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CD Review: Three Legged Fox – Not As Far

Here’s a fun way to get started on the summer of 2009 a little early. It’s a great boombox cd for frisbee in the park, afternoons at the beach with bloody marys in styrofoam cups or going out for a little smoke behind the rocks. Alternately mellow and upbeat, Three Legged Fox’s new cd mixes reggae, rock and some occasional ska flavor into a catchy, bouncy, frequently danceable mix that manages to be very accessible yet completely original as well. Frontman Kyle Wareham’s casual, laid-back, completely unaffected vocals work well with the seemingly effortless groove of the rhythm section and Mike Brody’s tasteful, purist lead guitar along with occasional organ to sweeten the mix. 


The cd kicks off with Soul Thief, a straight-up rock song with hints of Rain by the Beatles – or (hold your laughter if you can), what Counting Crows or Hootie & the Blowfish might have done if they’d been capable of anything besides cliches. Away is a reggae tune with an upbeat Bob Marley 70s feel. The title track gets going with a rousing rock intro, then gets quiet with reggae, then builds to a little more of a modern rock feel than anything else here. With its ska-inflected lead guitar, Maybe I’m Sorry picks up the pace and intensity as the chorus kicks in with an insanely catchy hook. Back Again has a somewhat tongue-in-cheek little southern rock intro with bluesy guitar and organ before reverting to a reggaeish vibe.


With its warmly funky edge and layers of spiky, incisive guitar, Gone is one of the standout tracks here, as is the next cut, the rootsy reggae tune I Believe with an inspired, upbeat vocal by Soldiers of Jah Army frontman Jacob Hemphill. Slow Down effortlessly blends ska and rock with a hip-hop lyrical feel into a catchy anthem. With its big, ornate Beatlesque intro, Help is a lot closer to Abbey Road than anything the Fab Four did before that. After that, Found Out builds from a bubbly reggae tune to a big guitar-stoked crescendo. Although there are a couple of big rock songs toward the end of the cd that could have been left on the cutting floor, the cd winds up on a souful, anthemic note with the piano-driven ballad, Higher Love. Three Legged Fox are as fun live as they are on cd; their next NYC appearance is 4/21 at Sullivan Hall, sharing a bill with Soldiers of Jah Army

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