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Songs of the Day 4/3-5/09

This weekend the nucleus of the Lucid Culture crew are going to Beefstock, the upstate New York 3-day music festival. We’ll be back by Monday. Because we won’t have either internet or phones – wow, the old days! – here are another three which comprise a small section of our Alltime Top 666 Songs list, as we count them down all the way to #1.


481. The Go Go’s – Here You Are

Jane Wiedlin at the absolute top of her game as a songwriter, this time with a gorgeously haunting, atmospheric, Beatlesque ballad:


So if you lose control

And burn a bridge too far

No matter where you go, here you are


From the band’s triumphant 2001 comeback cd God Bless the Go Go’s. The link above is a download. 


480. The Coffin Daggers – Besame Mucho Twist

Some claim that the original is the most widely recorded song of alltime. The Ventures’ surf version was good but nothing like this. By a long shot, the New York surf punks’ savagely macabre cover, a staple of their live set circa 1999-2004, is the best, bringing out every menacing chromatic in the old 1940s Mexican bolero hit. Never officially released, but there are bootlegs kicking around.  


479. The Fixx – Driven Out

Songs like this just make you shake your head and wonder, if the band could write something this great, why didn’t they do it again? But they never did. In this fiery, apocalyptic backbeat anthem from their now-forgotten 1988 lp Calm Animals, they finally let the guitars roar free, with a bitter, angry lyric: “Castaways have silent lives with a strength to rival you all.” There’s also a nice acoustic version by the wonderfully named Lenape Fire Turtle.

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