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CD Review: La Fleur Fatale – Night Generation

A big, ambitious effort by Swedish rockers la Fleur Fatale, part retro garage, part big anthemic Britrock, 90s style. Think Oasis, middle of the decade, when they were still putting out good tunes (and ripping off the Beatles at every turn), or Brian Jonestown Massacre in a particularly lucid moment. La Fleur Fatale distinguish themselves from those two bands by ripping off as many and probably more old groups than the both of them combined, but then that’s a garage rocker’s job, to evoke the guitar-fueled glories of bygone eras. By that yardstick, la Fleur Fatale succeed smashingly, with tunesmithing that’s consistently good and often downright excellent. The production does a good job simulating the big-room sound that was all the rage toward the end of the major-label era.

Three of the songs here work off a simple riff-driven melody given the atmospheric treatment a la BTM, the cd’s first cut opening with a suspicious similarity to the Strawbs’ Queen of Dreams (hey, at least these guys really know their source material). I Wanna Be Adored isn’t a Randi Russo cover; rather, it’s a plaintive, mostly acoustic pop ballad. Children of Neon Lights works a Lady Madonna style piano intro followed by synthesized flute into a neo-Oasis anthem. Sunshine Underground has galloping bass and big slashing chords a la Pete Townshend flying over a mellotron, again building into a catchy third-generation Beatles chorus. With its California Dreaming style 12-string guitar intro, Swift Flash of Mind builds to a propulsive, bounding minor key vamp. The oddly titled Gigantic Boredom isn’t boring at all, bright with a 60s folk-rock feel and Farfisa organ,and a nice Strawberry Alarm Clock style solo. The cd winds up on a 90s vibe with another Oasis ballad, a glammy second-generation riff-rocker and a midtempo piano pop song.

Throughout, the musicianship is excellent: everybody in this band can really play. Lyrically, it’s pretty much what you would imagine – give the band credit for singing in unaccented, clearly understandable English. Best thing about this cd is that it’s free, download it here
and enjoy!

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