pop at Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM.


Tues Sept 30 Karen Curious & the New Professionals play Trash Bar, 8 PM sharp with open bar on PBRs and wells til 9. Upbeat, melodic, slightly Velvets-tinged rock trio with beautiful harmonies.


Also Tues Sept 30 Jack Grace and his band play Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM, with strippers. Daria, you might want to talk to your husband about this.


Weds Oct 1 Frederick Teardo plays the 1830 Appleton Organ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 3:30 PM in the musical instruments section, free with museum admission. 


Also Weds Oct 1 Rawles Balls play Otto’s, 9 PM. One of the funniest bands of alltime, the wickedly satirical, sarcastic cover band from hell delight in butchering every schlocky song ever written as well as a whole lot of good ones including some so obscure you’ll be amazed.


Also Weds Oct 1 exhilarating, danceable pan-Balkan rockers Ansambl Mastika – with horns, guitar and a propulsive rhythm section – play Drom, 9 PM along with hypnotic, female fronted Marseilles rai/rap/dance pop band Watcha Clan


Also Weds Oct 1 Bogs Visionary Orchestra play Sidewalk, 10 PM. Fiery, upbeat bluegrass band whose originals could be standards from 50 years ago. Good stuff.


Also Weds Oct 1 deliciously hypnotic, echoey roots reggae band Dub Conscious plays Sullivan Hall, 10:30ish. I and I say it dread in dis year Babylon but these guys make you forget where you are.


Also Thurs Oct 2 the Darrin James Band plays Sullivan Hall, early, 7:30 PM. Smart, purist Americana songwriter, good bluesy singer with a fine band and a lot of memorably lyrical songs. Tom Waits, Dr. John, Elvis Costello influences, he does them all justice.


Thurs Oct 2 Boston rockers Aloud play Trash Bar, time TBA. Cool guy/girl vox, a blend of punchy garage riff-rock and tasty, twangy jangle. Now if only they’d record with the same reckless abandon as they play live.


Also Thurs Oct 2 And The Wiremen play Lit, 8:30 PM. 2 guitars, cornet, and a rhythm section led by the brilliantly melodic Lynn Wright, ex-Bee & Flower and current Cordero guitarist. Thoughtful and pensive with unexpected dynamic shifts and imaginative textures.


Also Thurs Oct 2 alternately lush and fiery art-rockers Melomane play a triumphant return engagement following their recent European tour at the Bell House, 149 7th Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn, 9:30ish. Later in the evening: the excellent oldtimey country crew M Shanghai String Band.


Also Thurs Oct 2 the Brooklyn What show is cancelled, stay tuned for more info 


Also Thurs Oct 2 Rachelle Garniez plays Barbes, 10 PM. A torchy bundle of apparent contradictions: dark and troubling but also drop-dead hilarious; fiery but sometimes fragile; one of the world’s most intensely powerful songwriters with a rabid cult following but in the ultimate scheme of things, an obscure treasure. Nothing contradictory about how she sounds at the keyboard, whether she’s on the piano in the back room here, or her trusty accordion. She’s also the one responsible for the cd which was our pick for best of 2007. And also 2003.



Also Thurs Oct 2 Lucky Peterson plays Terra Blues, 10 PM. One of the great blues artists of our time, a triple threat with great songwriting, as good a guitarist as keyboardist (he’s Otis Rush’s alltime favorite).


Also Thurs Oct 2 alternately lush and fiery art-rockers Melomane play a triumphant return engagement following their recent European tour at the Bell House, 149 7th Street,  Gowanus, Brooklyn, 10:15 PM. Preceding them are the excellent oldtimey country crew M Shanghai String Band at 9:30


Also Thurs Oct 2 through Sat Oct 4 Stereolab play Irving Plaza, 11ish, adv tix $25 available at the box office. The crew here is divided on these guys: one faction thinks their drony, ambient sound is tuneless and pretentious; the other thinks they’re totally unique and their politics are spot-on.


Fri Oct 3 Hazmat Modine triumphantly returns from their worldwide summer tour to Terra Blues, early, 7 PM. Minor keys have never been so much fun. They get lumped into the gypsy music camp but they’re so much more than that, mixing equal parts of klezmer, reggae and New Orleans blues into their intoxicating, psychedelic sound, with the dueling blues harps, the human crescendo Pam Fleming on trumpet and the charismatic, boisterous Wade Schuman fronting the band.


Also Fri Oct 3 one of the world’s great klezmer trumpeters, Frank London plays Drom, 9 PM.


Also Fri Oct 3 Demolition String Band play Rodeo Bar, 10 PM. Edgy female-fronted electrified bluegrass band who sound kind of like X doing their country thing; great new cd out too.


Sat Oct 4 and continuing on 10/11, 10/18, 11/8, 11/15 and 11/22  John Scott plays a marathon of the complete organ works of Messiaen at St. Thomas Church, 4 PM. He’s done the complete works of Buxtehude not once but twice; his recording of the complete Mendelssohn organ sonatas is probably the best extant. Of all the great performances of the Messiaen centenary, these could be the most exciting.


Also Sat Oct 4 les Chauds Lapins at Barbes, 8 PM. Retro 30s/40s French chanson revivalists: lush strings, clever French lyrics, beaucoup innuendo, fetching guy/girl harmonies.  Followed by oldtime Cuban son revivalists Conjunto Guantanamo at 10: rustic, primeval, danceable, clever lyrics in Espanol.


Sun Oct 5, 1:30 PM at Bowery Poetry Club, free it’s a mass reading in memory of the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, an iconic artist considered by many Palestinians to be their greatest literary proponent. Darwish promoted the concept of an equitable peace agreement in the Middle East for decades, long before it was kosher to do so. Followed on the bill by a couple of dweeby prog rock bands.


Sun Oct 5, 3 PM the world-class Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Beethoven – Symphony No.6 “Pastorale” and Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor” at the Washington Irving HS auditorium, tix insanely cheap, $15 at the door.


Also Sun Oct 5 gypsy jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel at Barbes, 9 PM, also here on 10/12 and 10/19, same time. Boisterous, sometimes frenetic, virtuosic, very adventurous, blending many different styles from around the world. Wrembel knows that the guitar is first and foremost a percussion instrument.


Also Sun Oct 5, 11 PM dark baritone gothic country lounge crooner (and Ninth House frontman) Mark Sinnis plays Otto’s with keyboardist Matt Dundas and spectacular, gypsy-inflected violinist Susan Mitchell


Mon-Tues Oct 6-7 Mingus Dynasty plays the Jazz Standard, note that tix are “$25 plus tax”, sets at 7:30 and 9:30. Like the Mingus Big Band and Mingus Orchestra, this repertory unit knows the great composer’s work inside out; here’s a chance to see them in terrific-sounding  surroundings for a little less money and lots less hassle than usual.


Also Mon Oct 6 the Ukuladies play Rodeo Bar, 10 PM. Theatrical, funny, oldtimey female-fronted Canadian ukelele act who bring food and lottery tix to shows: definitely a good time.


Weds Oct 8 Metropolitan Klezmer plays a secret show during the day sometime on the LES, somewhere a few blocks north of Delancey. Watch this space for details. Met Klez are All Things Klezmer: film scores, haunting dirges, delirious dances, all with those haunting Middle Eastern tonalities, featuring both accordion and horns.


Also Weds Oct 8- Sat Oct 11 the Dave Holland Sextet plays Birdland, sets at 8:30 and 11, $30 gen adm tix. Famous jazz bassist who’s played with everybody: often surprisingly minimalist and melodic for someone so adventurous and well-traveled.


Weds Oct 8 at Smalls, 7:30 PM Jay Leonhart plays a rare solo bass show. A jazz guy who’s played with everybody, he has a remarkably lyrical, melodic style (figures, for someone who’s backed a lot of singers) and a good, frequently funny composer too. Definitely worth seeing if you can’t resist those low tonalities. He’s also here on 10/22, same time.


Also Weds Oct 8 the Sam Sherwin Band feat. members of Funkadelic and Antigone Rising plays the Cutting Room, 8 PM. He’s a fiery southpaw guitarslinger with equal command of mid-70s Page shredding and late-70s punk/powerpop fury. Good stuff if guitar is your thing.


Weds Oct 8 the Wedding Present plays Bowery Ballroom, 10ish. British cult faves from the late 80s/90s mixing elements of garage, punk and occasionally buffoonish pop. They’re also playing Southpaw the following night, but the sound there isn’t nearly as good.


Thurs Oct 9 Canadian banjoist Jayme Stone & Malian kora player Mansa Sissoko play Drom, 8 PM. Pretty much what you’d expect: a mix of traditional bluegrass and African styles, but rather than being jarring, they alternate between styles. The bluegrass is typically rousing, the African stuff gorgeously hypnotic.


Also Thurs Oct 9 Slim Cessna’s Auto Club is at Maxwell’s, 10 PM. The original grasscore band is as fast and furious as usual, equal parts punk and virtuosic bluegrass, with the requisite, frequently bizarre sense of humor.


Fri Oct 10 Pinataland plays Barbes, 8 PM. Their new cd Songs for the Forgotten Future Vol. 2 is smartly literate, richly orchestrated and something of a guide to the “weird USA.”


Also Fri Oct 10 Fred Ho & the Afro-Asian Ensemble at BAM Café, 9 PM. Jazzed-up Asian melodies, sometimes in a bop context, sometimes very minimalistic. A big Mingus fan, Ho plays the baritone sax and loves those cool low tonalities.


Sat Oct 11, 3 PM at ABC No Rio, Bay area punks Acts of Sedition, our own Hipster Holocaust (three cheers) and also Bad Blood (NOT the Neil Sedaka song).


Also Sat Oct 11 a good twinbill of sirens at le Poisson Rouge, 7:30 PM, $15 featuring the brilliantly multistylistic accordionist/pianist Rachelle Garniez – whose album Melusine Years was our pick for best cd of 2007 –  followed by veteran soul/jazz singer Catherine Russell.


Also Sat Oct 11 legendary, vital salsa vet Eddie Palmieri plays a doublebill with the Latin Giants of Jazz – Tito Puente’s backup band, whose show last month downtown was something beyond exhilarating  – play the Lehman Ctr, 8 PM, 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, D train to Bedford Pk Blvd, tix pricy ($35 is cheapest) but worth it at the box ofc.


Also Sat Oct 11, speaking of salsa, at 8 PM at the Stone Ela Troyano screens her documentary La Lupe Queen of Latin Soul, chronicling the life and times of the legendary singer from the 60s. Featuring rare archival footage of the latin music scene in La Habana in the 50’s and NYC in 60’s and 70s.


Also Sat Oct 11 Rosalia plays BAM, 8 PM; she’s also at Barbes at 7 on 10/12. Spanish guitarist Rosalia Roio is an utterly original, captivating player versed in a dazzling array of classical, jazz and world music styles, a great improviser with a signature sound. Sometimes hypnotic, sometimes bracing, always interesting.


Also Sat Oct 11 Jim Campilongo plays Barbes at 8 followed at 10 by Smokey Hormel’s Roundup. The former, one of this era’s great guitarists, blends twangy surf, western swing and eerie noir soundtrack stuff like Big Lazy. The latter is a longtime Johnny Cash sideman who also excels at western swing.  .


Also Sat Oct 11 strikingly smart retro country band the Dixons play the cd release show for their new one at Union Pool, 9ish.


Allso Sat Oct 11 jazzy Turkish singer/kopuz (five-string lute) player Erkan Ogur and the Ismail Hakkı Demircioglu Duo featuring the ecstatic, hypnotic pan-Arab traditional group Dunya Ensemble at Drom, 10 PM, gen adm tix $25. Playing often dark, haunting, traditional Anatolian music; the Dunya Ensemble has recently released Music of Cyprus, the first album in which Greek and Turkish Cypriots perform and present their musical traditions together, no small achievement.  


Also Sat Oct 11 fiery noise/punk/art-rockers System Noise play Connolly’s, 10 PM. Dark macabre virtuoso guitar, a pummeling rhythm section, good lyrics and the spectacular Sarah Mucho out front wailing over the squall. One of the half-dozen best live bands in NYC, maybe the world right now.


Also Sat Oct 11 Simon & the Bar Sinisters play Lakeside, 10:15ish (early by Lakeside standards, but Simon likes to play long sets). A true original: raised on punk, addicted to surf, steeped in rockabilly, honest as the day he was born and very funny. And damn, what a guitarist.


Also Sat Oct 11 the Mess Around play Trash Bar, midnight. The ultimate Saturday night band, NYC’s answer to Radio Birdman. Oldschool purists with wild crazy energy and scorching guitars.


Sun Oct 12 frequently haunting, horn-driven, oldschool 60s style ska band Tri-State Conspiracy followed by rousing, equally dark Russian “Siberian salsa swing” Gogol Bordello soundalikes Yoke play Drom, early, 7 PM, gen adm tix cheap and worth it at $15.


Also Sun Oct 12 the Cannabis Cup Band plays a Peter Tosh birthday tribute at B.B.King’s, 11:30 PM, adv tix $12 at the box office. Second-wave roots reggae: metal guitar in places, busier and more boisterous than your classic 70s Jamaican stuff, with a frequent dub sensibility.


Tues Oct 14 the incomparable Jenifer Jackson plays the Rockwood, 9 PM. This is the show we want you to go see. Equally adept at lush Beatlesque psychedelia, romantic samba and soulful Americana, Jackson sings with a completely unaffected, warmly wise voice that will lift your spirits if you’ve had a rough day. It’s a free show, what have you got to lose but your troubles.


Weds Oct 15 popular, tuneful all-female (one assumes) jangle/garage/punk lo-fi rock trio the Vivian Girls play Bowery Ballroom 9:30ish, adv tix $10 at the Mercury recommended – this may sell out.


Thurs Oct 16, 7 PM at Otto’s it’s ukelele night with bands all night long, beginning at 7:30 with the Arizona Ukemen in their NYC debut; at 8, the smooth Craig Chesler from Dreamboat; 9 PM, Brooklyn femme fatale Sweet Soubrette & The Shipwrecks; 10 PM absolutely bizarre Florida vaudevillain Hot Time Harv and 11 PM big, theatrical, satirical combo Agent 99. Just wondering: where the hell are the Moonlighters?!!


Also Thurs Oct 16 Spiros Soukis plays Lucille’s, 8 PM, 2 sets. Greek expat who adds his own innovative touch to British-style, late 60s electric blues. He’s also here on 10/28, same time.


Also Thurs Oct 16 Mary-Kate O’Neil plays the Goldhawk in Hoboken, 8 PM. Acoustic singer-songwriter: tuneful, a little quirky, understated sense of humor, distant echoes of classic 60s pop.


Also Thurs Oct 16 blue/roots music guitar genius Lenny Molotov plays Pete’s Candy Store with his band, 9 PM. Lots of delta blues, some ragtime, many originals, great lyrics and a brutal, sardonic sense of humor.
Also Thurs Oct 16 Jerry Teel & the Big City Stompers featuring Jerome O’Brien from the Dog Show on bass play Don Pedro’s, 11ish. More of a noir garage band than the country act they were in a previous incarnation; their most recent show at Union Pool was often entrancingly psychedelic and fun.


Fri Oct 17 the Ventures play B.B. King’s, 8 PM, adv tix. $36 at the box ofc. and worth it. What the Beatles were to pop, what the Stones were to rock, what whiskey is to thirst, the Ventures are to instrumental rock. Nearly fifty years after they started, original members Don Wilson, Bob Bogle and Nokie Edwards are still going strong. Scream and see if they play Ginza Lights!


Also Fri Oct 17, Method Man & Redman perform at the Nokia Theatre, 8 PM, adv tix $35 available at their box office open Mon-Sat noon-6 PM. Back before they became tv actors, they put out one of the great hip-hop collaborations of alltime,  Blackout. This time around they’re doing what they call the Still High Tour, which is probably accurate.


Also Fri Oct 17, 8 PM trombonist William Cepeda’s Puerto Rican Explosion, a 17-piece band playing everything Puerto Rican – salsa, bomba, plena – is at Symphony Space, tix $30.


Also Fri Oct 17 the Doc Marshalls at Banjo Jim’s, 9:30 PM. Rousing, boisterous, virtuosic, equally adept at Texas honkytonk and Louisiana cajun.


Also Fri Oct 17 sprawling, somewhat psychedelic, totally 60s soul throwbacks Charles Bradley & the Menahan Street Band featuring members of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings play the cd release for their new one at Southpaw, 10ish, $14.


Sat Oct 18, a walkathon (you need to get sponsors) against the Atlantic Yards luxury condo/arena project. Registration starts at 5:15 PM, march at 6:15 PM, gather in front of Bob Law’s Seafood Cafe (637 Vanderbilt/ btwn St. Marks and Prospect Place) and conclude with an after party for participants including free food and live music (TBA) at the Brooklyn Lyceum (227 4th Avenue at Union St.).


Also Sat Oct 18 at Caffe Vivaldi, 9 PM rustic, psychedelic, frequently haunting quartet Merakali playing Greek Smyrnaika (Greek urban songs of the 1920’s and 1930’s from Izmir, Turkey and Athens) along with some Greek Sephardic songs.


Also Sat Oct 18 legendary Iranian spike fiddle player/composer Kayhan Kalhor – who’s just released a sensational new album with the string quartet Brooklyn Rider   plays Carnegie Hall, 8:30 PM, adv tix $36 available at the World Music Institute box office.


 Also Sat Oct 18 legendary, artsy, psychedelic rock en Espanol band Jaguares at the Nokia Theatre, 9:30 PM, adv tix $37.50 available at their box office open Mon-Sat noon-6 PM.


Also Sat Oct 18 loud, punkish rockers Spanking Charlene – sort of NYC’s answer to X – play Lakeside, 11 PM. Frontwoman Charlene McPherson has one of those voices you’ll never forget once you hear it – she can really wail.


Sun Oct 19, early evening, 5 PM smartly oldtimey acoustic act Royal Pine – featuring another tremendously good singer, Robin Aigner – play the Gardens of Union, Union St. near 4th Ave., Brooklyn.


Also Sun Oct 19 Kal (Roma for black) play Joe’s Pub, 9:30 PM. Fiery, haunting, politically and historically aware gypsy band from the suburbs of Belgrade. Keenly aware that they’re keeping a great tradition alive in the face of the encroachment of computerized disco and prejudice on all sorts of levels, fired by righteous anger. Could be very intense and just as fun, adv tix $22 at the box office.


Mon Oct 20 hilarious Brooklyn punk rockers Custard Wally – whose new cd Call Me Walt has an adventurousness and musical diversity that totally fits into the latest wave of excellent NYC bands – play Don Pedro’s, 8 PM.


Tues Oct 21 haunting, danceable, innovatively shape-shifting Middle Eastern combo Zikrayat play with noted percussionist Faisal Zedan at Barbes, 7 PM.


Also Tues Oct 21 Edward Rogers, the Bedsit Poets (doing the cd release show for their new one Rendezvous) and the George Usher Band play the Cutting Room, 7:30 PM. Not sure if this is a triple bill or if it’s just Rogers, Amanda Thorpe and their killer Britfolk-inflected harmony-rock band the Bedsit Poets, and then Usher, or who’s playing first, but it doesn’t really matter: they’re all good.


Also Tues Oct 21 the Del McCoury Band headline the Highline Ballroom. around 10, adv tix $20 at the box ofc. Longtime Bill Monroe sideman McCoury is far more adventurous than his trad pedigree would indicate. Don’t bother showing up for the two forgettable opening bands.


Thurs Oct 23 Metropolitan Klezmer – who play every haunting style of klezmer music ever invented, and have a sensationally good live album out – play the Jalopy Café in Red Hook, 8 PM.


Also Thurs Oct 23 – Sat Oct 25, 8 PM, $25, the Citizen’s Band plays their popular show, extremely timely show The Panic is On at the Henry Street Settlement, 466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street), F to East Broadway and walk east. In “their sixth original show, the troupe is trapped in a makeshift bomb shelter where they’re forced to find common ground and hope in a terror filled world. Performing a spirited mix of classic songs and original compositions they ponder such issues as fear mongering, war, immigration, xenophobia, poverty and their own dreams for political change.”.


Also Thurs Oct 23 at Southpaw, a Barack Obama fundraiser with bouncy Staten Island instrumentalists the Budos Band & others TBA.


Also Thurs Oct 23 the Five Points Band plays Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. Talented, somewhat bizarrely funny, dark bluespunk band, the missing link between the Cramps and Jon Spencer.


Fri Oct 24 hilarious, somewhat theatrical country satirists the Inbreeds– who make fun of every conceivable style of country music ever invented – play Freddy’s, 9 PM. The amazing Annette Kudrak holds down the lead spot on accordion.


Also Fri Oct 24 supersonically fast surf rockers los Straitjackets play an absurdly good doublebill with legendary Finnish surf rockers Laika & the Cosmonauts at Maxwell’s, adv tix $13 at the club and at Other Music. They’re at Southpaw at 9 on 10/25 for the same price, which should be just as good since they’re both instrumental bands and don’t need vocals.


Also Fri Oct 24  twangy, growling, somewhat Steve Earle-inflected former Backslider Chip Robinson plays Lakeside with the Roscoe Trio, 10ish – expect a long set.


Also Fri Oct 24 fiery yet brilliantly retro surf band the Outpatients play Hank’s, 11:30ish.


Sat Oct 25 probably the most diverse bill of the whole year at Drom featuring virtuoso, jazzy hammered dulcimer player Max ZT at 7:30; dark, hypnotic, fiery Persian-American rock siren Haale and her band at 8:30; Brooklyn/Brazilian funksters Nation Beat at 9:30; Iranian hip-hop artist Yas at 10:30 (lyrics in Farsi) and smartly conscious Brooklyn dancehall crew Jah Dan & Noble Society at 11:30, gen adm tix absurdly cheap at $12 .


Also Sat Oct 25 Washington, DC blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff plays Lucille’s Bar, 8 PM, two sets. A rare player who doesn’t let his blinding speed distract him from terseness and melody. As good at funk as darkly meandering, minor-key blues, he also bears something of a resemblance to Chewbacca the wookie!


Sun Oct 26 David Rees, author of the Get Your War On comics series reads at Bowery Poetry Club, 8 PM, $8. Sales of the two GYWO books have raised almost $100,000 for land mine removal in western Afghanistan.


Mon Oct 27  McRad plays Europa, 10ish, tix $8. One of the original multiracial punk bands from around 1980, the reggae-inflected Philly group was both artsier and more politically charged than most of their US contemporaries from that era. They’re also playing Weds Oct 29  at the Knit, 9ish, dirt cheap at $5.


Also Mon Oct 27 somewhat legendary powerpop songwriter (and recently, Edward Rogers collaborator) George Usher – who’s written for Laura Cantrell, among many others –  plays his reliably tuneful stuff at Lakeside, 10 PM.


Weds Oct 29 the Prisoners of Second Avenue play the Cutting Room, 8 PM. Left to their own devices, Willie Nile’s backing band competently reprises what the New York Dolls were doing in 1973. You’d think you were at Coney Island High circa 1989!.


Thurs Oct 30 the reliably excellent, politically spot-on, scorchingly guitarish female-fronted art/noise/punk rockers System Noise play a book release party for Iraq Veterans Against the War at Sullivan Hall, 8 PM.


Also Thurs Oct 30 Carol Lipnik & Spookarama play the Spiegeltent out behind South St. Seaport, 8 PM, adv tix $15 at the tent box office. Spectacular four-octave range; adventurous yet purist songwriting encompassing classic soul, gypsy, oldtimey theatrical music and rock; crescendoing, passionate, soulful and intense.


Also Thurs Oct 30 Cypress Hill play their annual NYC Halloween show a day early at the Nokia Theatre, early, 8ish, adv tix $36 available at their box office Mon-Sat noon-6 PM. Hey – don’t laugh – their rap-metal was actually GOOD. And even though they only have one joke, it still resonates if you’re, um…now what was the question?


Also Thurs Oct 30 Tandy plays Rodeo Bar, 10:30 PM. Jangly Americana band with a frequently hypnotic, dusky southwestern gothic feel. Excellent narrative songs with good lyrics. One of NYC’s best live bands.


Also Thurs Oct 30 excellently dirgey oldtimey Nashville gothic crew O’Death plays the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 11 PM, adv tix $12 at the Mercury, get ’em now, this will sell out. And just wondering…whose dick did the terminally annoying La Strada suck to get on this bill…or did the club just have a cancellation?  


Fri, Halloween, the possibly 18-piece, definitely all-female Main Squeeze Orchestra plays meticulously arranged, psychedelic, frequently hilarious accordion music at the Zipper Theatre. If you’re lucky they’ll do Love Will Tear Us Apart AND Bohemian Rhapsody.


Also Fri, Halloween, 1 AM (actually the wee hours of 11/1), Massachusetts reggae/jazz megaplex the Superpowers play the Blue Note, 1 AM. Their festival show early in the summer uptown was sensationally good.




11/1 Johnny Allen at Terra Blues, 10 PM

11/1 at the Knit, 8ish, “3 floors of ska” incl. the Toasters, Pietasters, Hub City Stompers, Deals Gone Bad, Sonice Boom Six, Kofre, Warsaw, The Void Union, Green Room Rockers, Los Landrones, Unlikely Alibi, Jonny Meyers, adv tix $17 at the box office

11/1 Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad at Sullivan Hall, 11 PM

11/4 Mr. Lif at the Knit, 11ish

11/4-9 the Django Reinhardt festival at Birdland, sets at 8:30 and 11, $35 gen adm feat. Samson Schmitt (From France)

Andreas Oberg (From Sweden)

Ludovic Beier (From France)

Jean Baptiste Schmitt (From France, Brother Of Samson)

Kruno Spisic (From Phila.)

Timbo (From France – Violin)

Brian Torff ( From The Us – Bass)

11/6 the New Millennium Ensemble play Messiaen’s The Blackbird and also Quartet for the End of Time at Symphony Space, tix $35. With pianists pianists Ursula Oppens and Jerome Lowenthal performing Messiaen’s Visions de l’Amen

11/6 Bad Brains (original members? dunno) at Irving Plaza, 8:30 PM adv tix $26.50

11/6 John Brown’s Body at Bowery Ballroom, 10ish, $15 adv tix at the Mercury

11/8 Jesse Bates’ Flying Guitars at Lakeside, 11 PM

11/9, in the afternoon REVEREND BILLY’s “Hot & Holy Highline Revival” w/The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir + Not Buying It Band at Highline Ballroom playing the cd release for SHOPOCALYPSE

11/9 the Turtle Island String Quartet plays Coltrane’s A Love Supreme at Merkin Concert Hall, tix $30

11/11 Natacha Atlas and her acoustic Middle Eastern ensemble at B.B.King’s, adv tix $27 at the box office

11/12 Susan Tedeschi at Irving Plaza, 9ish, adv tix expensive $31.50 at the box office

11/12 the Ukuladies at the Stone,  10 PM

11/13 Carol Lipnik & Spoookarama at the Zipper Theatre, 8 PM

11/13 at Symphony Space, 8 PM   Ankush Bahl conducts the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra on a bill featuring Smetana’s  The Moldau, Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini with pianist Gabriela Martinez, and Dvorak’s  Symphony No. 7

11/13 Willie Nile solo at the Cutting Room 8 PM

11/13 Sonny Rhodes at Terra Blues, 10 PM

11/14 8:30 PM Nicole Atkins & the Sea at Bowery Ballroom, adv tix $16 at the Mercury

11/15-16 Rev. Horton Heat at the Gramercy Theatre, adv tix $26 at the Irving Plaza box office

11/15 Tower of Power at B.B. King’s, 8 and 10:30 PM, adv tix $30 at the box office

11/15 and 11/21 Black 47 at Connolly’s, 10 PM

11/16, 3 PM the Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Saint Saens – Cello Concerto;  Dvorak – Silent Woods, and Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique at Washington Irving HS Aud., tix insanely cheap, $15

11/17 Iron & Wine at Terminal 5, adv tix $28 at the Mercury

11/20 Liu Fang (Chinese pipa virtuoso) at Symphony Space, 7:30 PM, adv tix $28 at the World Music Institute boxoffice

11/21 the Coffin Daggers at Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center

7th Ave & Clifton Ave, Newark, time TBA

11/21 Purple K’nif at Lakeside, 11 PM  

11/23 Huun Huur Tu at le Poisson Rouge, adv tix $25 at the box office

12/12 Jan Bell and Steve Earle at the Brooklyn Lyceum, 8 PM

12/16 and 12/31 Black 47 at Connolly’s, 10 PM

12/20 the Slackers at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9 PM, adv tix $15 at the Mercury













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