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Song of the Day 10/11/08

…counting them down from #666, one a day, til we get to the #1 song of alltime (the full list, ever growing, is at the top of the page. Today’s song is #654:

The Kinks – Killing Time

Beautifully pensive, sardonic, somewhat obscure janglerock ballad from their mostly forgotten 1987 album Think Visual, Ray Davies at his incisive, populist best. Available at all the file-sharing sites, or check the dollar bins at your local used vinyl purveyor. 


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New Music Just in over the Transom from 18 and the Violets

18’s debut album is a party record. It’s meant to be played loud. You can sing along to everything on it: it goes better with alcohol. It’s your basic garage-punk riff-rock, played by four guys who know their shit and get it super tight here, eleven tracks of balls-to-the-wall rock n roll. It’s meant to get the party rolling and keep it that way, not to make any kind of grandiose statement. 18’s music is as subtle as a sledgehammer, but there’s no substitute for a sledgehammer when the need arises.

Guitarists Derrick Hilbertz and Bob Cerny, drummer Landon Finnerty and bassist Tucker Capparelli have all been doing this long enough to know how, and it shows on this cd. It opens with the catchy I Wanna Be Touched, followed by the equally memorable Good Time Girl (as in, she’s just a good time girl: guys, don’t get your hopes up). After that, we get Never Gonna Stop (as in, they’re never gonna stop making beautiful girls – no they’re never never never never never gonna stop, isn’t that the god’s honest truth!). The rest of the album sustains the power of the first three tracks, particularly Finnerty’s vividly twisted portrait of an indelibly oldschool Hells Kitchen character, The Duke of New York. They also do a couple of obscure covers including a crunchy rocker called Supergirl and the excellent, tongue-in-cheek Billy Childish song Squaresville which would undoubtedly have been written about Williamsburg had he been living there when he wrote it. The cd ends with the appropriately desperate, amped Mon-Fri. If you have people over at your place to hang out and party on any kind of regular basis, you need this album. Four bagels from Pick a Bagel because they’re big and they’ll sustain you just as this cd will.

And speaking of party music, the Violets have a good new single out that they’re giving away at shows. Shake This Monkey is a simple, direct punch in the face, sounding like a blast from 1978 with its simple, catchy central hook and punk energy. Reputedly they’re a good live band with a commensurate sense of humor.

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