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Top Ten Songs of the Week 3/16/09

We do this every Tuesday. It’s a mix of new favorites and random discoveries made while researching our constantly updated NYC Live Music Calendar. Very possible that you will see some of these songs here on our Top 100 Songs of 2009 list at the end of the year, if the world hasn’t ended by then…every link here will take you to each individual track except for #s 1 and 10.


1. System Noise – Hair & Nails

Deliriously catchy, typically eerie fare from these ferocious rockers, like the Talking Heads gone completely phantasmagorical. Is this about a woman beautifying herself…or is is about the two parts of the body that continue to grow after death? Sarah Mucho’s gleefully eerie voice provides a hint. Unreleased, but they’ll probably play it live tomorrow at the Delancey at 9.  


2. Beluga – Cowboy Boots

This is a song that needed to be written.  “Everybody hates you, everybody hates you, everybody hates you because you’re such a bitch.” The ferocious all-female rockers play the cd release show for their new one at the Loving Cup Cafe on N 6th in Williamsburg (in the back gallery) on 3/20.


3. The Moonlighters – Night Smoke

New York’s reigning oldtimey band have some delicious new stuff up on their myspace and this is one of them, a bossa beat, characteristically beautiful harmonies from Bliss Blood and Cindy Ball and Mark Deffenbaugh’s stinging steel guitar.


4. Abby Barrett – Stillborn

Big, dark, uneasy, oldtimey-flavored 6/8 ballad flavored with reverb guitar, banjo and piano from the Boston chanteuse. And then it morphs into a big art-rock song like the Church or Pink Floyd. Wow.  


5. The Passengers – I Bend but Do Not Break

Characteristically wrenching, haunting vocals from Angie Pepper and a resolute, defiant song. This is a new one from the regrouped acoustic version of the legendary Australian band.


6. Royal Chant – Petrograd

Another Aussie band. How do we find these people? So random, it’s hard to explain. This is nice post-REM jangle and clang. Also check out Bellevue, their tribute to life in the loony bins.


7. Lullapop – Unstable

Gorgeous acoustic triphop from the Polish-American siren, sort of a more guitarish take on what Madder Rose was doing back in the 90s.


8. Sam Ben-Meir – Impressions

Solo piano from this Israeli composer. Its theme is the ravages of war, a haunting, compassionate Chopinesque evocation.


9. Mike Viola – Good Ideas Grow on Trees

This is the Candy Butchers’ frontman doing his singer-songwriter thing. Hang in there for this one: it takes awhile to get going, but it’s worth it. “Good ideas will blow you away.” No doubt. Cool video by Michael Arthur.


10. Jenifer Jackson – Words

Not to be confused with the gorgeous Whispering Words (up on her myspace), this unreleased gem has the same existential intensity as Pink Floyd but with vastly more warmth and subtlety. And a playful synth solo. She’s at Rockwood Music Hall on 3/24 at 8.

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Top Ten Songs of the Week 1/26/09

Here’s this week’s hit parade: if it keeps getting any more popular, it’s going to unseat our NYC concert calendar as the most popular post here. All of the links below are for either streams or downloads:


1. The Brooklyn What – The In-Crowd

The Brooklyn What continue to top the “charts” here, this time with a ridiculously catchy corrosively sarcastic singalong from their new cd The Brooklyn What for Borough President. “Is this the crowd, the crowd you wanna be in? Nah, nah nah nah, nah nah, nah nah!” They’re at Trash on 1/31 at midnight


2. Koony – 7 Fois 77 Fois

Beautiful, politically charged roots reggae in the style of Culture and Peter Tosh from this Burkina Faso expat and his killer band. They’re at Shrine on 1/29 at 10.


3. Myles Turney – Nobody’s Prize

Scathing, dismissive broadside aimed at spoiled tourists with some sweet acoustic guitar fingerpicking. She gets what’s coming to him, and so does he. Turney is at Arlene’s at 7 on 2/10.


4. Beluga – Trailer Park

Super catchy, danceable punk/funk/rock from this popular all-female band. They’re at Union Pool on 2/6.


5. Box of Crayons – Punk ATM

The history of punk rock in less than two amusing minutes, to the tune of In the City (or Holidays in the Sun, if you prefer): “I remember when you couldn’t find punk at the mall, when it wasn’t cool to be a punk at all.” They’re at the Parkside on 2/7.


6. First Degree Burns – Evolutionary

British ska/reggae/hiphop band doing a slow burning groove with good French lyrics!


7. Crime in Choir – Octopus in the Piano

 This San Francisco band play sort of minimalist, melodic classically inflected dance/groove instrumentals, like a warmblooded Kraftwerk, or New Order without the stupid lyrics and vocals.


8. Matthew Grimm and the Red Smear – One Big Union

This is their new single, picked up by at least 2 congressional campaigns as a theme song. The perfect, optimistic anthem for the early part of the Obama years.


9. The Back CC’s – No More Gasoline in My Car

Tight, snarling garage/punk from this Brooklyn crew. They’re at Matchless on 1/30 at 8.


10. The Microscopic Septet – Lobster Leaps In

A typically catchy, perverse, multi-theme jazz hit from the band’s latest cd. Download it free here.

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