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CD Review: Drip Dryin’ with the Two Man Gentlemen Band

This is the kind of album you get for someone who delights in bedeviling their friends with ipod mixes and party cds. Or for a bartender. The Two Man Gentlemen Band’s fourth and latest cd has plenty of WTF moments waiting to happen and probably increases alcohol consumption. With mostly just banjo and upright bass, it’s more of the band’s characteristically lighthearted, jaunty, upbeat, oldtimey-flavored comedy songs. Multi-instrumentalist/frontman Andy Bean once again plays the incorrigible extrovert, with reliably good-natured results. The cd’s title track is a come-on, and ostensibly a dance invented by the band. The Jewel of 48th Avenue spoofs Gatsby-era love songs (she’s not just the prettiest girl in the neighborhood – she’s the only girl there). Fancy Beer is a joke song that needed to happen – though the duo don’t specify what qualifies as fancy: Amstel? Delirium Tremens? Satan? A menu would have been helpful.


Hey! Officer is the furthest thing from politically correct, the predictably disastrous tale of gaybaiting a cop. There’s also a tribute to one of the great sex pads on wheels, the minivan, another parody (about romancing a girl who loves croquet) and a boisterous rock remake of the title track featuring a nifty electric bass solo. The trouble with this group is that they’re a relatively quiet acoustic act who until recently played most of their shows in bars full of drunks who would appreciate their sometimes outrageous good humor but don’t get close enough to the stage. For a lot of people, this is a chance to enjoy the laughs they could have had during an evening of drinks if they’d been paying attention.

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