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Song of the Day 7/6/10

Lots of new stuff coming up in the wake of the long weekend – check back later today, or later in the week. In the meantime, our best 666 songs of alltime countdown will reach #1 in just over three weeks.  Tuesday’s song is #23:

The Church – Disenchanted

Janglerock guitar doesn’t get any more exquisitely beautiful than this, Marty Willson-Piper’s twelve-string Rickenbacker meshing with Peter Koppes’ Strat. And Steve Kilbey’s excoriating, cynical lyric about the pitfalls of celebrity is one of his best. From the Heyday album, 1986.


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Song of the Day 5/2/10

The best 666 songs of alltime countdown continues every day, all the way to #1. Sunday’s song is #88:

The Church – Tristesse

I was standing in an orchard
That grew the strangest fruit
It wasn’t Mother Nature
That made those trees take root
Your children cannot hear you

They only want your loot
You hold on to their essence
Like a parachute
They never noticed you were in distress…

Classic, apocalyptic janglerock anthem from the Heyday album, 1986.

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Song of the Day 1/11/10

Hang in there with us, as soon as we can get online again for more than a few minutes at a time, we’ll update the concert calendar, we’ll share what we’ve been up to since last Wednesday, and lots more. It’s been a great week for music in NYC. In the meantime, we’re counting down the 666 Best Songs of Alltime, one at a time (scroll down for Saturday’s Song of the Day for the link to the whole list, we’ll never be able to get it in today’s post with the limited signal we have). Monday’s song is #199:

The Church – Myrrh

The Australian art-rock legends’ classic 1986 Heyday album was inspired by the band’s disastrous US tour the previous year, and this is the opening track, pulsing hypnotically as frontman Steve Kilbey deplores what he found. “Privilege on privilege, an unwanted discovery.”

And Sunday’s song was #200:

The Move – Message from the Country

Jeff Lynne’s magnificent 12-string guitar anthem, title track from the 1972 album, is a call for preserving the environment. And would get him labeled an eco-terrorist by the right wing if it was released today. Rick Price’s rumbling, gritty bassline underneath it all is tasty beyond words. “Gotta stop your burning, now!”

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