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Song of the Day 10/20/08

Counting them down from #666 all the way to the best one ever. The whole list, getting a little bit bigger every day, is at the top of the page. Today’s song is #645:

Melomane – The Ballot Is the Bullet

The zeros’ counterpart to #655 (Reagan Country by Shattered Faith), this one a dark, sobering minor-key art-rock anthem with a great organ solo and equally homicidal intent (the lyric sheet reads “assassinate the precedent,” but that’s not how the vocals go). Someday soon (1/20/09) this will be a period piece, a brave statement in the face of fascism. In the meantime, we can always hope for a miracle. From the 2007 cd Glaciers.

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Song of the day 10/10/08

…counting them down from #666, one a day, til we get to the #1 song of alltime (the full list, ever growing, is at the top of the page. Today’s song is #655:


Shattered Faith – Reagan Country

Written in the aftermath of John Hinckley’s failed 1981 assassination of Ronald Reagan, this simple, homicidal punk rock anthem spoke for a generation of disenfranchised kids watching 200 years of democracy being destroyed by Ed Meese and the rest of the California mob who ran the country for eight years. VOTE REAGAN, IN 1984!!! Available at all the file-trading sites

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