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Why We’re Not on Facebook

Repost via Lefsetz: “Last night my and my wife _______’s Facebook accounts were hacked into. Low lifes have been calling everyone who’s listed there, posing as us, saying we were robbed in London and need money to get home. We’ve been getting calls from all over the world. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so scary. We can’t get Facebook to terminate the account and as I write this the low lifes are still calling people we know. There should be a fail safe code that allows the owner to terminate the site. Wasted a whole day on this caca! These sites are like the wild west!  Anyone else had this happen you know of?”

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Warning: Identity Theft Ring at Crash Mansion?

Don’t compromise your identity. Don’t frequent Crash Mansion. Not that you ever did anyway.


Crash Mansion is not your typical A-list New York venue: they have a good show there maybe a couple of times a year. However, last night the prospect of seeing the French Exit there was intriguing enough to warrant a stop: they seem like they’d be a good live band. Unfortunately, there will be no review of the show because the door crew – a sleazy-looking bunch if there ever was one – would not let Lucid Culture’s reviewer in since they insisted on trying to make a copy of the reviewer’s passport (which contains a Social Security number). Naturally, they ducked the question of whether this was exclusively their idea or if it was sanctioned by club management.


A more detailed version of this post with names and descriptions has been provided to the New York City Police Department, Fraud Division.






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